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Thursday, 30 September 2004

Plasma Talk
IMU Talk,
Career Voyage

-Was really outdated on this so i'll keep things really brief- ^^

Pat's obsession with plasma
There were these notices put up around the college's noticeboards a few days ago bout a talk on plasma which was to be held today. Pat seems to be over-enthusiastic bout it...he even tried to pull some people to go with him. (turned out Chia Wen was going...but i think it was him who pulled her in). At first, there were some of us (including yours truly) who had shared his enthusiasm but somehow or another, we all pulled out from it. He even resorted to trying to convince us he's gonna bring a plasma TV back from the talk O_o haha...

IMU Talk on Pharmacy
Mainly it's because at the same time, some representatives from IMU were also coming to Taylor's to talk bout career in Pharmacy or something like that. As they said the enrolling forms are sold during the talk, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Hoi, Anne, and Paul went for it. Heard from them later that it's boring as hell and the lecturer was extremely biased towards pharmacists...which made some of them really tulan him. Yong Chen even shown us a new meaning of sleeping like the dead - he fell asleep during the talk and couldn't even wake up despite prodding, calling his name, shaking, stepping on his feet, and all that O_o (he finally woke up when Paul clapped in front of him...).

Back to yours truly...
As for me, nothing interesting noted today. Had wanted to go for the plasma talk but since nobody else's going except Pat and Chia Wen (i wouldn't want to be a lamp-post, would i), i decided to give a miss. (Kind of regretted it a bit though...i did nothing at home during the time they were at the plasma and IMU talks...sigh). Pat came home really excited bout what he had learned from the talk...he couldn't stop himself from 'sharing' his new-found knowledge with us upon returning (and no, we didn't even need to ask for it). To quote his overly-repeated phrases, "Plasma is the fourth state of matter which makes up 99% of the universe...bla bla bla...something bout Coulomb barrier...there's plasma all around us (even in flourescent lamps! O_o i never knew that)...and on and on...". Btw the IMU talk on Pharmacy didn't really appeal to me...i didn't even know what appealed to me...

Career Yoyage results...
Oh yea before i forgot, we took a Career Voyage test (forgot when already but it's around this date). It's bout answering more than 100+ questions on your interests so that you'll know what your potential career will be. We were supposed to get the printed results quite some time ago (as of the date this is written) but i don't think it'll help me much anyway. My Career Voyage test pointed out to me that i'll be good as a Lab Technician - Science...whatever that is. Yong Chen get the same too. As for Jem, he got some Tissue Culturist, Yih Seong got Nurse (haha...), Ashok got some engineering career (he's rather content with it...said he'll be going for engineering...before which he said he's interested in quantity surveying...and god knows what's next =P), and then the others i not very sure (it's so long ago...hope some of you'll refresh my mind ;) ). Wen Ying and Oscar got career as model...wanna live to see that come true hehe..

-6.05pm, 11 October 2004-
Strangely, we managed to survive one day without going for cc...^^"

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Summoned for 'castle'

Inevitably, the word 'castle' came up in every other sentence that came out of Pat's mouth (he's really really addicted to that map...*sigh*). Initially, Jem, Paul and Yong Chen wanted to go 'castling' after college but postponed it coz not many people went along (Pat and Hoi joined Anne for some rojak while Yih Seong saved me from the spell by pushing me towards the direction of our home ^^"). So they decided to just go at night coz everyone will be home anyway.

During me dinner with Jem and Ashok, Hoi turned up early and join us for a while (i think Pat SMSed him..). Meanwhile, Yong Chen is not back from his dinner with his dad yet. As Hoi can't stay for long (he lived nearby and has to be back not too late), we decided to just go ahead without Yong Chen. This time it's me, Pat, Leong, Hoi, Paul, Jem and Ashok playing. (apparently Yih Seong wanted to study...but according to him, he can't study that day coz he kept thinking of 'castle' haha..)

First, i gotta admit we filled the whole cc with our shouts of 'castle!','left!','right!','up!,'down!' and all kinds of orders and laughter as we played that map. Apparently, we made so much noise that i think the others in the cc thought we had gone crazy or something hehe =P (yea..we are THAT loud). Lots of mad laughter came from all of us when one by one we fall in the Special Arena (where we had to fight one on one with some big fella). Then the noise reached max intensity when we reached the final wave - especially Pat...i swear his voice can be heard even from outside...Couldn't help it coz you know, this is the only time we felt overwhelmed by a mere game haha ;). Needless to say, we didn't pass the final wave (this is only our second try anyway). And unfortunately, failing to pass only resulted in us trying even more times....*sigh*

-7.57pm, 6 October 2004-
2 days of cc in a row and still counting...

Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Mini Class CC Outing
Great Melur Challenge - Paul/Jem

Mini class outing at Inferno =P
And so the word 'castle' spread across our class so fast there's nothing we could do but watch as our whole class fell into its spell (thanx to Pat...). After lunch together at our 'favourite' haunt Success Team Restaurant (don't ask me why the name is like dat...), someone suggested (my guess is Pat or Jem) we go for another round of 'castle' at Inferno (the most high-class and luxurious looking cc in Subang ;) ).

Me, Chow, Paul, Ashok, Jem, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Leong, Hoi and Shan make up 10 players...whereas 'castle' can only support up to 8. So having no other choice, we played another map - DoTAA (this is a favourite on Battlenet and of Hoi and Chow). Ended the day with 2 hours+ of cc, very strained eyes, an a little bit of disappointment we didn't get to play 'castle' today. (Rest assured more is to come...^^")

Great Melur Challenge between Paul and Jem
Actually, Pat and Paul had challenged each other quite some time ago to see which of them can eat more rotis than the other. But because or one reason or another, the challenge was never realised till now. So in came another challenger to challenge Paul's undisputed big appetite for rotis - Jem =).

The venue : Sri Melur Jaya.
Time : Our dinnertime (around 9pm) after our daily hours of Internet surfing in college's library
Results :
Tally is in chronological order, starting from the earliest dish on top ;)

Paul's tally :
1 Mee Goreng
1 Roti Tampal
2 Roti Kosong
Jem's tally :
2 Roti Kosong
1 Mee Goreng
1 Roti Tampal

And so the challenge ended with a draw, with both of them agreeing to carry on the challenge to another day. Jem claimed he still can eat some more while Paul reasoned he ate at Burger King for lunch for his 'small' appetite that day. Anyway, there'll surely be another challenge going on soon...seeing that both challenger didn't want to back down so easily ;).

