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Monday, 31 January 2005

Happy birthday Jeng Khay =)

Happy birthday to (the friend who used to be) one of my bestest friend, Jeng Khay =)
Today was Jeng Khay's birthday. For those who don't know him, he's an old friend of mine, studying in the same primary and secondary school as most of us in 121D (only Pat and YS were from different primary school). He's a year younger than us, coz he's a PTS student like Ian Zing and Denise (which meant he skipped Standard 4). We got along really well since he came into my class in Standard 5...and we've been in the same classes (except Form 2) since then till Form 5.

The last year in my secondary school would be much boring without him. We made each other laugh nearly every single day hehe. Sometimes he would call me just to spread rumours bout other people haha =P...or for fun coz he's bored. Sigh...juz miss those days long ago. Now we didn't even contact each other for months on end...not because i don't want to, but we got our own lives to live. There's still the occasional 'hi, wazzup' and movie outing when we managed to get together back in JB, but other than that, we're out of each other's lives already.

Sometimes i realise there's truth in those 'junk' e-mails i receive, like this one:

...we may be best friends one year,
pretty good friends the next,
don't talk that much the year after,
don't talk at all the year after that...

Much as i like all my old friends to stay as my friends forever, but this is life - we make new friends and lose old friends. Yeah, it's inevitable. And right now i'm trying to contact 3 of my old friends, but they changed their hp no already. Hope i could find some way to contact them. Really hate to agree to this, but there's no such thing as "Friends forever"...

PS - I even forgot to wish Jeng Khay happy birthday until a few days later...and to think i got birthday reminders for most of my friends on my hp =/. Hope he doesn't mind my late wishes...

-7.00pm, 18 February 2005-

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Memalukan mamalia? lol...
Catching up with an old friend...

Memalukan mamalia lol...
As of today, the term ass-whooped shall be redefined haha. After our dinner, the guys went down for a round of DotA. Jem, YC, YS, Pat and Paul will be up against Tiong, Alvin and 2 other PM3 guys. It's 5-vs-4, so they thought it would be an easy game. Little do they know the fear that'll be instilled in them after this game lol ;)

Me, Ashok and Leong didn't join them for this game. Me coz i didn't feel like playing and i gotta be careful with my spendings or go hungry for the last few days here. Besides, there's homework to be done =/. The guys went out to play at 10pm, and they lived to tell the story bout how Sand King made 5 of them look like noobs haha =P (they even run away from him though the SK was outnumbered 5-1).

Of course, me, Ashok, Chow and literally everyone else couldn't believe their story. According to them, it's so bad that even Paul's sniper got last O.o haha. And they didn't even get 10 kills by the end of the game (final kill score - 50 to 9). Won't want to go into how the game went (YC got an eye-witness's account of the game on his blog ;) ), but from today onwards, Pat, Paul, Jem, YC and YS shall make up the "Memalukan mamalia" (from one of Shan's fav phrase) team haha. Don't look at me like that...i didn't come up with this, they named themselves that haha..

Catching up with an old friend..
Right before the guys went out to play, Wy Keat called me and asked me to go down to meet him. He finished his SAM course at the end of last year and soon he'll be in IMU studying medicine. Apparently, he's in My Place right then coz his girlfriend wanna meet a friend here. Had nothing to do while his girlfriend's at her friend's place so got me to chat with him while he waited. Nothing much we chatted bout in particular, mostly bout the past, present and future of our lives and how the others are doing.

Me pondering bout my future...
Asked me to join him in IMU too, though i'm still not very sure bout that. Had not been spending much time thinking bout which course i'll take after A-Levels. Medicine would be nice, in terms of job stability and salary ;). My dad didn't mind bout wat i'll be studying (that's wat he says anyway) but he'll like me to study medicine. Said it'll be convenient for me to study in IMU, coz my brother most probably will go overseas after this year. So if i do get into IMU, i'll juz have to rent a place for 6 months before moving into my bro's apartment (everything's there anyway so i don't have to bring much stuff. And the broadband's up and good to go...that's the only thing that matters haha =P).

I've never thought i'll be a doctor (though 'doctor' had been in my list of cita-cita for my whole primary school years hehe. But at that time there's only 3 occupations i know of, Doktor, Jurutera, and Polis =P). Since primary school till a couple of years ago, engineering had been my top choice, but now i'm not too sure bout that. Had thought bout veterinary too, and now i'm looking at medicine. Actually i wanted to be a paramedic, but i don't really know how to get there, so medicine would be my choice for now. Sigh...just me being myself, an indecisive guy ^^. Guess one never know what the future holds...

-6.29pm, 18 February 2005-

Friday, 28 January 2005

Our class got even smaller...

