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Monday, 27 September 2004


Starting from today, one word is going to have a totally different meaning to the point that some went crazy and head for the nearest cc everytime someone said that word. I never knew our lives in Subang will change so much by such a mere word...'castle'. ^^"

Back in JB, us Johorians in Subang had agreed to abstain from cc until at least after AS exams. Unsurprisingly, the pact we made was as good as Yih Seong's promises of belanja everyone Starbucks for one year(or is it two..=P), belanja Yong Chen 1 whole year of Salmon Steak, and belanja his 121D buddies one X-Choc each..haha =P (i'm still waiting for my X-Choc...=P). Anyway, the 6 of us 121D niggas (minus Yong Chen who's hard at work =P) + our 120E brada nigga Paul downstairs (hmm..why am i speaking like Pat...) decided to go Silver Surfer (the nearest cc to our home) after just 8 days without cc (that's really a great achievement if you ask me..;) ).

First, me, Paul and Jem teamed up to fight against Ashok, Pat, Yih Seong and Leong...which we lost terribly. Then i naively suggested we try a different kind of map...and i nearly regret making that suggestion ( i did enjoy playing it but that's not the point...). It's 'X Heroes Siege' if anyone of you out there might want to try it out. Everyone choose a hero each and fight with all you got to defend a castle in the middle - hence, the name 'castle' given to that map (there's more to defending that castle but we didn't know then). Little did i know that that one Warcraft 3 map is gonna influence our lives so much for the next whole week...

-7.10pm, 6 October 2004-
You'll know what I'm talking about after the next few entries...

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