-7.36pm, 6 October 2004-

Monday, 27 September 2004


Starting from today, one word is going to have a totally different meaning to the point that some went crazy and head for the nearest cc everytime someone said that word. I never knew our lives in Subang will change so much by such a mere word...'castle'. ^^"

Back in JB, us Johorians in Subang had agreed to abstain from cc until at least after AS exams. Unsurprisingly, the pact we made was as good as Yih Seong's promises of belanja everyone Starbucks for one year(or is it two..=P), belanja Yong Chen 1 whole year of Salmon Steak, and belanja his 121D buddies one X-Choc each..haha =P (i'm still waiting for my X-Choc...=P). Anyway, the 6 of us 121D niggas (minus Yong Chen who's hard at work =P) + our 120E brada nigga Paul downstairs (hmm..why am i speaking like Pat...) decided to go Silver Surfer (the nearest cc to our home) after just 8 days without cc (that's really a great achievement if you ask me..;) ).

First, me, Paul and Jem teamed up to fight against Ashok, Pat, Yih Seong and Leong...which we lost terribly. Then i naively suggested we try a different kind of map...and i nearly regret making that suggestion ( i did enjoy playing it but that's not the point...). It's 'X Heroes Siege' if anyone of you out there might want to try it out. Everyone choose a hero each and fight with all you got to defend a castle in the middle - hence, the name 'castle' given to that map (there's more to defending that castle but we didn't know then). Little did i know that that one Warcraft 3 map is gonna influence our lives so much for the next whole week...

-7.10pm, 6 October 2004-
You'll know what I'm talking about after the next few entries...

Sunday, 26 September 2004

The Quest to Buy Me Clothes...=P

This day on, ye clothes shall not be spin-dried...
*sigh*...just when we are beginning to adapt to life in this inhospitable place we called Vivino ('s our apartment's name...don't ask me where does this come from =P), our already hard lives took a turn for the worse - our washing machine broke down =(. Well, it didn't really break down, just that all of a sudden, it just refused to spin and keep giving this high-pitched beep everytime we washed our clothes with it. Maybe we burdened it too much...but then, that's wat it's supposed to do right. Neway, as that most-expensive-piece-of-appliance-in-our-apartment refused to do its job completely, we had to squeeze-dry all our clothes from now on. (Pat even warned that if we didn't get it repaired soon, we are gonna get arms like Arnold haha)

...and so off we go on our perilous quest (to Jem at least...) to buy me clothes...
As my supply of clothes isn't very comforting especially with the breakdown of our washing machine (imagine having no clothes besides your home clothes to wear to college...the horror! haha =P), i decided to go and buy a few pieces (my dad was suggesting at it for quite a while anyway). So on this day, after gathering some budaks from 121D (namely Ashok and Jem, my gay partners haha =P), we set off to Subang Parade...on foot of course. And today seems to be unlucky for Jem, as halfway walking, all of a sudden he just fell and sat down on the tar road right in front of me. After trying very hard to stabilise ourselves during the initial tremors (haha =P), me and Ashok realised he sprained his ankle again...(i didn't know defying your dad will bring such bad consequences...;) ).

...halfway along the journey, a knight (*cough*hack* .. *vomit*) crosses our path and joined our quest...
We were in luck (i think...), as right then, Wy Keat saw us on his way home from buying fruits (Jem fell down quite near to his rented room's house). So after getting Jem to the side of the road (yes saved his life by standing there so that cars will notice you and not run over Jem ^^". I'm sure Jem's very grateful for that =P), me, Ashok and Wy Keat stood around him not knowing wat to do while Jem kept moaning like a cat (haha does a cat moan? =P). We suggested Jem to go rest in Wy Keat's room first and me and Ashok will pick him up on the way home. Then we suggested sending either Wy Keat or Ashok to accompany Jem home. After Jem refused all that and claimed he can walked home himself, we promised to look in the drains on our way home for any signs of a white shirt clad rotting body in the drain haha =P. We were just being case you really fell mah lol =P.

...and with Jem faltered, we strode on to complete our quest...
Neway, so Jem had to go home first while Wy Keat joined me and Ashok to Subang Parade to buy some clothes for me and also some groceries shopping. First we went to look for some shirts for me in Parkson. After some hours of trying on the clothes recommended by my two fashion advisors (i'm a really choosy guy...can't help it =P), we bought some stuff in Carrefour and went home straight away. Here's many many thanks to Ashok and Wy Keat for wasting your time choosing clothes for me ;). I appreciate all your fashion advices...really!

...but at the price of Jem falling into darkness =P...
Meanwhile, Jem went home and received some much-practiced-on first-aid from Pat and his nurse, Yih Seong (hehe...). Then Jem, Leong, Pat and Yih Seong decided to have a 2-on-2 Warcraft action...with Jem and Yih Seong victorious. Seems like this win somewhat boosted Yih Seong's confidence in Warcraft haha =P

-6.38pm, 4 October 2004-
Thanx to Wy Keat and Ashok once again for going to SP with me =)

Friday, 24 September 2004

Re-match against Wy Keat's team
Mooncake Party! =)

Rematch against Wy Keat's team
After weeks of abstaining from futsal due to our trial exams, we came back from the holidays looking forward to the re-match against Wy Keat's team (the others but me and Yong Chen played and won against them before so they tak puas haha =P). Unfortunately, our only (and therefore, best) goalkeeper Jem is unfit coz he sprained his ankle during last Friday's 'futsal' in JB so his father asked him not to play for some time at least. Then this morning, our sub keeper Zi Yang had to leave for Penang as his grandma passed away (my deepest condolences to you...). Sensing we won't stand a chance without a keeper, Jem 'volunteered' to play for a while hehe ;).

Jem was in the starting line-up as our goalkeeper despite him being injured. And largely because of this (besides Hoi's relentless attacks and the others trying very hard to defend till they get really physical...especially Shan, Ashok and Paul ;) ), we beat them in the first of a few sessions. A while into the game, Jem sprained his ankle again and had to be sidelined. Desperate for a keeper, Yong Chen, Hoi and then Yih Seong all tried to fit in Jem's place but so far only Hoi did a reasonably good job (haha sorry la but i think you guys do better at other positions ;) ). And right then they sub their whole team while our players were left panting on the field (we only have 7 players minus Jem so there's not much squad rotation going on). With this, they fought back and scored damn lot of goals though Hoi also kicked him quite a number of goals hehe (our team won't survive without him ;) ). Towards the end, we managed to fight back and won by a really narrow margin of 2 goals (around there coz nobody really keep track - yea, both sides scored that many goals...). Though this has to be the hardest game to date (lots of respect to the other team for playing so well ;) ), we can still proudly gloat on our still-unbeaten record haha =P.