Had a DotA game after college again. Sigh...can't they stop playing for juz 1 week? Got pulled along they didn't bother to ask me and juz include in the 'going' list straight away. Sigh... ^^"

What's so special bout today's game? Well, Shan reached BEYOND GODLIKE!! those not in PM1 this may seems like juz another game. But trust me, you have to be surprised if Shan (even with Chow in the game haha) played that well =P. Turned out that Zi Yang was helping him by the side. (When Paul found out bout it, he threw his mouse at the monitor =/. Looks like someone has to go for anger management courses haha =P. But couldn't blame's really frustrating getting killed by Shan more than 5 times in a row haha).

Our class juz got even smaller...
From more than 26 at the beginning of our course, now it's left with 16 of us in PM1. Sigh. Hoi and Paik Weng deferred to PM14 (June 2004 intake)...which means they'll be resitting AS this mid-year and A2 at the end of the year. Then Wilson said he'll be here till next month before stopping A-Levels in favour of some other studies (i forgot what was it..). Then after college we met Oscar juz outside Taylor's (he skipped college again). Turned out that he's gonna stop A-Levels too and go back to his hometown, Miri to go for some foundation studies. And then that nite, Ashok told us that he'll be deferring too...along with Shanmugam. Sigh. So sad that they have to leave our class...that's 3 futsal players less now. Guess the days of the "unbeatable PM1 futsal team" are finally over hehe...and class gonna get reeeaaally quiet now...

-4.51pm, 14 February 2005-

Thursday, 27 January 2005

Wykeen's debut futsal match
Water supply cut! >=(

Juz some side news =P
Last nite the Johorian team comprising Jem, Leong, Yong Chen and Yih Seong beat the Sarawakian team again ^^. Me didn't go coz i was very tired and went to sleep while they play. Woke up at 12am to listen to them bragging bout it haha. Couldn't blame them's not everyday they get to win against the Sarawakians hehe.

Wykeen's futsal debut match!
From today onwards (hopefully), there'll be a new addition to out futsal team! =). With the Zi Yang's withdrawal from our futsal team (must be that incident that caused it...=/), Wykeen came juz in time hehe.

Went back to apartment at 3pm and i fell asleep right away. Actually i didn't feel like going to play futsal coz i was really really damn tired today. But we don't get to play everyday so i juz decided to go with them coz it'll be quite some time before the next game =/. Played from 4 to 6pm against Paul's junior and Jon's team. Nothing much to note bout it, except i heard that Wykeen did exceptionally well for his first game...though there were some 'slip-ups' haha.

Water supply cut! >=(
Reached back home, after everyone had bathed, and juz as i stepped into the bathroom, the water supply stopped. What the hell?! Why can't they wait till after i bathe? *sob*..they all bully me..*sob* haha. So in the end, i had to go dinner without bathing...but it's the others who suffer anyway haha =P. Came back from dinner and still no water. Had to go to Paul's apartment to bathe. Thanks Paul, Tiong, Yun, Jon, Alvin, Tiong's brother and whoever else's living downstairs! ^^ But somehow our bathroom looks much cleaner haha =P. Maybe i shouldn't least they have water supply (thankfully...if not i'll have to wait till the next day to bathe =/). Sigh...why must we suffer so much ^^"

-4.33pm, 14 February 2005-

Monday, 24 January 2005

AS results revealed!

Finally we got back our AS results today. It's the 'unofficial' in we only get to see what we got, the certificates will come later. Happy with what i got...couldn't ask for more hehe. Got all As for every subject, even Thinking Skills...surprise, surprise! I don't really have much confidence in TKS, mostly coz my English is not very good =/. But i guess my grandma's constant prayers got answered. She's been praying real hard for me and me brothers to do well in our studies...and so far i don't think we disappointed her much hehe =/

As for the others, well i'll juz give a run thru of their results (correct me if i'm wrong ya). Yong Chen and Yih Seong both got 4As, Paul, Chow, and Pat got 3, and Jem got 2. Not really bad results...but not what they wished for nonetheless. Well, it's only the AS rite...there's always time to study for A2 (minus all that DotA la =P). As for Ashok and Leong, i didn't ask them...if they don't wanna tell why force them?

Had the usual DotA game right before midnite. Then comes the usual post-DotA talk (which strangely, lasted longer than the game itself haha). Talk till 3am before going to sleep. That's bout the usual time we sleep ;).

