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Friday, 17 September 2004

Another basketball-futsal match in JB

As expected, we planned to go play basketball and football again =). I think it was Ashok or Yih Seong who started wanting to go again. A few days ago met ashok online when he asked me whether i want to go play or not but we shot down the idea as soon as it came up coz there's practically no one left in JB to play with except us (the Subang-bound guys). Then yesterday Yih Seong called me to ask me again hehe. Seems like he very bored at home...then again who isn't. (I know i'm not...there's not even enuff time to sleep and they still want to go out haha =P).

The Quest to find a place to play...
Neway the plan is the same as last week : We go Larkin, we play football and basketball, then maybe go for lunch before going home. The problem : we got no place to go as there's a basketball match going on in the Larkin basketball court =( (Yong Chen reached there first coz he's bringing the balls ;) - i left them in his CRV). So i rendezvous with Yong Chen and decided to check out Holy Light's basketball court (it's a kindergarten near my primary school) but too bad it's a weekday so they were using the court. Met up with Jem, Yih Seong and Ashok in front of St Joseph (my primary school =) ) then after much thinking, Yih Seong said there's a court in his turf, Taman Melodies (how'd u spell this again?). Turned out the court was almost in an 'unusable' condition but we just played anyway (a quarter of the court was filled with water and there's potholes all over it and one of the sides have no hoop but we're not complaining, are we? =P).

My first hattrick =)
And so we started the day with a bit of 'futsalling' (if you count kicking football on a basketball court as futsal hehe). Fortunately there was two little goal posts on a sandy field next to the court so we used that as our goals =). Too bad there's only five of us (Ashok, Yong Chen, Jem, Yih Seong and me) so the futsal was kind of not very 'fired up'. I think it's because the half-court is too small...the ball kept flying out (or maybe it's Ashok haha). Neway just for boasting rights, i scored my first hattrick in a match!! haha =). Have to admit i stole one of the goal from Yih Seong haha - sorry la, wasn't intentional =P). You got your revenge wat...kicked the ball to my feet and caused me to score an own goal haha. Then after our futsal we played a bit of shooting the basketball (which have a probability of going thru the hoop of less than 1%...i swear we have to play more often la haha...).

After our sports, we went for lunch at McD in Plaza Pelangi (Yih Seong wanted to buy something there *hint hint* haha =P). Then we decided to have another round in cc but Yih Seong had to go back so the four of us went without him. Me played for half an hour before my father came to pick me up. Seen the three of them got thrashed by 3 insane coms before i go haha (that's wat you get for being so confident =P). Too bad we have to wait another month before we can go play basketball again =(...

-8.25pm, 23 September 2004-
Damn library >=(...they banned the site to add my entries...said it contains porn O_o haha.

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