This victory really has to be credited to Jem for playing so well though he's injured. He even returned to play as keeper again after resting at the side for a bout sportmanship! (as a result, he sprained his ankle the second time in 2 hours a few minutes before the match ended hehe - that's wat you get if you don't listen to your daddy =P). And of course not forgetting the others for fighting so hard to win though most of us got injured somewhere in the game ;) (ouch my i can't sit without my bruised butt killing me...let alone 'deploy submarines' comfortably =P)

Unexpected cc action...
On the way home after dinner with Jem, Ashok, Leong and Paul, we saw Jon (Paul's apartmentmate) playing in Silver Surfer so we decided to check out how he's been doing (he's been there since before our dinner ;) ). Then Jem suggested we join them but me and Ashok were somewhat 'reluctant' and we ended up deciding in front of the counter for several minutes. Right in the middle of our 'discussion', Paul just hit the bell and the next thing we know, we were sitting there playing Enfo for an hour plus till 10.40pm. *sigh*...i swear i didn't see it coming at all haha =P

Mooncake party! (not really a party seriously...)
As the Mooncake Festival is just around the corner, Pat suggested we hold a mooncake party ^^" (the 'real' purpose of this party was to get free mooncakes from Hoi haha =P). Neway, around 11pm, me, Pat, Paul, Jem, Ashok and Leong went to Hoi's house to have our 'mooncake party' with 4 mooncakes from Hoi's dad plus 1 from Yong Chen. In the end, all we managed to do at our 'party' was just sitting at Hoi's house watching 'Man on Fire'. We didn't even get to eat the mooncakes we brought there! ( we ate one of the durian flavoured jelly mooncakes and another normal one...but that's all we managed to eat during the whole movie...). Paul even fell asleep halfway through the movie hehe...(but he watched it before so that's no surprise...the VCD's his anyway). Well, though the party ain't that 'happening', the movie was rather nice...and at least we had something to look forward to the past few days ;)

-5.47pm, 4 October 2004-

Thursday, 23 September 2004

The Raspberry Cheese Cake Incident
Me getting 3-4ed?!

The Cheese Cake Incident
-22 September 2004-
(since Jem requested for this, i dutifully obliged to write this down ;). Btw it's recorded on Yong Chen's blog recently so i'll try to keep it short)

It all started with Jem's 'new' handphone (his hp is still not back from repair yet so now he's using his mom's Siemens hp). You see, there's a fortune-telling game on his phone which can tell your fortune for the day. It even got some people in 121D rather excited...especially Pat ;) (blame it on the dead-boring life here haha). Apparently, Pat got so engrossed in telling people's fortune that he even checked Jesus' fortune...for which he was punished not soon after that haha =P

Meanwhile, there's a end-of-exams party going on downstairs (including Wy Keat's class). As there's some blueberry cheese cake left over, Huah Shin brought 3 pieces up for Leong and the rest of us =). As he went to get his fork and spoon tho, Jem tried run away with the cakes (don't ask me why...). And so Jem brought the cakes and went hiding behind Pat's room's door, Leong found him, Leong kicked door, Jem tried to come out, Leong kicked hard the second time, the cakes flew, Jem and Leong tried to catch them, the cakes landed on Pat's bed haha. Consequently Pat had to wash his bedsheet and blanket hehe...(he complained the next morning that he nearly froze last night...gotta agree God's punishing him eh? haha =P)

I get 3-4ed...for nothing at all...
-23 September 2004-
Hmm...think that most of you would have known that i got 3-4ed...Well, apparently a Bee Dees magazine (some girls' magazine selling bikinis...oops did i said that out too loud? =P) mysteriously arrived in our mailbox today. We found out that it's a quarterly magazine and this is the second one we found to date (the first was 'picked up' somewhere downstairs quite some time ago so Pat kind of knew what he's bringing up into our apartment ;) )

Neway, there's this contest in the mag bout choosing the 'most beautiful' girl or something like that. As Pat always criticises Yih Seong's 'tastes', he decided to do a poll on thich girl we think is the prettiest. And so they (Pat, Yih Seong, Leong and Yong Chen) unanimously voted for girl no. 10 while i think girl no 5 looks better. The next thing i knew, they surrounded me and gave me what i 'deserve'...wait, i did nothing wrong! In fact, i did nothing! Sigh...guess it's not that safe living with them after all haha...Btw Ashok also voted for no.5! Seems like he has great tastes haha =P. i seeing another 3-4 coming =/

-8.15am, 28 September 2004-
cc think

Sunday, 19 September 2004

Back in Subang...sigh (dunno if i feel happy or sad)

Came back to Subang today...another 1 month+ to spend away from our inifintely-cosier-than-121D homes ;). As usual, Leong bought the tickets for us a few days before we were supposed to leave. Thanx Leong for going thru all the trouble hehe =). Anyway, me, Yih Seong, Leong and Ashok nearly missed our bus ride (again) coz Ashok arrived late again (wat's new...). Unsurprisingly, once i got comfy with the bus seat, i fell asleep right away ^^" (to Yih Seong and Ashok : dun la sound all know i need 12 hours of sleep a day ;) ). Think i've not been getting enough sleep while at home...must be me all those late nights online sigh...

Reached Subang around 5.30pm (there's a massive (pronounced mAH-sIFF according to Pat) traffic jam due to heavy rain), took a taxi to My Place, and the first thing that greeted us was Paul shouting from upstairs haha. Heard he's been back here for a few days edi (apparently to study for Physics test but i doubt that haha =P).

Then when we entered our 'Bangla settlement' (as Yih Seong lovingly calls it), more surprise awaits us hehe. According to Jem, it seems like someone's been in our apartment when he came home (*wink wink*). At that time, only Pat's at home so go figure =P. Won't divulge any further info tho (gotta respect people's privacy you know ;) )...but i gotta say she slipped away real fast (if Jem were to be believed haha =P).

Don't really look forward to next month though...the days to our AS exams are counting down really damn fast =(

-7.36pm, 27 September 2004-
Weeks of studying awaits...(more like weeks of cc =P)

Saturday, 18 September 2004

Answering Eric`s calling... (i swear it can be heard all the way from Singapore haha =P)

As Eric missed our outing last week (hey, it was last minute you shudn't blame us =P), he summoned us out for a date with him ;). And so being such 'good' friends we are, me, Yong Chen and Leong answered his call =P. Well, if someone came back all the way from Singapore to meet up with us, we can't really reject right...(i'm being sarcastic ;) )

Eric planned for us to have lunch in City Square. Me being the punctual guy that i am (*cough cough* haha), i reached there at 12pm just as Eric told me to. A few minutes later met up with Yong Chen, Leong and our guest-of-honour Eric =). Nothing much, just went to the same Japanese restaurant for lunch. Ate some piss-smelling noodles (it smells just like Yong Chen's...he said it's the bamboo). Then later went King Surf for 5 hours cc where Ashok joined us...(I really didn't feel like going actually but i was pulled along by them anyway...sigh haha =P)

-8.13pm, 24 September 2004-
I'm trying very very hard to catch up here...bear with me k?

