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Monday, 22 January 2007

home ..

Been kinda long since i update stuff here. Used to blog like every other day.. these days i just don't have the motivation to blog anymore. Too lazy perhaps?

Went Penang last week but we didn't manage to go Langkawi due to lack of interest from the rest. Still, exploring Penang with them guys and gals have been fun and fulfilling. Fulfilling in the gastronomical sense =P. All the 'famous' char kuay teow (Jackie will know best haha), ice kacang (love the peanut butter ice cream!), asam laksa, lok lok, fried popiah, hokkien prawn mee, pancakes (yum!), seafood .. we're more like 'food tourists' or something =P

Thanks to Chee Mei, Wei Cheong, Chee Liang and Sidney for showing us around =)

So now i'm finally back home in Senai with a whole month of nothing-to-do-ness ahead of me. Kinda strange i'm not as happy as i thought i would be being back home. Maybe i spent too much time away from home =/. Or it's the post-EoS-results trauma? I don't know.. something just feels out of place. Sigh.

Brought back all the rabbits.. seems like Mom's the one who's most eager to rear them. Hehe. Mom and Dad just took a few hours to build a rabbit coop (haha i don't know what else to call it) .. hope the rabbits will be more comfortable here than where i found them by the roadside. Oh yeah.. all the baby rabbits died one after another. I don't know why =(.

Update another time. Don't feel like typing much anymore.. nothing much to type anyway. To everyone, enjoy your holidays ya! =)

Monday, 15 January 2007

a short note

Just a lil note here.. we're going to Penang -> Langkawi in less than 4 hours. Yay!

Meanwhile, those of you who're bored check out this site (especially the photos section). Damn cool wei =P

Facebook me!

Ta for now. Will update when i get back =)

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

picture post!

Too lazy to type. One more day to freedom. The light.. at the end of the tunnel.. it's so near now.. =P. Gonna do a picture post instead la.

On the first day of EoS, my rabbit gave to me..

4 little baby rabbits!

Er. Yeah. Dirty gave birth to 4 babies. O.o. As if having two chew-happy rabbits is not hard enough. The box i sooo painstakingly made for them? They chew it up like it's the tastiest biscotti ever. Twice.

(unfinished post)

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

view from Vista B. sob sob. why are we stuck here? =(

Kinda late but ah, hell. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! =D

ps - to any M205-ians reading this.. STOP READING BLOGS AND GO STUDY! ;)

Best of luck to everyone taking EoS3 and EoS5! We will make it thru!