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Sunday, 26 September 2004

The Quest to Buy Me Clothes...=P

This day on, ye clothes shall not be spin-dried...
*sigh*...just when we are beginning to adapt to life in this inhospitable place we called Vivino ('s our apartment's name...don't ask me where does this come from =P), our already hard lives took a turn for the worse - our washing machine broke down =(. Well, it didn't really break down, just that all of a sudden, it just refused to spin and keep giving this high-pitched beep everytime we washed our clothes with it. Maybe we burdened it too much...but then, that's wat it's supposed to do right. Neway, as that most-expensive-piece-of-appliance-in-our-apartment refused to do its job completely, we had to squeeze-dry all our clothes from now on. (Pat even warned that if we didn't get it repaired soon, we are gonna get arms like Arnold haha)

...and so off we go on our perilous quest (to Jem at least...) to buy me clothes...
As my supply of clothes isn't very comforting especially with the breakdown of our washing machine (imagine having no clothes besides your home clothes to wear to college...the horror! haha =P), i decided to go and buy a few pieces (my dad was suggesting at it for quite a while anyway). So on this day, after gathering some budaks from 121D (namely Ashok and Jem, my gay partners haha =P), we set off to Subang Parade...on foot of course. And today seems to be unlucky for Jem, as halfway walking, all of a sudden he just fell and sat down on the tar road right in front of me. After trying very hard to stabilise ourselves during the initial tremors (haha =P), me and Ashok realised he sprained his ankle again...(i didn't know defying your dad will bring such bad consequences...;) ).

...halfway along the journey, a knight (*cough*hack* .. *vomit*) crosses our path and joined our quest...
We were in luck (i think...), as right then, Wy Keat saw us on his way home from buying fruits (Jem fell down quite near to his rented room's house). So after getting Jem to the side of the road (yes saved his life by standing there so that cars will notice you and not run over Jem ^^". I'm sure Jem's very grateful for that =P), me, Ashok and Wy Keat stood around him not knowing wat to do while Jem kept moaning like a cat (haha does a cat moan? =P). We suggested Jem to go rest in Wy Keat's room first and me and Ashok will pick him up on the way home. Then we suggested sending either Wy Keat or Ashok to accompany Jem home. After Jem refused all that and claimed he can walked home himself, we promised to look in the drains on our way home for any signs of a white shirt clad rotting body in the drain haha =P. We were just being case you really fell mah lol =P.

...and with Jem faltered, we strode on to complete our quest...
Neway, so Jem had to go home first while Wy Keat joined me and Ashok to Subang Parade to buy some clothes for me and also some groceries shopping. First we went to look for some shirts for me in Parkson. After some hours of trying on the clothes recommended by my two fashion advisors (i'm a really choosy guy...can't help it =P), we bought some stuff in Carrefour and went home straight away. Here's many many thanks to Ashok and Wy Keat for wasting your time choosing clothes for me ;). I appreciate all your fashion advices...really!

...but at the price of Jem falling into darkness =P...
Meanwhile, Jem went home and received some much-practiced-on first-aid from Pat and his nurse, Yih Seong (hehe...). Then Jem, Leong, Pat and Yih Seong decided to have a 2-on-2 Warcraft action...with Jem and Yih Seong victorious. Seems like this win somewhat boosted Yih Seong's confidence in Warcraft haha =P

-6.38pm, 4 October 2004-
Thanx to Wy Keat and Ashok once again for going to SP with me =)

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