Friday, 17 September 2004

Another basketball-futsal match in JB

As expected, we planned to go play basketball and football again =). I think it was Ashok or Yih Seong who started wanting to go again. A few days ago met ashok online when he asked me whether i want to go play or not but we shot down the idea as soon as it came up coz there's practically no one left in JB to play with except us (the Subang-bound guys). Then yesterday Yih Seong called me to ask me again hehe. Seems like he very bored at home...then again who isn't. (I know i'm not...there's not even enuff time to sleep and they still want to go out haha =P).

The Quest to find a place to play...
Neway the plan is the same as last week : We go Larkin, we play football and basketball, then maybe go for lunch before going home. The problem : we got no place to go as there's a basketball match going on in the Larkin basketball court =( (Yong Chen reached there first coz he's bringing the balls ;) - i left them in his CRV). So i rendezvous with Yong Chen and decided to check out Holy Light's basketball court (it's a kindergarten near my primary school) but too bad it's a weekday so they were using the court. Met up with Jem, Yih Seong and Ashok in front of St Joseph (my primary school =) ) then after much thinking, Yih Seong said there's a court in his turf, Taman Melodies (how'd u spell this again?). Turned out the court was almost in an 'unusable' condition but we just played anyway (a quarter of the court was filled with water and there's potholes all over it and one of the sides have no hoop but we're not complaining, are we? =P).

My first hattrick =)
And so we started the day with a bit of 'futsalling' (if you count kicking football on a basketball court as futsal hehe). Fortunately there was two little goal posts on a sandy field next to the court so we used that as our goals =). Too bad there's only five of us (Ashok, Yong Chen, Jem, Yih Seong and me) so the futsal was kind of not very 'fired up'. I think it's because the half-court is too small...the ball kept flying out (or maybe it's Ashok haha). Neway just for boasting rights, i scored my first hattrick in a match!! haha =). Have to admit i stole one of the goal from Yih Seong haha - sorry la, wasn't intentional =P). You got your revenge wat...kicked the ball to my feet and caused me to score an own goal haha. Then after our futsal we played a bit of shooting the basketball (which have a probability of going thru the hoop of less than 1%...i swear we have to play more often la haha...).

After our sports, we went for lunch at McD in Plaza Pelangi (Yih Seong wanted to buy something there *hint hint* haha =P). Then we decided to have another round in cc but Yih Seong had to go back so the four of us went without him. Me played for half an hour before my father came to pick me up. Seen the three of them got thrashed by 3 insane coms before i go haha (that's wat you get for being so confident =P). Too bad we have to wait another month before we can go play basketball again =(...

-8.25pm, 23 September 2004-
Damn library >=(...they banned the site to add my entries...said it contains porn O_o haha.

Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Happy 15th Birthday to my younger bro! (i wished you`ll grow up faster...)

Today my little bro turned 15! It’s kinda strange to see that he had grown even bigger than me and our older bro now hehe. Seems juz like yesterday when he was shorter than us =P. Neway, I’m gonna give a brief description here on my lil’ bro, Siaw Chye Keat.

Truthfully, my bro isn’t exactly what you’ll wish you have. He’s very na├»ve and never know when he crossed the line. It’s juz the way he is, he never seem to care about the other’s feelings sometimes (I had always blamed it on his young age). Ever since he was young, he had been very demanding. He wanted this and that and when he did not get it, he’ll throw tantrums. Thank god though, he grew more matured and very seldom lose his temper nowadays (but it doesn’t mean he never lose it though. You won’t like him when he's angry ;) ). At times, he can get very childish too...but that seems to wane as the years past by. Nevertheless, i can't wait till he grew up to be an adult...(haha sounds as if I'M an adult =P)

Now, when you put all that aside, you’ll find a guy who’s very caring deep in his heart. Sometimes it does show like when he got concerned of my grandma. And he’s really thoughtful at times too...especially after he passed the tantrum-throwing-at-the-slightest-agitation age. One thing sure about him, he likes to talk a lot, juz like my older bro. Seems kind of weird why I turned out to be such a quiet guy hehe.

One way or another, he’s still my younger bro and I definitely love him dearly ;). So here’s a birthday dedication to my now 15-year-old bro! Let’s hope he gets good results for his PMR this year...(he hadn’t been very good in his studies :-/).

The return of my older bro!
My older bro came back all the way from IMU to spend some time at home as well as celebrate my younger bro’s birthday. Think he got too homesick over there...heard he’s rather alone in his apartment of three. Isn’t it kind of weird, 3 people living together but seldom see each other? It’s not anyone’s fault though, sometimes we juz have to give each other privacy to get on with our own lives (something you’ll never ever get in 121D haha =P). Neway, he reached home at round 10pm and we celebrated the birthday like how we celebrate every year. A cake, some singing, some taking photos, and lots of eating =).

-3.50am, 18 September 2004-
Time to get some ‘early’ sleep now...

Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Catching up on an old friend...

My old friend...
Some time last week, I saw Viknes, one of my old friends from secondary school on Friendster. Seems like he got himself an account at last. Haven’t heard from him ever since after SPM and I couldn’t contact him coz he changed his handphone no. It’s only 9 months but it felt much longer than that. Really surprised to hear from him again after so long...think I’m even more surprised he still remembers me ;). Neway, he called me yesterday to catch up on our separate lives. Nothing much has changed in him...he still talks the same way and laughs the same way too hehe. Said he’s studying Form 6 but he’s gonna go UNI...TER or TAR or something. Told me he can’t stand Form 6…it’s very very hard. No surprise here, I had been told that STPM is much much harder than A-Levels. Should be happy I didn’t end up taking STPM then...:-/

Juz a thought...
After that incident last Saturday, i felt that i really should cherish every friendship i have now. You never know when we'll meet again after we go our own separate ways one day. I juz hope friendships do last forever like they always claim...though it's a rather far-fetched hope i admit. After several years apart, we would have nothing to talk to each other about and by then we would be more of strangers than friends. Sad to see that happen but it's they say, nothing last forever =(

-2.58am,18 September 2004-
Long live Friendster! =)

Monday, 13 September 2004

Trials Results

A happy ending to my Trials =)
After Paul SMSed me to tell me that the results of our trials are out (we can always rely on Paul for news in Taylor’s ;) ), Yih Seong called me to ask for my IC no. Well, as I’m lazy to check my results online, might as well I let him check for me. So amidst Yih Seong’s “Shit”s and “I hate you”s, I managed to find out that I got 4As except for Thinking Skills...which I got C I think. Here’s the results :-

Biology - 85
Chemistry - 89
Mathematics - 95
Physics - 87
Thinking Skills - 67

I gotta admit this time I’m extremely happy with my results =) though the Thinking Skills did disappoint me a bit. I think I’m really lucky to get these marks though, coz during the exams we still went cc as usual...if not even more than usual. Not even halfway through the papers, I already lost all motivation to study...but after the 3-days-in-a-row of cc IN BETWEEN the papers, anyone would feel guilty rite? =P. Think that got me to push myself to study harder...although most of the time it ended with me sleeping in the library. Sigh...

