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Friday, 14 January 2005

Jem's birthday celebrations!

Paul tried to get us to go for breakfast with him today morning but none of us believe we can even open our eyes before 8am =P. Jem did agree to go but apparently he couldn't wake up too haha. Anyway around 10am, me, Jem and YC had our breakfast at McD. Lunch was at McD again, but i didn't eat anything coz i was still full from the breakfast. (Btw i still haven't paid for the drink you buy for me, Chow haha ^^").

DotA session after college...(but i didn't join this time! =) )
Half the class (well, almost) decided to go for DotA after college. Actually, Zi Yang, Wykeen and Wilson had been asking us to go the whole last week, but somehow all our DotA sessions ended up at night. Me didn't go along coz i wanna cut down on cc, while YC had some bank draft stuff to do. So the teams were Chow, YS, Pat, Wykeen against Zi Yang, Jem, Ashok and Shan. I went along to watch, and meanwhile try to 'coach' Wykeen (hey, their team is badly handicapped k...). Paul came to watch too, right after his lunch after his Leo meeting. In the end, the team with Wykeen won...much to our surprise haha =P

Pre-birthday 'preparations' (DotA included =P)
At night, we had dinner without Jem and Ashok. While walking back, we discussed bout what to do with Jem's birthday celebrations later but somehow (due to Leong's incessant DotA...DotA... calls haha) the conversation inevitably turns to whether we are going to play DotA or not O.o. Discussions over, we bought Jem's cake at Baker's Cottage, dump it into our 'new' fridge, and went down for DotA, calling Hoi, John and Tiong along (Hoi wanted a 4vs4 match so we had no choice but to call them along =P). Got Pudge both rounds even though both are -ar matches (is it hinting something...). Paul and Jem came to watch juz as we were about to finish the second game. And from the look of it, Paul wasn't happy we didn't wait for him haha =P.

Midnight futsal...and it costs 100 bucks per hour O.o
Right after DotA at around 12am, Hoi, YS, Ashok, John and Adrian (the junior Sarawakian ;) ) join Jem and Paul with other JPA guys for futsal. Would have join if i was fit enough, but my legs still hurt from the futsal training a few days back. Even now walking down the stairs is painful for me sigh. While they are gone, me, YC, Pat and Leong chatted for a while, before we all gave up waiting for Jem to come back for his birthday celebrations and hit the beds ^^.

Jem's birthday celebrations at last!
2am+, YS called the 4 of us up, and i walked out to see 3 half-dead guys on the couch, and the other 'fragrant-smelling' guys who came back from futsal around our dinner table (more like a homework table ;) ). After Jem bathed, we sanged the birthday song (and trust me, it never sounded more dead than this before lol...), gave him his dues, and walloped the cake. It was a chocolate-coffee kind of cake and coincidentally, it was the same type of cake Jem's church buddies bought for him! Now, this happened during Paul's birthday last year too...great minds think alike? haha =P. Hit the beds for the second time at around 4.40am, after Jem ate like a quarter of the cake haha...

-5.42pm, 24 January 2005-

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