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Thursday, 2 September 2004

PM1 Photo-Taking Session
"Battle for Anne's Love"

Photo-taking Session at Taylor’s ‘Quadangular (how the hell you spell this?) garden’
Ian Zing got everyone to stay back after the Thinking Skills paper to take photos to be put into the college magazine. Took quite a number of photos but I haven’t seen how do they turn out yet. I’ll get them from Yong Chen once he came back from Subang. (They even made me took picture with my ‘wife’, Anne. I still couldn’t figure out why did I agree to do so ^^”...)

(The following will be all about Warcraft so those who don’t know what Warcraft is, it’s better you skip this entry ;) )
Massive Warcraft Battle a.k.a The Battle For Anne’s Love
So the day we all have been waiting for is finally here. Yih Seong and Pat has named this massive Warcraft battle ‘The Battle for Anne’s Love’ (the reason : apparently every guy in our class is secretly in love with Anne according to herself…and seeing most of the guys in our class is involved in this battle, Pat decided to find Anne’s true lover through this battle lol..). Anyway here’s the teams after lots of adjustment (thanx Jem for all the trouble! =) ):

Team 1
Ashok Kumar
Jeremy Gerard Nunis
Chow Tze Chow

Team 2
Yee Yong Chen
Paul Kong Fu-Xiang
Leong Jit Sen
Lim Zi Yang

Team 3
Siaw Chye Hing
Patrick Ho Mun Wai
Wong Yih Seong
Loo Wen Hoi

Team 4
Lum Wy Keen
Wilson Low
(and another two of Wy Keen’s friends)

Semifinals – My team vs Ashok’s team, Yong Chen’s vs Wy Keen’s
First round was my team vs Ashok’s team. It was a pretty fierce fight, with us attacking the first two times. At first we found Shan’s base so we decided to go for it (Yih Seong was dying to attack haha). Sadly the entrance to his base wasn’t big enough for our whole army so our army was blocked by their army while Shan’s towers just tear us into pieces (Pat found a back door which is unguarded…but we were too engaged in battle to notice it). Then next we targeted Ashok’s base which is just above Shan’s. Our army went through his back door which is relatively unguarded (his front entrance got like more than 10 towers but wat’s new hehe). Unfortunately, we didn’t bring enough anti-air units and they got so many Frost Wyrms so we got slaughtered again.

After that it’s mainly us defending against their attacks all the time till the end. Their first target was Wen Hoi where I teleported into his base and my whole army together with his Demon Hunter were blocked by moon wells all around his Tree of Life. He had to destroy one of them before we managed to get to the enemy. But at least we got there just in time to repel them. Next it’s Pat’s base. And they got lots of Frost Wyrms. Add to that the number of mortar teams Chow has and our whole army couldn’t put up any resistance at all. After the last battle it’s just them steamrolling over our base destroying every single thing (except for a small secondary base which Yih Seong built at the corner of the map. They took quite long to find it hehe...they even thought we used Jem’s tactic : hide the moon wells. Well, I thought of it and wanted to use Hoi’s wisps to build some moon wells but I figure they’ll find it sooner or later so why not juz make things short. Btw it’ll give them higher scores anyway...So sadly, the last defense Yih Seong put up didn’t even last a second...the militia defense kind of didn’t work against frost wyrms and chimaeras ;) ). Frankly, I think we did our best but obviously they were too strong for us. Everyone played well and i must commend them for that. We juz didn’t have the teamwork and tactical expertise of the other team...maybe I was to blame for refusing to think of any plans at all despite Pat’s pestering...Oh well, we’ll juz train harder next time ;)

Finals – Yong Chen’s team vs Ashok’s team
Heard Yong Chen’s team breezed through the semifinals to meet Ashok’s team in the finals. For more info on the finals, check out Yong Chen’s diary or Paul’s diary. In the end the winner turned out to be, not unexpectedly, Ashok’s team! As for the third-fourth placing match, we abandoned it for a round of DoTAA (don’t ask me what they stand for...I only know it’s a heroes map). Me, Wen Hoi, Ashok and an unknown guy vs Wy Keen, Wilson and two other guys. Well, DoTAA is Wy Keen’s friends expertise so we got owned like there’s no tomorrow (especially after Chow left for the Finals match...there’s no hope at all). Juz before we gave up, their heroes’ levels were double ours. Neway, did enjoyed myself a lot today =). Hope someone organize another tournament after AS exams, Semester 2 exams, Semester 3 exams, A2 Trial exams, A2 exams,...I’m thinking too much, rite? =P

After the tournament...
Most of the guys left except me, Jem, Paul and Yong Chen. Actually we had wanted to leave but it was raining so we were 'forced' to stay longer =P. Anyway we played a few heroes map...but the most memorable one is Enfo's Team Survival. Four of us lost very early in the first game so we decided to have another go. The second time we lasted longer (mainly bcoz i wasn't using the useless peon hero anymore...). We had much fun trying very hard to survive hehe. Apparently Paul like this map so much he wanted to go back for more even though our timers told us we had spent 235 minutes in the cc...well, you have to know your limits Paul haha. As if we knew ours =P...

More Warcraft action...
After me, Jem, Paul and Yong Chen spent 235 minutes in cc earlier, the last thing we need is another Warcraft game. 'Unfortunately', later that night, after my dinner with Ashok (*wink wink* haha =P) we came home to a very very desperate Pat (you know, the druggie-that-didn't-get-his-daily-dose kind of look haha). Kept asking us to go cc coz he's very very bored at home but we told him to wait for everyone first. Then Yih Seong came home and he contracted the i-desperately-need-to-go-for-some-Warcraft-action disease from Pat. So i SMSed Paul and asked whether he'll like some Warcraft action later (he and Jem were out for some church activity) coz Pat really looked like he's gonna die if we didn't bring him to cc haha =P. At bout 12am the next morning after Jem came home, Pat, Paul and Yih Seong went to Melur for supper (Paul and Pat was hungry...wat's new haha). Then all of us in 121D (except Ashok...he went downstairs but he found us in cc later) and Paul went to search for somewhere to play. Unsurprisingly, Inferno was full. So was Silver Surfer 1 and Games World nearby. Moreover we couldn't get a place in Globalnet and Warnet. Wow, that's 5 cc with like bout 500 places maxed out. Wonder where all these sad people with no lives came from...but then again, we were juz like them so why am i sounding them =P.

Neway, as we got no other choice, we had to turn one big round back to Silver Surfer 3 which was very near My Place...juz opposite Taylor's (but it's the worst cc there even though it has faster coms than most of us here). Played two Warcraft games where Jem's com hanged. Then we decided to try some heroes maps. One thing to note here is the last heroes map we played...which was Enfo's Team Survival. Me, Paul, Yong Chen and Ashok on one side and the rest on the other. Well, we lasted longer than the other team thanx to Paul's hero! His hero saved me and Yong Chen's asses coz he's the melee one and got every creep to attack him instead of us spellcasters =). Great job Paul!

And so with this we ended our last Warcraft action in Subang at 3.30am in the morning after playing for bout 150 minutes. And we have to wake up early to buy bus tickets at Pudu a few hours later. Sigh...even though we're going back to JB, i'm pretty sure we're going to cc again very soon hehe...

-started 1.27am, 8 September 2004-
-ended 2.37am,8 September 2004-
Phew..finally finished this...

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