A very disappointing AVP movie
Neway, I watched Alien vs, Predator on DVD yesterday. Borrowed the DVD from Yong Chen two days ago but only managed to get myself out of bed to watch it yesterday. It wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be...heck, it wasn’t nice at all. The whole movie is mostly about humans trying-to-run-but-get-killed anyway while Aliens fight Predators. The fight scenes were okay, and the rest is nothing to shout about. Really disappointed it turned out like this...I was expecting a lot more from it (juz like everyone else I’m sure). But at least it kept me occupied for 2 hours of the day...and for once in weeks, I didn’t take my between-lunch-and-dinner nap =P.

-2.34am,18 September 2004-

Saturday, 11 September 2004

New familiar JB

Continued from yesterday...
After our late night mamak outing yesterday, everyone decided to go home as Keith and Boon Hou wanted to go back edi. I bunked in at Yong Chen’s place (juz like wat I did everytime our plans lasted till very late at night) coz I couldn’t get thru to my dad and it’s past 12am edi. Felt very tired actually but we ended up online till 4am in the morning. Sigh…I juz couldn’t sleep early, can I? Haha =P

Woke up a little while before 12pm today then had lunch with Yong Chen’s family. My family came to pick me up at round 1.30pm. At this time I really really want to head back home and juz plunk myself on the bed. Too bad, my father had other plans in mind. He said we haven’t check out Danga Bay yet so he decided to bring all of us there. Danga Bay is this area near my secondary school which is currently being developed. It’s somewhere near Pantai Lido, the shore facing Singapore (or Pantai Lido’s in it, not very sure bout that).

Anyway, we walked around Danga Bay, bought something to eat, walked around some more, then head back home. Danga Bay had been in construction since a few years ago, and with part of the plans completed, there’s actually something to do in JB haha ;) (there’s even water-skiing now!) Actually, I’m rather impressed how big-scaled this development plan is. I think the area involved is even bigger than JB city itself, no kidding! They’re gonna build lots of housing area, recreational area and commercial area around Danga Bay. Once it’s completed, I bet I won’t even recognize JB anymore...

Come to think of it, JB changed quite a lot since I last came back. A lot of minor improvements here and there (like new lamp posts, wider roads and stuff) and then there’s Danga Bay. Overall, JB did look a lot nicer...but the familiar features are still there, juz as I liked it to stay the way it is. Traffic’s been worse though, it’s getting harder to see an empty road nowadays. I’m afraid before long, JB will be juz like KL, with all the traffic congestion and things like that =(.

Reached back home at 4pm, nap a little while, ate dinner, and it’s back to the online world. Sigh...I should find something better to do soon...

-5.00am,16 September 2004-
I'm sleeping later n later...


Regrets. Don’t you agree it’s inevitable, that sometimes, somewhere in our lives, there happen things that we wished wouldn’t have happened...or wished that we could have done something about it? After it became just a memory, we wished we could just forget bout it...hide it at the back of our mind so that we won’t recall it again. But that’s where it’ll stay. Regrets will always be at the back of your mind, making you remember...making you regret them all your life. And today, it happened to me again. Don’t know why, but I keep regretting things I have done...or rather, I should have done...

Keith invited us to his house for BBQ…think it’s some kind of farewell party coz he’s flying back to England on Monday. As my parents don’t know where Keith’s house is, I decided to go to Yong Chen’s place first coz Jem’s coming to pick him up later anyway. On the way, me and my family stopped by Skudai Parade for some minor shopping. Just as my father drove the car out onto the main road after our shopping, I noticed a familiar guy walking with an Indian friend. That guy was Sin Qing Sheng (it sounded something like this…). And so I told my parents that was my friend. Then they told me to go to him and chat for a while but I refused. But they kept urging me to talk to him at least for a while but I still did not budge. They seem to be over-enthusiastic about him that my mother even asked them if we could give them a lift. All the while I just kept quiet in the back seat of the car...I didn’t even look at him while my mom called out to him and his friend...

You know why I refused to talk to him? Not because I shouldn’t, or couldn’t. It’s because I was ashamed to see him...

We first knew each other in Form 2. He was in 2F(?) while I was in 2C. You see, both our classes join for Moral lessons. And it so happened that he sat near me so I sort of got to know him. Unfortunately for him, he also sat near to Yohannes and his gang...who are all my friends too. Being the practical joker he is, Yohannes always kacau him all the time...but he bears no ill intentions, mind you. I knew him long enough to swear by that ;). And although the jokes are not exactly appropriate at times, I would just laugh along and hope he doesn’t bore grudges in his heart...

Anyway after Form 2 we rarely see each other anymore. There are times when I saw him along the corridor...but I didn’t say hi. Not even wave. And he never greeted me too. Not because he didn’t want to. But because he couldn’t see me. You see, he’s blind.

That’s why I didn’t go up to him and talk when I saw him outside Skudai Parade today. I was ashamed of myself. Ashamed for shunning him all these years. Ashamed for not being a friend I should have been.

It seems that he and his friend are going to Kulai so we juz went straight to Yong Chen’s place. I realised something though, his friend was guiding him to the bus stop opposite the road to take a bus to Kulai. That’s what a friend should do. That’s how a friend should be. Not like me, didn’t greet him when I saw him just because he couldn’t see me so I thought it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t. Kind of make me realise I’m not a friend to some people as I thought of myself as...

Back to our party…
Then my father drove straight to Yong Chen’s place and dropped me there. I lepaked in Yong Chen’s room playing the computer and confusing Paul by being online at the same time haha. Around 6.30pm, we went to MPH in Leisure Mall to wait for Jem who drove there with Ashok at 7.30pm. Went to Keith’s house (or should I say ‘houses’ hehe…his house is made up of 2 terrace houses joined together) to see Fong Boon Hou (from the same primary and secondary school as some of us) and Leong were there already. Then Ng Ee Von and Irwin came. Spent most of my time trying to finish the beef and prawns they dump on my plate...i was nearly stuffed to death haha =P.

