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Friday, 26 October 2007

so sick of being sick

This is the third time i've fallen sick. In a month. Considering that i'm sick for about 4,5 days each time, that means for half of the past month, my body had been invaded, battered and turned inside out by evil germs. It's no fun.

Had always thought of myself as rather healthy, rarely falling sick the past couple of years, albeit bitten by the bug once or twice in a few months. Which is why, most of the time when i DID fall sick, i would refuse to see a doctor. Just let the illness take its natural course and i'll be well in no time. What could a cold or flu or fever possibly do to me? Heh typical egoistical guy who thinks he can take every illness down by sheer willpower alone. It is statistically proven that men will only go to hospital when their illness has gotten severe. So.. blame my genes =P.

Anyway, 'sides from busy getting sick, i've been busy with other stuff lately as well since the last post. Of course, IMU Cup was over and done with, we won gold for Cheerleading and thus, won IMU Cup. Rather old news, and the ecstasy had already been dampened by the killer lectures of CNS anyway.

Not long after that was our week-long Raya holidays. Family came up during the weekend. Wanted to stay behind actually but Dad asked me to go back to see grandma. So i ended up back in Senai for a couple of days, before rushing back to KL to make my passport and hand in my Letter of Good Conduct forms. It was so short that i didn't feel like i've even been home. Then again, coming back to KL felt more like coming back home to me. I think i'm spending too much of my time here. Shucks.

Think it's getting too long. Or i'm getting too lazy. Haha. Shall postpone till next time, whenever that is. Laterz.

ps - Btw everyone, stop reading blogs and go practise CSU! Mock OSCE in 2 weeks still waste time online. Tak takut fail OSCE ke? Shoo go study!