PS - Yong Chen asked me to promise to belanja all of them if i managed to get 5As. Well, there's no problem on my side...though money's running a little bit low right now (me father asked me to survive on 200 bucks for 11 days...but i used half of it to buy new clothes =P). But Pat asked me to juz blanja them movie some other day so no Pizza Hut for dinner today hehe...(Yih Seong's not free btw ;) )

-4.09pm, 14 February 2005-

Saturday, 22 January 2005

Me on the Sarawakian side =P

Me, betrayer for one night...
After 3 days without DotA, the first thing the guys do when they got back is too obvious sigh ^^". Right after our dinner, Paul came up to recruit people to go but only Yih Seong, Jem, Yong Chen, and Leong agreed. Me refused to go coz I juz don't feel like going while Pat and Ashok haven't reach 121D yet. Then Ashok came home, and he joined the Johorian team to play against Paul's Sarawakian team. Actually, they had wanted to play against us for a long time edi but we kept on delaying our inevitable doom hehe.

A few minutes after the DotA gang left me and Pat in 121D, Paul came back up to ask me to take over David's place coz he couldn't make it. He tried to persuade me for a while, then he said those 'magic words' haha =P (he'll pay for me cc lah). Still, I didn't want to go actually coz I juz don't feel like it. Tried to get Pat to go instead but he insisted on doing his homework at home. the end I gave in and juz went along...

There's no free lunch in this world. How true haha =P. For paying for me, Paul wanted me on his side, the Sarawakian team. I don't mind really, but the same cannot be said for the other Johorians hehe. The moment they found out I 'betrayed' them, I got a 3-4 right outside My Place ^^" (to the shock of My Place’s guard haha). Kinda expected it when I agreed to go so no surprise there haha...But I have to say they sound really like going to die after that. Hey guys have more confidence in yourself lah...don't be like Yong Chen haha =P

Another lesson I learnt : Underestimation is the first step to losing. Apparently, the Sarawakian team (including me) didn't expect the other team to play so damn good. John was so confident of winning that he chose a hero he seldom use while I chose Anti-mage to counter Jem's Lich (I expected Lich to be the strongest hero), but that wasn't a good strategy. From the start, I kept on dying to Ashok's much that half of the time I was dead. Then towards the end, Leong's Medusa got all the expensive items and start killing us like flies. And yeah we lost in the end...let's juz say the Johorian team beat us in terms of teamwork and coordination ;). So much for the pessimism before the game, eh? Hehe...

PS – Sorry Paul, there wasn't much I can do to prevent our loss. Didn't really concentrate on playing (well, I didn't want to go...). And thanx for letting me waste your RM3.50 haha =P

-5.13am, 5 February 2005-

'National Treasure'
TV all day long...

Woke up at around 12pm. Ahh...i juz love weekends =P. The only time to get some 'decent' sleep (11 hours is 'decent' to me =P) and wake up in the afternoon. Had lunch with Yih Seong and Leong at Rafi's, then it's back home to watch the first episode of 'The Apprentice' second season. Didn't even catch any episode of the first coz i thought it would be juz like other reality tv shows. But this is kinda different...and pretty interesting to see what kind of ideas they come up with. The first episode requires them to come up with an idea for a boys' toy for Toys 'R' Us, which team 'Mosaic' (what sucky name haha) produced some transformable animal shit. The other team's toy was some transformable remote control vehicle. It was rather obvious who's gonna win hehe.

Around 5pm, three of us went to Pyramid with Hoi to watch 'National Treasure' at 5.50pm. Too bad though there's no car to sit in this time. Somehow, Hoi's bro lost his wallet (which include his IC and driving licence) so he couldn't drive. Sigh...but Pyramid's not very far, and we got there in a cab instead. As for the movie, it's quite good. More puzzle-solving than action, but at least it's interesting. Oh yea, heard a movie on 'The Da Vinci's Code' gonna come out (see the trend?)...i sure hope it won't fail miserably ^^. Not that i don't like the book or anything, juz that i want more nice movies to watch =P.

Had dinner with Hoi at Asia Cafe, then it's American Idol at 10.45pm. It's AI's first episode too ^^. Looks like we're gonna spend a lot of time in front of tv from now on haha. After AI, me and Yih Seong went to Rafi's with Paul to watch Man U against Aston Villa. Surprised to see that Villa scored first =P but then Yih Seong forced us to stay till Man U wins haha (even if it meant staying there till the next match!). But they still win in the end (thank god.. haha) and we went back at 12.45am.

PS - We got by the second day without any DotA ;)

-5.18pm, 3 February 2005-

Friday, 21 January 2005

Afree, Denise and Ian Zing challenged us to a game of Monopoly

Today was Hari Raya Haji holiday. Jem, Pat and YC went home the day before, while Ashok went back this morning. Only me along with YS and Leong left at home. I didn't feel like going back coz it's juz a 3-days weekend, what can i do back home anyway. Might as well catch up on my deeply-in-debt sleep =P.