Around 10pm, we were done with eating so we went down to the living room for a while. After Leong went home at bout 11 something, Ee Von suggested we go ‘drink tea’. So Jem and Boon Hou drove the rest of us to Ayub’s coz Keith and Boon Hou wanted to watch football matches. Sat there, drank, chatted and left. I have to thank Keith and Boon Hou here for paying for all our drinks =).
To be continued tomorrow...

Maybe I wasn’t being a friend enough to some people...though I admit there are some people I rather not be a friend to (I’m not going to name names here). But that incident today really made me feel that I should at least try to be more of a friend. I’ll juz try harder next time...though it’s rather hard to make a complete transition from an extremely quiet and shy guy of the past :-/. Sometimes, I find it hard not to hate myself. I hate myself, not for being the person I am...but the person I am not : a friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
And to Qing Sheng, I’m no friend, indeed.

Friday, 10 September 2004

Blissful holidays...

Typical day of my holiday =)
Ahhh...the bliss of holidays. Juz spent the whole day sleeping today =). What a nice feeling to be home on the bed, with no homework to finish, no exams to study for hehe. My typical day during the holidays is something like this : Wake up at around 1pm, eat lunch, nap till dinnertime, wake up for dinner, watch a bit of TV, spend the whole night online, end the day with sleep at around 4am in the morning and the whole process restarts. I think my lifestyle is called the dusk to dawn life...I’m a nocturnal animal ;). And i'm lovin' it haha.

Anyway yesterday was a break in routine...I watched Dawn of the Dead on my computer. Borrowed the DVD from Ashok the day before. The movie was ok...and now I understand why it will never be shown in Malaysia. More than three quarters of the movie shows a zombie’s head shot by a pistol, blasted by a shotgun, stabbed by some sharp thing, poked by a crowbar, those gory stuff. If Malaysia’s censorship board were to allow this movie to be shown, all that’s left takes less time to watch than reading any one of Irwin’s blog entries haha =P. The gory thing aside, it’s pretty much’ll only appeal to Chuin Hau kind of people haha (oops...shouldn’t offend anymore people now =P).

Then tonight saw Paul online for the first time hehe. I know he’d been online often, judging by the replies he posted in the chatbox, but I’d never seen him online before. So it was quite a surprise to see him on my online list (said I online very late compared to him...izzit? I never realise I online very late =P). Nothing much, juz chatted like how classmates-for-8-months would have chatted I think. Juz wanna note here that you are really amusing Paul haha ;). The way you type your messages is damn cute – don’t get me wrong here, it’s not Afree’s Paul-you-are-so-cute type of cute or Anne’s Brendan-is-so-attractive type of cute haha. It’s juz that everytime I chatted with Paul online, I got the feeling he’s like a child...really. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t go on anymore about this haha. Juz wanna say great to see you online Paul ;). Now, all those nights with only me online alone won’t be so lonely anymore hehe...(i'm an online addict ;). Can't live without internet...)

PS - Been talking too much cock edi...i think i'm drunk. Drunk with excessive sleep =P.

-1.19am,13 September 2004-
My blog is getting quite outdated rite...

Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Outing in JB with the overseas Johorians...

Football and basketball in the morning...
Jem SMSed me yesterday morning to tell me bout today’s plans. Normally it’s me who asked them to go out and play basketball but this time it seems like Jem got bored first haha =P. Anyway I got to the basketball court at 7.30am, one hour earlier than agreed on coz my father had to work but he won’t let me drive his car alone >=(. So I reached Larkin first and unsurprisingly, it was rather deserted there...which was fine with me coz I dun want anyone laughing at my worse-than-mediocre skills in football and basketball ;). Thrown the basketball around and kicked the football around alone for 40 minutes then I decided to summon upon Yong Chen to come earlier. Then at 8.40am Jem came with Irwin, Keith and Yih Seong. 10 minutes later Ashok came.

And so we split into two teams to play football on the basketball court. Kinda feels like futsal only that there’s a boundary. Me, Jem, Yong Chen and Ashok (he joined us later when our team was down 0-2) vs Yih Seong, Keith and Irwin. Before Ashok came we got thrashed…but we got even with Ashok on our side =). Then we played 3-on-3 basketball...didn’t really keep track of the score. We were juz playing for fun anyway so wat does it matter hehe. Played till 10.30am, everyone went home (I went to Yong Chen’s condo coz my house is too far), bathed and changed clothes, ate chicken rice at Buddy’s Restaurant and off we go to Kingsurf (the best cc in Taman Pelangi...or maybe even JB).

And 5 hours of cybercafe in the evening...
Me, Chua, Yong Chen, Leong and Keith went to cc first while the others had their lunch. Then Ashok, Irwin, and Jem joined us. First we played a few rounds of Counter-strike...with Chua killing all of us all the time. Well, all those time playing online sure pays off hehe. A few dozens of minutes later, Yih Seong and Pat joined us too (we had to shift to the other Kingsurf coz the first one was full already). Before we even get to our coms they were already ready for Warcraft. So we played Warcraft even though Keith, Irwin and Chua didn’t know how to play.

First game was me,Yih Seong, Pat, Leong and Keith on one side and Jem, Yong Chen, Ashok, Chua and Irwin on the other. A few minutes into the game, Irwin’s com hanged so Jem controlled his base. After a very very long time, they decided to attack my second base. Four of us (except Keith...he’s still learning how to play) defended against them then they decided to retreat. So we launch our counter-attack on Yong Chen’s base, with Keith joining in. It’s 5 armies on 4 armies so obviously we whacked their armies. As it was an unfair battle, Pat called for all of us to retreat. Well, we did retreat (Pat even teleported back haha) but Keith didn’t get the order so I think he destroyed everything of Yong Chen’s base (ok…so we destroyed most of it but I remember there’s still a Tree of Life left when me, Pat, Yih Seong and Leong retreated...). As there’s nothing left for Yong Chen, he quitted the game.

After the battle, it’s mostly Yih Seong, Leong and Pat against Jem, Ashok and Chua (I decided not to join in the attacks as it will tilt the scale too much =P and Keith was still figuring out why he can’t train more knights…hint:upkeep). A few battles took place but nobody seems to be winning. Then after like 40 minutes I decided to juz join in and end the game (it’s 5 on 3…the results are too obvious). But when we attacked their bases, they attacked OUR bases and left Yih Seong, Pat and Leong’s bases sparkling clean…juz as we left theirs =P.

