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Friday, 21 January 2005

Afree, Denise and Ian Zing challenged us to a game of Monopoly

Today was Hari Raya Haji holiday. Jem, Pat and YC went home the day before, while Ashok went back this morning. Only me along with YS and Leong left at home. I didn't feel like going back coz it's juz a 3-days weekend, what can i do back home anyway. Might as well catch up on my deeply-in-debt sleep =P.

Laze around at home till dinnertime, the time when Afree's supposed to come to 121D. Heard the news from Yih Seong only the day before. Said Afree's coming over to play Monopoly. I was like, "Whhuuurrtt??" (haha sorry couldn't help it =P). Apparently he heard bout how Paul whooped the others ass in monopoly a few days before and wanted to come here and challenge us. O.o

Anyway, Afree finally came at bout 8pm, along with Denise. We went to the Ah Ping bak kut teh restaurant opposite the road from McD's for dinner. Ian Zing joined us juz before our dinner's served. Didn't know she's coming along too, but that doesn't really matter. Then Paul gatecrashed our dinner haha =P. He juz came back from Sunway Pyramid and decided to drop by. The more, the merrier anyway. 121D's kinda quiet with only 3 of us left...

Went back after dinner, start playing our Monopoly game with Ian Zing, Afree, Denise and Yih Seong. Paul didn't join coz he's gonna go out for cc session with his other friends soon. He did try to get us to go along with him, but Monopoly's free haha =P. Actually, we couldn't juz ditch Ian Zing and Denise at home to go cc right...they came all the way here juz to play Monopoly (though i don't think i ever agreed to it...muz be Yih Seong haha). Then again, juz when we were playing, American Idol came on ^^. So our game was kinda like played in short bursts of really rapid turns haha.

Played on till American Idol finished, and in the end, Ian Zing killed us with her 2 hotels that charge a freaking 7000 bucks bill in total. With the exception of Denise who had like 20000++ in cash, any of us who landed in front of those hotels gonna go bankrupt right away (i even landed twice on it...and lost 5000 bucks to Ian Zing sigh). It was past 12am when we stopped, as the others had to get back home. The standings at the end of the game? Denise top with 36000+ in cash and property, Ian Zing with 29000+, Yih Seong 21000+, me 16000+, and lastly Afree with 12000+ (who owned only 1 property for more than half of the game until Denise sold him one of hers haha). Never really expect i would enjoy playing Monopoly...but i really appreciate their 'effort' to come all the way here to play with us. If not for them, we would be bored to tears at home i guess hehe...

After Afree sent Denise and Ian Zing back, Paul tried to pull us into cc again haha. Apparently his friends who were supposed to go cc ended up playing Monopoly like us lol. He managed to convince YS and Leong but not me. There's only 4 of us anyway so what's the point rite. So we scrapped the cc plans and went for supper at Melur instead. One day without DotA and counting...

-5.14pm, 1 February 2005-

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