Laze around at home till dinnertime, the time when Afree's supposed to come to 121D. Heard the news from Yih Seong only the day before. Said Afree's coming over to play Monopoly. I was like, "Whhuuurrtt??" (haha sorry couldn't help it =P). Apparently he heard bout how Paul whooped the others ass in monopoly a few days before and wanted to come here and challenge us. O.o

Anyway, Afree finally came at bout 8pm, along with Denise. We went to the Ah Ping bak kut teh restaurant opposite the road from McD's for dinner. Ian Zing joined us juz before our dinner's served. Didn't know she's coming along too, but that doesn't really matter. Then Paul gatecrashed our dinner haha =P. He juz came back from Sunway Pyramid and decided to drop by. The more, the merrier anyway. 121D's kinda quiet with only 3 of us left...

Went back after dinner, start playing our Monopoly game with Ian Zing, Afree, Denise and Yih Seong. Paul didn't join coz he's gonna go out for cc session with his other friends soon. He did try to get us to go along with him, but Monopoly's free haha =P. Actually, we couldn't juz ditch Ian Zing and Denise at home to go cc right...they came all the way here juz to play Monopoly (though i don't think i ever agreed to it...muz be Yih Seong haha). Then again, juz when we were playing, American Idol came on ^^. So our game was kinda like played in short bursts of really rapid turns haha.

Played on till American Idol finished, and in the end, Ian Zing killed us with her 2 hotels that charge a freaking 7000 bucks bill in total. With the exception of Denise who had like 20000++ in cash, any of us who landed in front of those hotels gonna go bankrupt right away (i even landed twice on it...and lost 5000 bucks to Ian Zing sigh). It was past 12am when we stopped, as the others had to get back home. The standings at the end of the game? Denise top with 36000+ in cash and property, Ian Zing with 29000+, Yih Seong 21000+, me 16000+, and lastly Afree with 12000+ (who owned only 1 property for more than half of the game until Denise sold him one of hers haha). Never really expect i would enjoy playing Monopoly...but i really appreciate their 'effort' to come all the way here to play with us. If not for them, we would be bored to tears at home i guess hehe...

After Afree sent Denise and Ian Zing back, Paul tried to pull us into cc again haha. Apparently his friends who were supposed to go cc ended up playing Monopoly like us lol. He managed to convince YS and Leong but not me. There's only 4 of us anyway so what's the point rite. So we scrapped the cc plans and went for supper at Melur instead. One day without DotA and counting...

-5.14pm, 1 February 2005-

Thursday, 20 January 2005

Chow's bruised ego haha =P

Chow's bruised ego haha =P
Lol...when we decide to go for another DotA match after college today, Chow made an agreement with me. We wanted to pick our heroes first before we play, so after a while Chow had an idea. I was supposed to give him the hero that i think is the worst and he choose the worst hero for me. So without even skipping a beat, i named Ursa Warrior, which i know sucks so bad that the best player will become the worst (and i'm not wrong! =P). Saw Hoi and Tiong used him before, and...well, let's juz say they had played better games =P.

And he gave me Brood Mother (or Mother Brooder in 121D language haha), who he said is very hard to use (he claimed he used it before and she sucks). I did try to change his mind (i juz used Brood Mother a few games ago and it's really a damn good hero ;) ), but you know Chow, stubborn as he is haha. So we went along with the agreement, he using Ursa against my Brood Mother, one on one.

Sad to say, i don't think Chow enjoyed this game very much lol. Even with a far superior team on his side (Hoi, Ashok, Shan and Yih Seong) against our two-beginners side (me, Jem, YC, Wy Keen and Wilson), they still lost haha. Well, mainly because Chow refused to ask for help when my hero was raping his hero all the way to his base. So much for being confident of Ursa eh? haha =P

-4.32pm, 31 January 2005-

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Zi Yang, an outcast of PM1?

Zi Yang, an outcast of PM1?
After college, me had lunch with me classmates at Asia Cafe (which juz opened on 16 January). Pat did suggested DotA in the morning, but nobody goes further than that. So when Zi Yang asked us whether we'll be going to play DotA after lunch, Hoi juz say we're not. Zi Yang and Hoi have tuition later on so it doesn't really matter anyway...

But then Zi Yang still sat there with us although Hoi had left for tuition. Chow tried to 'halau' him away by saying he better go for tuition, etc etc but he juz refused to go. Then all of a sudden he juz disappeared without saying anything. I figured he gave up waiting for us to say we're going for DotA *shrugs*.

A few minutes after Zi Yang left, we started gathering budaks for DotA. Not that we deliberately wait for Zi Yang to leave, but he got tuition so wouldn't be able to go anyway (and we didn't even call Hoi along). Might as well not let him know right. After reluctantly agreeing (partly due to Chow wanting to play against me), me joined YS, Jem, Ashok, Pat, Chow, Leong and called Oscar and two of Leong's friends to make it 10 players. Decided on the teams while on the way there, and before long we're into our 5vs5 DotA.