After we destroyed all their bases, we still haven’t won the game. Obviously, Jem’s trying to buy some time (hint:hidden bases) while they destroy our remaining bases. So Yih Seong, Pat and Leong went after their armies and got whacked by their aerial units. Then they attacked Keith’s base and Keith went back to defend and got whacked too...leaving my base the last one. In the meantime I was trying to find their last buildings but only managed to find a few small bases but there’s more of them it seems. As they are trying to attack my base (I think only Jem’s army was left), I teleported back to face them head-on. Well, an intact army vs a damaged army...the end will be too clear. Jem tried to cast Tranquility on his army so I decided to juz lunged at his army…which I won and the ending was juz us searching for their last buildings.

Then me, Ashok and Jem played a heroes map, Yih Seong and Pat tried to fight an Insane com, and the others played Counter-strike. Towards the end, all of us (except Pat and Yih Seong who went home early) played Counter-strike. Everyone’s skills haven’t deteriorate a bit I see...Leong, Yong Chen and Ashok are still as good as ever. After the CS game at around 5.30pm, while the rest were deciding which movie to watch, I went home coz my father was waiting outside Yong Chen’s condo already. There’s no nice movie to watch anyway…

Just a little note on the overseas guys...
Irwin and Chua came back to JB from Singapore while Keith came home from England as they got holidays now. It’s been quite some time since I last saw them (I think that was during the last BNO) but they haven’t change a bit hehe. Maybe we didn’t really separate that long for us to notice any difference in each other. Neway it’s great though to hang around with them again...we won’t have so much time for each other anymore after college. All of us will go to different university (most probably) and it’ll be extremely hard to host another outing. I just hope the BNOs we had every year will take place for a few more years at least...

-3.49am, 10 September 2004-

Friday, 3 September 2004

The ride home...

Our not-so-smooth trip home...
Woke up at round 9am...though we’d originally planned to wake up at 8. Well, the alarm I put on my phone did rang but all it did was wake me up juz long enough to off the alarm hehe. Seems like Jem experienced the same thing. Everyone woke up around 9am anyway. But that’s no surprise, considering all of us only slept for like 5 and a half hours. All those hours of cc is starting to get to me...I can’t really think straight the whole morning...

Neway after making sure we didn’t miss a thing to pack home, me, Jem, Ashok (yes, he DID follow us back...though till yesterday he was still not sure whether his father will come up to fetch him back. We kinda expected him to stay in Subang a little longer ;)...), Yih Seong and Leong took the Metro bus to Pudu. Seems like taking bus is much faster and cheaper than lugging our bags all the way to KTM. Thanx Leong and Jem for discovering this much faster route! =) (They found it the last time they went back)

Reached Pudu at bout 10.50am n bought tickets for a 11.15am ride. Last time we bought the bus tickets in Subang a few days before we left for home...but Leong and Jem said juz buy at Pudu can get the much better Konsortuum bus than the Transnasional bus. Well, I can’t agree more ;) (all the Transnasional bus we had sat in always have one problem or another - there’s even one bus with so many flies in it O_o. That was the one we freeze in, Yih Seong...remember? hehe ;) ).The bus took off at 11.40am which was not really delayed. Then juz a few kilometres from the Pudu station, a car started honking beside the bus, telling the driver something. So then we stopped, and it seems like the baggage compartment door was loose and a few bags flew off (the bus was swerving at a rather high speed). Luckily we brought our baggage into the bus with us (Yih Seong was considering whether to put his baggage into the compartment juz before we left...). The worst thing was that we had to stop there and wait for 1 hour before we got transferred into another bus. Sigh...there’s one thing we learnt though : Everytime we travel in a big group, there’s bound to be some problems haha…and it has been proven a few times ;)

After bout 4 hours of bumpy ride, I started to notice the familiar surroundings. Sigh...two months away from home and now I’m back again. Somehow I was supposed to feel more homesick but strangely I missed Subang more than I missed home O_o. Maybe it’s because the thought of living in Subang for another 9 months only made me feel that I ‘should’ miss Subang more...I juz can’t see wat it’ll be like living alone in the future...and not going cc every other day =P. I think I’ll miss all my friends in Subang and JB when I go to university next...I’ll miss them very badly truthfully =/

-2.37am, 9 September 2004-

Thursday, 2 September 2004

PM1 Photo-Taking Session
"Battle for Anne's Love"

Photo-taking Session at Taylor’s ‘Quadangular (how the hell you spell this?) garden’
Ian Zing got everyone to stay back after the Thinking Skills paper to take photos to be put into the college magazine. Took quite a number of photos but I haven’t seen how do they turn out yet. I’ll get them from Yong Chen once he came back from Subang. (They even made me took picture with my ‘wife’, Anne. I still couldn’t figure out why did I agree to do so ^^”...)

(The following will be all about Warcraft so those who don’t know what Warcraft is, it’s better you skip this entry ;) )
Massive Warcraft Battle a.k.a The Battle For Anne’s Love
So the day we all have been waiting for is finally here. Yih Seong and Pat has named this massive Warcraft battle ‘The Battle for Anne’s Love’ (the reason : apparently every guy in our class is secretly in love with Anne according to herself…and seeing most of the guys in our class is involved in this battle, Pat decided to find Anne’s true lover through this battle lol..). Anyway here’s the teams after lots of adjustment (thanx Jem for all the trouble! =) ):

Team 1
Ashok Kumar
Jeremy Gerard Nunis
Chow Tze Chow

Team 2
Yee Yong Chen
Paul Kong Fu-Xiang
Leong Jit Sen
Lim Zi Yang

Team 3
Siaw Chye Hing
Patrick Ho Mun Wai
Wong Yih Seong
Loo Wen Hoi

Team 4
Lum Wy Keen
Wilson Low
(and another two of Wy Keen’s friends)

Semifinals – My team vs Ashok’s team, Yong Chen’s vs Wy Keen’s
First round was my team vs Ashok’s team. It was a pretty fierce fight, with us attacking the first two times. At first we found Shan’s base so we decided to go for it (Yih Seong was dying to attack haha). Sadly the entrance to his base wasn’t big enough for our whole army so our army was blocked by their army while Shan’s towers just tear us into pieces (Pat found a back door which is unguarded…but we were too engaged in battle to notice it). Then next we targeted Ashok’s base which is just above Shan’s. Our army went through his back door which is relatively unguarded (his front entrance got like more than 10 towers but wat’s new hehe). Unfortunately, we didn’t bring enough anti-air units and they got so many Frost Wyrms so we got slaughtered again.

