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Monday, 25 February 2008

work, work.

An old draft sitting in my blogger for some time now. Backdated post.

I give up. Trying to blog has become so hard these days that every single draft i created in the past week never made past the first sentence. Sigh.


So actually i had gotten a temporary job, an office job, somewhere in Cheras. Initially me and Mus were working together at the company.. i sort of registered and got the same work for him as well. Haven't really got to know any of the co-workers till now, but at least i could remember most of their names already. No it didn't help that there were like 10 people altogether in the whole department :P

I don't really know what 'titles' or 'positions' we were given actually (i guess we were called temp boys.. which sounds.. er). I don't even know what the other colleague's jobs are. Dad said for all i know, they could be dealing with 'dirty' money. -.- Haha but basically we were working in the Accounts department, sorting, filing, writing, typing, filling, checking, photostating, printing, checking, double-checking, asking, eavesdropping, chatting on msn, laughing at people's names, disturbing each other, sleeping, looking bored, acting busy.. you get the drift.

It's going into the second week of work for me now, though Mus had suddenly been fired unemployed relieved of his job as of today due to unknown reasons (i tell you.. it's face problem haha :P). Incidentally, he was thinking of quitting anyway =/. Work is gonna get more boring from now on .. yawns. Mus was the only source of entertainment after all.

Did notice the environment was very relaxed tho.. and most of them seem pretty happy and cheerful, particularly Flora and Julia. Aha all of them were friendly and helpful too.. i must have disturbed each one of them with dozens of questions everyday. That's for being such a noob in the office. Gotta be grateful to have such tolerant colleagues =)


In a couple of days we're going to have another reunion mamak session. Paul and Yih Seong's coming over.. wee

oh and a happy belated birthday to the bonze, Yih Seong who turned 22 yesterday. i know you missed me. haha

Thursday, 14 February 2008

senaiboy is a temp boy!

On Valentine's Day, no less.

- to be blogged haha this be the busiest day in a looong time -

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

quote unquote

.. Watching school guys and girls walking in and out the gate, i wonder if they know that they are actually creating memories. They probably don't realise that they're living in memories of their future.
taken off Siau Ying's blog post

Meaningful quote i found on my batchmate, Siau Ying's blog :)


Update: 2am.

Me, Prasad, Chee Mei and Mustaqim had mamak for suppa at the usual place, Ajimal at 12am. And the talk went from friends to politics to gossips.

As Prasad said, IMU just seem different now.. feels different. Maybe it is a sign of change. We're super-seniors already after all. I'm still getting used to it. Super-seniors. We ARE old, aren't we? :(

In a while we could have a mini reunion of sorts. Ben will be back in around 12 hours, Paul's coming over to stay in KL for a couple of days on 27th. Yew Wen's already in Vista, and Huilin's home in TTDI sort-of-nearby.

I miss everyone.

ps - wonder how Chow's doing. we haven't hear a thing from him since he left.

Monday, 11 February 2008

job hunting

4 hours of walking around Bukit Bintang. Seriously i've never been to so many malls in a day before aha. By the end of it all i could think of was a warm bed in a cold room under the air conditioner. I could have slept there in one of the malls if there was a bed within reach.


So. Finally set about looking for work. Have absolutely no idea where or how to start, so i ajak-ed along another clueless guy.. Mustaqim! ..which didn't help much haha. But at least there's two lost boys in Bukit Bintang now..

Took the LRT to Times Square around 10.30am, had our brunch at McD's, then walked around the mall. And walked around the mall. And walked around the mall.

Then out of Times, crossed the road to Lowyat (Mus wanna check out some shop), walked directionless in search of Pavillion (i don't know where we were 90% of the time), then checked out Bintang Walk, BB Plaza, Imbi Plaza, KL Plaza, Lot 10, Sungei Wang. Swear i didn't know so many malls could be crammed into such a small area. Whoa.

Still.. after all that walking and all that looking and all that asking, we end up with nothing. From Starbucks to Giordano to Dome and we still couldn't get one :(. Heh easier to say looking for jobs than really look for jobs..


Tomorrow gotta go for the Starbucks' interview at Times Square (again!). Hopefully something worthwhile will come out of it :)

Edit (12.2.2008) - no go. they wanted someone who can work for at least a year. sigh :(

ps - guess what, i found out something interesting yesterday.. which made me feel really noob at the same time. my laptop had a CD/DVD burner built in all along! -.-

pps - Jem's in Tasmania and Chia Huan's in Melbourne already :(. and i didn't get to send off both. sowee. hope you two are having fun over there.. all the best!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

'tis the year of the rat

Happy Chinese New Year to all!


On other notes, will be going back to KL tomorrow, and likely going to stay there for the next couple of months. Gotta look for work to save up a lil bit of money to buy stuff before leaving for UK.

A lot of things worthy of note happened since the last post, like me making a 'conman' fumble for words, me being back home, me going around JB and being reminded of all the memories, me shopping for new year clothes (at last count.. one jacket and one t-shirt - my parents almost died of frustation for me to find some clothes at the mall haha).

But i'm too lazy to blog :P. Maybe some other day la.


For now, here's wishing you a prosperous new year ahead! And may everyone gets loads and loads of ang pow! :)