Juz when we were into our second game (the first game failed coz one of the com crashed), Zi Yang called me to ask where are we. I didn't want to tell him we're in cc, but then he said he went to our apartment and only saw Yong Chen there. And he did seem rather persistent in asking where we were, so i juz told him we're in Warnet.

A while after that, all of a sudden Zi Yang juz burst into the smoking room (the only seats left in Warnet), kicked Yih Seong's chair and started shouting at him "Where's my file, f**ker?", those sort of stuff. A few tense moments of cursing between Yih Seong and him, then he asked Chow for his car keys (the file's in his car). Chow seemed afraid of the juz-gone-mad Zi Yang, so he went to his car with him, pulling Pat along with him. So in the end, we didn't even finish a single game we started.

Yih Seong's story...
After getting out of Warnet, Yih Seong told us his side of the story. Apparently, when Zi Yang left Asia Cafe after lunch, he left his file there. So Yih Seong took the file and told Zi Yang to come to our apartment after his tuition to get it. But then he left it in Chow's car as we're going to play DotA.

So when Zi Yang got back from tuition and went to our apartment to find only Yong Chen there (who juz ignored him totally haha), he came to Warnet after calling me (Ashok didn't answer his call earlier). Came into the room, demanded the file from Yih Seong, asked why he didn't answer his calls (but then there were no miss calls on YS's hp), and swearing all the while...

For taking Zi Yang's file when he left it in Asia Cafe and keeping it while he's at tuition, Yih Seong did not even a word of thanks from him. Now that i think of it, i think Zi Yang's mad coz we went to play DotA without him, and Yih Seong got the brunt of his anger. He juz needed someone to blame and scold, unfortunately, Yih Seong was his victim that day. But still, why should we go play DotA juz because he asked us to? What can we do if every time he asked us to go, we juz don't feel like it? I guess he juz went crazy that day when he found out we went DotA without him (we went to play without him a few times before this, but those are at night, and he wouldn't be able to go anyway).

After this incident, unofficially, he has made himself an outcast of PM1. I wouldn't like to do this to him, but sad to say, he brought this upon himself. Till he apologises, i'll be on Yih Seong's side ;).

-4.22pm, 31 January 2005-

Saturday, 15 January 2005

Eating out as Jem's birthday dinner

Happy 19th Birthday to Jem, the oldest guy in our apartment (only in age =P)
Jem...we went through the same schools from Standard 1 till now, though not always in the same class. I never really hang out with him a lot back in primary school, mainly coz we hang out with different bunch of friends. But now that i really got to know him, he's a really friendly guy...though he can get really childish sometimes =P (ok...maybe it's juz me being too serious sometimes...). But that's only on the outside haha =P. Ok, i won't say anything bad bout you Jem. All i can say is, you're a great friend ;).

It's been around a year since i stayed in the same apartment as him...and he's one of those few from the 7 of us who stayed true to the Light (haha...for those who don't understand, it meant he never abandoned us for lunch or dinner ;) ). Learned a few things bout Jem during this time, but there's some things i rather not know haha =P. Anyway, cheers to my old friend Jem...and all the best in ur A2 later this year! ;) Happy 19th birthday!

Jem's birthday dinner (sort of...we tried our best)
Dunno how all this started...but we went out for dinner tonight as part of Jem's birthday celebration. At first Chow asked me yesterday whether we are gonna celebrate Jem's birthday, so i told him we are juz gonna eat out (i was more of thinking bout the usual Pizza Hut dinner). Then he said he wanna join us, and asked us to call Shan and Hoi along. Well, i juz agreed to it though we haven't really planned anything ^^.

At round 6pm, Chow, Zi Yang and Hoi reached My Place, but we still haven't have any plans for dinner yet. Obviously we couldn't think of anywhere to go...with all our lunches and dinners being less than 1km radius around My Place (minus the occasional Kim Gary and such). So we tried to get Chow and Hoi to decide, but then they juz refused to think haha. In the end, we had to wait for Afree (who else we can look to for where to eat ;) ) to come up at bout 9pm. Less than a minute later, and we're off to Kota Kemuning for dinner. Well, with Afree around there's no lack of place to eat i guess hehe...

Got to the suggested restaurant in Hoi's, Chow's and Afree's cars. Turned out to be a newly opened restaurant in a new neighbourhood. It's rather late when we reached there (around 9.30pm already) but the food takes even longer to arrive...mine and Yih Seong's at least. Ordered some 'Pot Pie' which the waiter said will take 20 minutes to cook but it arrives more than 30 mins later. It's some lamb stew in 'roti' covered bowl, not bad i guess. Chow ordered some pasta, which he finished before my order even arrives haha. He does look hungry after that ^^...
-There's some pics over at Chow's blog...

