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Thursday, 20 January 2005

Chow's bruised ego haha =P

Chow's bruised ego haha =P
Lol...when we decide to go for another DotA match after college today, Chow made an agreement with me. We wanted to pick our heroes first before we play, so after a while Chow had an idea. I was supposed to give him the hero that i think is the worst and he choose the worst hero for me. So without even skipping a beat, i named Ursa Warrior, which i know sucks so bad that the best player will become the worst (and i'm not wrong! =P). Saw Hoi and Tiong used him before, and...well, let's juz say they had played better games =P.

And he gave me Brood Mother (or Mother Brooder in 121D language haha), who he said is very hard to use (he claimed he used it before and she sucks). I did try to change his mind (i juz used Brood Mother a few games ago and it's really a damn good hero ;) ), but you know Chow, stubborn as he is haha. So we went along with the agreement, he using Ursa against my Brood Mother, one on one.

Sad to say, i don't think Chow enjoyed this game very much lol. Even with a far superior team on his side (Hoi, Ashok, Shan and Yih Seong) against our two-beginners side (me, Jem, YC, Wy Keen and Wilson), they still lost haha. Well, mainly because Chow refused to ask for help when my hero was raping his hero all the way to his base. So much for being confident of Ursa eh? haha =P

-4.32pm, 31 January 2005-

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