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Monday, 10 January 2005

First day of our last semester

First day of our last semester
Managed to wake up at 7.30am, not without my daily alarm on my phone. Zi Yang's the first to come into our apartment, when most of us are still in the zombie-mode. Guess he couldn't wait to see us...though the feelings ain't mutual haha =P. But at least we got to know that class starts at 9am thru him...and spared us from rushing to the college at 8am to find out bout that.

Shan asked us out for breakfast since class starts later than usual but everyone except Ashok wasn't keen on eating so early (maybe they aren't used to it ;) ). As my stomach's growling from the time i woke up, i went along with Ashok to join Shan for breakfast at Melur. Before long, Pavan came, then Paul and Zi Yang. Everyone seems the same, except Zi Yang's shorter hair. Said he doesn't like it...but i think it's rather ok la.

Got a new timetable for our last semester here. Lots of breaks in between which pushed the classes to 3 or 4pm. But we got to wake up later now...some days start as late as 10am =). Btw Ms Ching is now officially our new mentor, coz we won't be seeing Mrs Fam often anymore (no more Thinking Skills ;) ). After college, had lunch at our old favourtie, Success (in short for Team Success Restaurant...don't ask me how they got that name ^^). Damn bloody packed with noobs (those new students ;) ) haha. Hardly got place to eat over there...

Our new com room, 'The Web'
The best news bout our college? They juz built a com room complete with 100+ state-of-the-art coms juz beside the cafeteria (which is still under renovation)! Flat panel monitors, DVD-ROMs, optical mouses, springy chairs, and even built-in speakers! Why didn't they build it earlier =(. Went to check it out myself that evening and somehow, after some clicks here and there, i managed to off the filter O.o. Wasn't intentional tho =P, i was juz trying to find a way to blog after they banned Diaryland for containing 'porn' (wth O.o).

Subang's water supply got cut but we got spared! ^^
On this very day, Subang's water supply got cut. Strangely, while Melur and Paul's apartment downstairs and literally every shop and house around here did not get water, we still enjoy free flow of water in 121D ^^. (We reasoned that because we suffered a week of no water around the same time last year, they decided to spare us this time haha). It's not until around 1.30am, when YC wanna take a bath that our supply stopped flowing in. Phew...

-5.36pm, 17 January 2005-

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