Desperate for DotA...
After dinner, we got back in My Place at round 11.30pm and then Afree had to go back to pick up his bro. The rest of us decided to have a round of DotA before Chow and Hoi go home but the problem is, there's 11 of us. Some sinister minds amidst us (i won't say who =P) suggested we leave Zi Yang out of our game some way or the other haha. But it wouldn't matter anyway coz every cc nearby is fully packed, so we went for some supper first. Zi Yang went into Silver Surfer to play alone while we were having supper O.o

So desperate we were that we went one round past all the ccs a few times and after failing to find one to fit all of us, we waited outside Silver Surfer for more than an hour in the hope that some of them lucky playing inside will get the hell out of there and let us play for god's sake haha. But too bad, as a few fellars go out, a few will take their places. And so we wait till 1am+, by when we gave up. Hoi and Chow had to go back home coz it's too late already, and we got back to My Place to sleep.

Zi Yang couldn't go back coz he has no transport back (or so he said) so he stayed over at our place tonight. Actually we didn't really want him to stay, firstly because there's no empty bed for him and secondly, we juz didn't want him to stay =P (we're juz evil, aint it). But we can't juz dump him outside and let him sleep by the roads, right? (we are not THAT evil, k...) He ended up sleeping on the sofas, and by the next morning, he's gone before any of us woke up. He even left our front door grill unlocked, even though Yih Seong reminded him last night. Well, i guess he could sense he's not very welcome to stay...but you can't blame us right? =P

-5.23pm, 26 January 2005-

Friday, 14 January 2005

Jem's birthday celebrations!

Paul tried to get us to go for breakfast with him today morning but none of us believe we can even open our eyes before 8am =P. Jem did agree to go but apparently he couldn't wake up too haha. Anyway around 10am, me, Jem and YC had our breakfast at McD. Lunch was at McD again, but i didn't eat anything coz i was still full from the breakfast. (Btw i still haven't paid for the drink you buy for me, Chow haha ^^").

DotA session after college...(but i didn't join this time! =) )
Half the class (well, almost) decided to go for DotA after college. Actually, Zi Yang, Wykeen and Wilson had been asking us to go the whole last week, but somehow all our DotA sessions ended up at night. Me didn't go along coz i wanna cut down on cc, while YC had some bank draft stuff to do. So the teams were Chow, YS, Pat, Wykeen against Zi Yang, Jem, Ashok and Shan. I went along to watch, and meanwhile try to 'coach' Wykeen (hey, their team is badly handicapped k...). Paul came to watch too, right after his lunch after his Leo meeting. In the end, the team with Wykeen won...much to our surprise haha =P

Pre-birthday 'preparations' (DotA included =P)
At night, we had dinner without Jem and Ashok. While walking back, we discussed bout what to do with Jem's birthday celebrations later but somehow (due to Leong's incessant DotA...DotA... calls haha) the conversation inevitably turns to whether we are going to play DotA or not O.o. Discussions over, we bought Jem's cake at Baker's Cottage, dump it into our 'new' fridge, and went down for DotA, calling Hoi, John and Tiong along (Hoi wanted a 4vs4 match so we had no choice but to call them along =P). Got Pudge both rounds even though both are -ar matches (is it hinting something...). Paul and Jem came to watch juz as we were about to finish the second game. And from the look of it, Paul wasn't happy we didn't wait for him haha =P.

Midnight futsal...and it costs 100 bucks per hour O.o
Right after DotA at around 12am, Hoi, YS, Ashok, John and Adrian (the junior Sarawakian ;) ) join Jem and Paul with other JPA guys for futsal. Would have join if i was fit enough, but my legs still hurt from the futsal training a few days back. Even now walking down the stairs is painful for me sigh. While they are gone, me, YC, Pat and Leong chatted for a while, before we all gave up waiting for Jem to come back for his birthday celebrations and hit the beds ^^.

Jem's birthday celebrations at last!
2am+, YS called the 4 of us up, and i walked out to see 3 half-dead guys on the couch, and the other 'fragrant-smelling' guys who came back from futsal around our dinner table (more like a homework table ;) ). After Jem bathed, we sanged the birthday song (and trust me, it never sounded more dead than this before lol...), gave him his dues, and walloped the cake. It was a chocolate-coffee kind of cake and coincidentally, it was the same type of cake Jem's church buddies bought for him! Now, this happened during Paul's birthday last year too...great minds think alike? haha =P. Hit the beds for the second time at around 4.40am, after Jem ate like a quarter of the cake haha...

