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Wednesday, 1 September 2004

Trials - Biology and Physics papers
Last Warcraft Training

Trials - Bio papers and Physics papers
At last, the day we all dread has come. Due to some clever arrangements, we took both our Bio papers and both our Physics papers today. Physics was goddamn hard...the worst subject this time. Found it hard just to understand some of the questions, let alone answer them. On the other hand, Bio was relatively easy, surprisingly. Managed to answer almost all of the questions =) (thanks to my late nights of studying Bio…or maybe it’s juz that Ms Ho didn’t set the papers this time).

Our last Warcraft training before the big match...
As all the ‘major’ papers are over (it really felt like holiday has started hehe =P), someone suggested we go cc today (I think it’s either Pat or Yih Seong...or both). So we waited till Jem came home from his auntie’s house at night before going to the newly opened Warnet at 10.50pm (actually it opened quite some time ago but we’ve never been there coz everytime we go there, there’s only places left in the smoking zone). All of us in 121D + Paul went this time which was supposed to be our last training match. Yong Chen trained with his team while Yih Seong was trained by Jem. That left me, Ashok and Pat so after whacking 3 normal coms, we decided to try out against 1 normal and 2 insane coms (apparently Pat wanted more challenge than the normal coms we beaten haha). Let’s just say it’s a bad idea…very bad idea ;). Played till 1 something in the morning and then we chatted bout Warcraft (this has been our main conversation topic for the past week now...). Before we knew it, it’s 3am. And we got Thinking Skills paper tomorrow. But we don’t really care anyway =P. As I said, our holidays has started...albeit ‘unofficially’ hehe =P

-1.42am, 6 September-

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