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Friday, 28 January 2005

Our class got even smaller...

Had a DotA game after college again. Sigh...can't they stop playing for juz 1 week? Got pulled along they didn't bother to ask me and juz include in the 'going' list straight away. Sigh... ^^"

What's so special bout today's game? Well, Shan reached BEYOND GODLIKE!! those not in PM1 this may seems like juz another game. But trust me, you have to be surprised if Shan (even with Chow in the game haha) played that well =P. Turned out that Zi Yang was helping him by the side. (When Paul found out bout it, he threw his mouse at the monitor =/. Looks like someone has to go for anger management courses haha =P. But couldn't blame's really frustrating getting killed by Shan more than 5 times in a row haha).

Our class juz got even smaller...
From more than 26 at the beginning of our course, now it's left with 16 of us in PM1. Sigh. Hoi and Paik Weng deferred to PM14 (June 2004 intake)...which means they'll be resitting AS this mid-year and A2 at the end of the year. Then Wilson said he'll be here till next month before stopping A-Levels in favour of some other studies (i forgot what was it..). Then after college we met Oscar juz outside Taylor's (he skipped college again). Turned out that he's gonna stop A-Levels too and go back to his hometown, Miri to go for some foundation studies. And then that nite, Ashok told us that he'll be deferring too...along with Shanmugam. Sigh. So sad that they have to leave our class...that's 3 futsal players less now. Guess the days of the "unbeatable PM1 futsal team" are finally over hehe...and class gonna get reeeaaally quiet now...

-4.51pm, 14 February 2005-

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