-5.42pm, 24 January 2005-

Thursday, 13 January 2005

Lunch, interrupted

Lunch, interrupted
11am me had lunch with the other classmates at Success, which was surprisingly packed (those damn noobs haha =P). Halfway through lunch, all of a sudden, Ms Ho came up and before we can run or hide, she took a place on the table with me, Shan and Chow. Not even 10 minutes later, after finishing their lunch, all of the others, except us 3 sharing the same table with Ms Ho, walked out group by group (mainly because there was a power cut - which we heard later that it affected the whole west and south Malaysia... O.o). We wanted to go too, but then again, Ms Ho won't be very happy bout it ^^". So in the end me, Shan and Chow juz stayed there and listen to her babbling bout nothing. And boy, does she eat so damn slow! haha =P

I didn't want to go for DotA...really
Around 10pm+ that night, all the other Johorians went down for DotA. I didn't go along coz i didn't feel like going (we went every other day ever since we came back to Subang sigh) ...and then Paul had to show up at our door. Said he was hungry, but then there's only me in the house. So somehow, Paul asked me to join the other 6 in Silver Surfer (actually he juz wanted to order a burger to eat there ^^"). Dunno why i agreed to it actually...should be trying to cut down on my spendings... (oh yea, this is the round that i tried out Drow Ranger and pawned everyone lol =P ...oh except Paul's sniper la k...)

-5.11pm, 24 January 2005-

Wednesday, 12 January 2005

'New' fridge for 121D
First futsal training of the year..

Our replacement fridge came at last!
Our 'new' fridge came yesterday =) after nearly 2 months of complaints (well, if the holidays included that is...). Not exactly a brand new fridge...but at least it's working we're happy enough. And fortunately they didn't ask us to pay for the one Pat broke hehe...

First futsal training of the year..
Went for futsal training match again...which is against ourselves of course. Called Hoi's elder bro along to make it 10 players. Nothing much to say bout this round of 'training', except everyone scored a goal except me haha ^^" (oh well, what's new...). Actually i would have got one in, right after i intercepted a pass from Jem the goalkeeper, but scoring goals juz ain't my thing. Can hear Shan shouting to me to chip the ball over Jem who's lying down in front of me, but somehow, i juz kicked it straight at Jem sigh...Guess that's why i rather play defender than striker eh? ^^

Around 20 mins before time, my legs cramped again. Damn...dunno why, lately i've been getting cramps so often. The others say i didn't warm up before the match...well maybe. Or maybe i juz got damn slack after a month of eat-sleep-eat-sleep holidays =P. Tried to keep the game going by playing as goalkeeper but then my leg juz can't stand it and had to be sidelined for the last 10 minutes.

Actually, i half-thought of start jogging around My Place during the weekends coz my stamina is the worst of all PM1 futsal players. Juz 20 minutes on the pitch and i'm out ^^". But i guess the plan would never materialise coz i never wake up early during weekends...ah well...

Got home damn tired...and there's still homework to do. Sigh...that's college life for me =)

-4.53pm, 24 January 2005-

Monday, 10 January 2005

First day of our last semester

First day of our last semester
Managed to wake up at 7.30am, not without my daily alarm on my phone. Zi Yang's the first to come into our apartment, when most of us are still in the zombie-mode. Guess he couldn't wait to see us...though the feelings ain't mutual haha =P. But at least we got to know that class starts at 9am thru him...and spared us from rushing to the college at 8am to find out bout that.

Shan asked us out for breakfast since class starts later than usual but everyone except Ashok wasn't keen on eating so early (maybe they aren't used to it ;) ). As my stomach's growling from the time i woke up, i went along with Ashok to join Shan for breakfast at Melur. Before long, Pavan came, then Paul and Zi Yang. Everyone seems the same, except Zi Yang's shorter hair. Said he doesn't like it...but i think it's rather ok la.

Got a new timetable for our last semester here. Lots of breaks in between which pushed the classes to 3 or 4pm. But we got to wake up later now...some days start as late as 10am =). Btw Ms Ching is now officially our new mentor, coz we won't be seeing Mrs Fam often anymore (no more Thinking Skills ;) ). After college, had lunch at our old favourtie, Success (in short for Team Success Restaurant...don't ask me how they got that name ^^). Damn bloody packed with noobs (those new students ;) ) haha. Hardly got place to eat over there...

Our new com room, 'The Web'
The best news bout our college? They juz built a com room complete with 100+ state-of-the-art coms juz beside the cafeteria (which is still under renovation)! Flat panel monitors, DVD-ROMs, optical mouses, springy chairs, and even built-in speakers! Why didn't they build it earlier =(. Went to check it out myself that evening and somehow, after some clicks here and there, i managed to off the filter O.o. Wasn't intentional tho =P, i was juz trying to find a way to blog after they banned Diaryland for containing 'porn' (wth O.o).

