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Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Summoned for 'castle'

Inevitably, the word 'castle' came up in every other sentence that came out of Pat's mouth (he's really really addicted to that map...*sigh*). Initially, Jem, Paul and Yong Chen wanted to go 'castling' after college but postponed it coz not many people went along (Pat and Hoi joined Anne for some rojak while Yih Seong saved me from the spell by pushing me towards the direction of our home ^^"). So they decided to just go at night coz everyone will be home anyway.

During me dinner with Jem and Ashok, Hoi turned up early and join us for a while (i think Pat SMSed him..). Meanwhile, Yong Chen is not back from his dinner with his dad yet. As Hoi can't stay for long (he lived nearby and has to be back not too late), we decided to just go ahead without Yong Chen. This time it's me, Pat, Leong, Hoi, Paul, Jem and Ashok playing. (apparently Yih Seong wanted to study...but according to him, he can't study that day coz he kept thinking of 'castle' haha..)

First, i gotta admit we filled the whole cc with our shouts of 'castle!','left!','right!','up!,'down!' and all kinds of orders and laughter as we played that map. Apparently, we made so much noise that i think the others in the cc thought we had gone crazy or something hehe =P (yea..we are THAT loud). Lots of mad laughter came from all of us when one by one we fall in the Special Arena (where we had to fight one on one with some big fella). Then the noise reached max intensity when we reached the final wave - especially Pat...i swear his voice can be heard even from outside...Couldn't help it coz you know, this is the only time we felt overwhelmed by a mere game haha ;). Needless to say, we didn't pass the final wave (this is only our second try anyway). And unfortunately, failing to pass only resulted in us trying even more times....*sigh*

-7.57pm, 6 October 2004-
2 days of cc in a row and still counting...

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