After that it’s mainly us defending against their attacks all the time till the end. Their first target was Wen Hoi where I teleported into his base and my whole army together with his Demon Hunter were blocked by moon wells all around his Tree of Life. He had to destroy one of them before we managed to get to the enemy. But at least we got there just in time to repel them. Next it’s Pat’s base. And they got lots of Frost Wyrms. Add to that the number of mortar teams Chow has and our whole army couldn’t put up any resistance at all. After the last battle it’s just them steamrolling over our base destroying every single thing (except for a small secondary base which Yih Seong built at the corner of the map. They took quite long to find it hehe...they even thought we used Jem’s tactic : hide the moon wells. Well, I thought of it and wanted to use Hoi’s wisps to build some moon wells but I figure they’ll find it sooner or later so why not juz make things short. Btw it’ll give them higher scores anyway...So sadly, the last defense Yih Seong put up didn’t even last a second...the militia defense kind of didn’t work against frost wyrms and chimaeras ;) ). Frankly, I think we did our best but obviously they were too strong for us. Everyone played well and i must commend them for that. We juz didn’t have the teamwork and tactical expertise of the other team...maybe I was to blame for refusing to think of any plans at all despite Pat’s pestering...Oh well, we’ll juz train harder next time ;)

Finals – Yong Chen’s team vs Ashok’s team
Heard Yong Chen’s team breezed through the semifinals to meet Ashok’s team in the finals. For more info on the finals, check out Yong Chen’s diary or Paul’s diary. In the end the winner turned out to be, not unexpectedly, Ashok’s team! As for the third-fourth placing match, we abandoned it for a round of DoTAA (don’t ask me what they stand for...I only know it’s a heroes map). Me, Wen Hoi, Ashok and an unknown guy vs Wy Keen, Wilson and two other guys. Well, DoTAA is Wy Keen’s friends expertise so we got owned like there’s no tomorrow (especially after Chow left for the Finals match...there’s no hope at all). Juz before we gave up, their heroes’ levels were double ours. Neway, did enjoyed myself a lot today =). Hope someone organize another tournament after AS exams, Semester 2 exams, Semester 3 exams, A2 Trial exams, A2 exams,...I’m thinking too much, rite? =P

After the tournament...
Most of the guys left except me, Jem, Paul and Yong Chen. Actually we had wanted to leave but it was raining so we were 'forced' to stay longer =P. Anyway we played a few heroes map...but the most memorable one is Enfo's Team Survival. Four of us lost very early in the first game so we decided to have another go. The second time we lasted longer (mainly bcoz i wasn't using the useless peon hero anymore...). We had much fun trying very hard to survive hehe. Apparently Paul like this map so much he wanted to go back for more even though our timers told us we had spent 235 minutes in the cc...well, you have to know your limits Paul haha. As if we knew ours =P...

More Warcraft action...
After me, Jem, Paul and Yong Chen spent 235 minutes in cc earlier, the last thing we need is another Warcraft game. 'Unfortunately', later that night, after my dinner with Ashok (*wink wink* haha =P) we came home to a very very desperate Pat (you know, the druggie-that-didn't-get-his-daily-dose kind of look haha). Kept asking us to go cc coz he's very very bored at home but we told him to wait for everyone first. Then Yih Seong came home and he contracted the i-desperately-need-to-go-for-some-Warcraft-action disease from Pat. So i SMSed Paul and asked whether he'll like some Warcraft action later (he and Jem were out for some church activity) coz Pat really looked like he's gonna die if we didn't bring him to cc haha =P. At bout 12am the next morning after Jem came home, Pat, Paul and Yih Seong went to Melur for supper (Paul and Pat was hungry...wat's new haha). Then all of us in 121D (except Ashok...he went downstairs but he found us in cc later) and Paul went to search for somewhere to play. Unsurprisingly, Inferno was full. So was Silver Surfer 1 and Games World nearby. Moreover we couldn't get a place in Globalnet and Warnet. Wow, that's 5 cc with like bout 500 places maxed out. Wonder where all these sad people with no lives came from...but then again, we were juz like them so why am i sounding them =P.

Neway, as we got no other choice, we had to turn one big round back to Silver Surfer 3 which was very near My Place...juz opposite Taylor's (but it's the worst cc there even though it has faster coms than most of us here). Played two Warcraft games where Jem's com hanged. Then we decided to try some heroes maps. One thing to note here is the last heroes map we played...which was Enfo's Team Survival. Me, Paul, Yong Chen and Ashok on one side and the rest on the other. Well, we lasted longer than the other team thanx to Paul's hero! His hero saved me and Yong Chen's asses coz he's the melee one and got every creep to attack him instead of us spellcasters =). Great job Paul!

And so with this we ended our last Warcraft action in Subang at 3.30am in the morning after playing for bout 150 minutes. And we have to wake up early to buy bus tickets at Pudu a few hours later. Sigh...even though we're going back to JB, i'm pretty sure we're going to cc again very soon hehe...

-started 1.27am, 8 September 2004-
-ended 2.37am,8 September 2004-
Phew..finally finished this...

Wednesday, 1 September 2004

Trials - Biology and Physics papers
Last Warcraft Training

Trials - Bio papers and Physics papers
At last, the day we all dread has come. Due to some clever arrangements, we took both our Bio papers and both our Physics papers today. Physics was goddamn hard...the worst subject this time. Found it hard just to understand some of the questions, let alone answer them. On the other hand, Bio was relatively easy, surprisingly. Managed to answer almost all of the questions =) (thanks to my late nights of studying Bio…or maybe it’s juz that Ms Ho didn’t set the papers this time).

Our last Warcraft training before the big match...
As all the ‘major’ papers are over (it really felt like holiday has started hehe =P), someone suggested we go cc today (I think it’s either Pat or Yih Seong...or both). So we waited till Jem came home from his auntie’s house at night before going to the newly opened Warnet at 10.50pm (actually it opened quite some time ago but we’ve never been there coz everytime we go there, there’s only places left in the smoking zone). All of us in 121D + Paul went this time which was supposed to be our last training match. Yong Chen trained with his team while Yih Seong was trained by Jem. That left me, Ashok and Pat so after whacking 3 normal coms, we decided to try out against 1 normal and 2 insane coms (apparently Pat wanted more challenge than the normal coms we beaten haha). Let’s just say it’s a bad idea…very bad idea ;). Played till 1 something in the morning and then we chatted bout Warcraft (this has been our main conversation topic for the past week now...). Before we knew it, it’s 3am. And we got Thinking Skills paper tomorrow. But we don’t really care anyway =P. As I said, our holidays has started...albeit ‘unofficially’ hehe =P

-1.42am, 6 September-