Subang's water supply got cut but we got spared! ^^
On this very day, Subang's water supply got cut. Strangely, while Melur and Paul's apartment downstairs and literally every shop and house around here did not get water, we still enjoy free flow of water in 121D ^^. (We reasoned that because we suffered a week of no water around the same time last year, they decided to spare us this time haha). It's not until around 1.30am, when YC wanna take a bath that our supply stopped flowing in. Phew...

-5.36pm, 17 January 2005-

Sunday, 9 January 2005

Back in Subang after a month's holiday...

Spent my last few days of the holidays sleeping and playing ps2 at home. Couldn't blame me right, once the new semester starts i won't even have time to do anything (blame it on DotA =P). Woke up early today for once. 8am and i'm awake making last minute packing O.o. Quite surprised i'm able to wake up this early without my grandma whacking me hehe...

11am picked up my younger bro and had "kuay tow kia" breakfast in Skudai. Then met up with Yih Seong at Larkin and got on the bus back to Subang. Only us both taking bus this time, the others had the luxury of their family sending them there. Well, at least me and Yih Seong had some private time together haha =P. Oh yea sorry i scratched your face with my hair YS lol...

Reached dear old 121D at bout 5pm, to see everyone's back already except Jem, who's out to do some community work loading stuff to be sent to the tsunami victims. Would have joined if i knew it ^^. As for our apartment, nothing much different bout it. They gave us a new branded TV (tho we already have one), two sets of sofa (with damn hard cushions...Taylor's seems to have some affinity for hard stuff haha) and a coffee table. Oh yea we got new mattresses too! That's the best news i we can sleep relatively comfortably on relatively soft beds at night ^^. Bad news is the fridge is still not repaired and they did not give us a new washing machine. Maybe coz they saw we already have one washing machine...(which still ain't working >=( ).

First thing we did after touchdown in Subang? Yup, DotA! Tried to call Paul along too but he's not free so we ended up having a 4-on-3 match from 10.30pm to 11.45pm. I fear what lies ahead of us...(hours and hours of endless DotA haha).

-5.12pm, 17 January 2004-
Need to take a while to get used to waking up early again...

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Yih Seong's planned outing fell into pieces haha ^^" (well, half of it anyway)

Was supposed to have another futsal match today. Yih Seong even went to the trouble of calling each and every single futsal-loving guy left in JB. But somehow, on this morning itself, everything fell apart =(. A few of the guys couldn't make it, and in the end we were lacking 4 players to even play 5 on 5. Too bad lah..have to cancel our second and last futsal match in JB. Yih Seong seems damn stressed by all the planning...especially when people start backing out. I knew how he felt...i've been in the same situation far too many times ;). Btw he's damn bored at home too (i'm been hearing him complaining everyday haha), guess that's what triggered today's 'futsal-lunch-DotA-BNO' outing he planned...(though the thing we feared happened again haha =P juz joking, YS)

Since the futsal match's cancelled, we got on with the next event on Yih Seong's plan : DotA and BNO. Reached YC's place at 6pm as agreed on earlier only to see only Jem's there. Sigh...the others juz don't know the meaning of punctual ^^". By 7pm, Boon Shih, Ashok, Leong and Yih Seong all arrived, and we went for a pre-dinner DotA (Jem couldn't join us for dinner...said his mother will merajuk if he didn't have his last dinner with his family). Had an 3vs4 All-stars vs the rest match (due to uneven players), with me, Yong Chen and Ashok on Scourge (as All-Stars... O.o). The only memorable moment was when my Nerubian Assassin and Ashok's Sand King took down all 4 of them at one go haha =P. Had a really good laugh at our 'luck' haha ^^. (They have Maiden and Lich on their team!).

Then 6 of us had a steamboat-grill buffet kind of dinner at the same restaurant we went to last time. Not exactly what we had in mind actually...but we couldn't think of anywhere else to go at that time. Grilled some chicken, some sausages, lots of nuggets (Ashok won't stop putting them onto the grill haha), and some other food we piled on our plates. Quite ok...though the food we took isn't worth the RM16+ we paid per person i think. But it's not everyday we get to eat with each other...(though that's gonna change in a week's time ;) ).

After dinner, had another DotA game. Jem's been calling us lots of times during our dinner to ask whether we are going again or not. Wonder what made him wanna play DotA so much ^^. Played another All-Stars vs the others game, only this time it's -ar, the one earlier was -ap. Me got Zeus, which spelt their doom since the start haha =P. Refresher orb does wonders, eh?

Finished the game at round 11pm, which was rather late. Couldn't call my parents to come fetch me home (my house's 30 minutes away from YC's place) so i decided to juz bunk over. Didn't take me long to fall asleep after all that DotA action hehe...

-5.24pm, 13 January 2005-