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Saturday, 31 July 2004

Bak kut teh dinner with Ms Ho
New treasurer elected

After a week of having a 'normal' Ms Ho in our Bio class, we decided to put an end to it...albeit reluctantly. It's actually because we can't stand the 'normal' Ms Ho too...which is very cold and quiet...and make us feel very uncomfortable (apparently she's acting like that to make us feel bad about our 'mistake'...according to our sources ;) ). To make up for our 'missed' lunch last Friday, we planned to have 'bak kut teh' in Klang with her for dinner today which is mainly Afree's idea.

So me, Yih Seong, Denise, Paul, Ian Zing, Afree, Wilson, Chow, Li Shan, and a few other gals and guys from her other classes congregate in front of My Place and took off in 3 cars to Klang (Afree's home place) for the 'bak kut teh'. Pat didn't want to go and went for his usual double date, Jem escaped to church and Ashok didn't like 'bak kut teh'. Dinner wasn't much...juz that Ms Ho looked better than during our Bio class. After dinner our class went to Afree's house with Ms Ho (the others 'dumped' her with us and seek refuge in Baskin n Robbins (did i spell this right?) ). On the way there, we lost Ms Ho's car (i don't know if this is deliberate =P) and Afree had to find her back. During this time, i sat with Yih Seong and Denise in Chow's car (while waiting, we mistook a big house to be Afree's and we even nearly went into the house when a car arrived at the gates. Apparently we thought that was Afree's car O_o haha. This became a small secret we decided not to tell the others coz it's so embarassing...the couple in the other car was looking at us and we were looking back at them for a few minutes before we realised we got the wrong house).

And so we lepak in Afree's house until his parents came home and we were 'halau-ed' out. Then Afree suggested to go to Star Pisces(pronounced pie-sis hehe) which is damn expensive (a drink costs 10 bucks...). Embarassingly, we realised that after we arranged all the tables and chairs to fit all of us before juz leaving without saying anything...or ordering anything. After that we decided to go back to My Place while Afree sent Ian Zing home (she's the one who wanted to go home...). Chow paid for the drinks and tidbits for our 'party' in 121D...which the only thing we did is eat and watch TV. Not a very 'happening' party i must say...hehe. Then later around midnight, me, Yih Seong and Paul went to Melur for supper (Leong and Ashok abandoned our plane and went for foosball instead).

Btw, i think i overheard Ms Ho telling Chow that she's very happy today. Seems like our plan worked...although i don't really like what's going to happen to our Bio classes...

News on 121D
A spontaneous meeting was held tonight to elect the next treasurer for the month of August (Yih Seong got tired of the post..). They (i wasn't there at the meeting) decided to draw lots and i turned out to be the lucky guy. Somehow i sensed a conspiracy in this election...Anyway, at least i can do whatever i want with the money =) hehe...(*cue for evil laughter*...a good example : Pat's high-pitched version)

Thursday, 29 July 2004

An ice-skating turned 'I, Robot' movie trip to Sunway Pyramid...

Another failed plan that we (we as in me, Jem and Ashok...the others not around most of the time anyway) thought of. Actually since last week we had planned for today's ice-skating and movie trip already...we even drawn up an Invitation List which includes all 121D budaks, Paul, Chow, Afree, Anne, Zi Yang, Wen Hoi, Wen Ying, Sanmugam and Wilson. For a start, we got only 7 people to agree - me, Jem, Ashok, San, Yong Chen, Paul and Yih Seong - which is not that bad. And so enthusiastic me, Jem and Ashok waited for this day...(we are damn bored at home with nothing to do...which is quite ironic as we are surrounded by lots of cybercafes hehe)

Sadly, one by one everyone pulled out of the ice-skating part of the plan. Yong Chen ice-skates a few times before and was trying to save money, Paul got Leo meeting, and Yih Seong's in a financial crisis. And so left me, Jem, Ashok and San going to Sunway Pyramid. Upon reaching there, we decided to juz catch I, Robot only coz San have to go home early. So Jem bought 7 tickets before asking the others (apparently they are supposed to be confirmed to join us for the movie). Unfortunately, Paul still haven't finish with his meeting yet but he paid for the ticket. Then Yih Seong said he didn't confirm with us also and gave all kinds of excuses (in the end, the real reason turned out to be 'she's bringing me to watch the movie tomorrow') which made Jem damn angry coz Yih Seong's beating around the bush. But we managed to sell Yih Seong's ticket to Chuin Hau and that cooled Jem down a bit...

Anyway, I, Robot turned out to be a great movie =). Quite enjoyed the movie though it's more to special effects than real acting. I like the way the story goes..especially the twists and turns in between. At least this trip didn't turn out to be wasted hehe..though Jem's a bit disappointed we didn't get to skate...maybe next time lar

PS - Jem sent his hp to a shop in Pyramid to be repaired...a few weeks ago(or is it months edi?) a yellow dot appeared on Jem's hp's screen. Through a few days, the yellow dot spread into a small patch (we thought some microbiological organism infected it...). Turned out that the inner screen of his hp cracked, and if not repaired the crack will spread through the whole screen. It'll cost about RM30 to repair it apparently...and if that's not possible, looks like someone's gonna get a new phone! =)

Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Our first futsal training =)

Futsal training today =). I missed last week's match(i was an unused sub) so quite looking forward to kicking ball again hehe. Anyway, this training is our manager, Paul's idea after last week's terrible performance from our players. Seems like our manager's not happy with the passing(the match seemed to be juz kick the ball long and high forward to Wen Hoi and let him scores). Frankly, i don't think our team played that bad but either way, we won =).

Back to the match...this time it's at the small court (i don't really see much difference in size but the 'grassy ground' is damn sandy...heard if u fell down and scraped your knee, it took weeks to heal O_o) which costs half the price =). Anyway this time Yong Chen gets to play a full match hehe. Hope he could unleash his full potential this time and erase those hilarious moment of him playing as keeper a few years back from our minds =P. Btw as we got only 9 players from our class, we recruited Leong to join our training match...

We are split into two - me, Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and San on one side and Zi Yang, Wen Hoi, Paul,Leong and Yih Seong on the other. Unsurprisingly, we lost. Terribly. Even with San scoring all the goals and Jem trying to block all the shots, we still lost. Maybe it's because me and Yong Chen are on the same side (we are still new, you know). Anyway the match turned out to be Sanmugam blasting the ball across all the time. But at least we all get to play this time (*winks at Yong Chen*).

After the match, felt damn tired...seems like my whole body is breaking apart. This is what you get if you didn't exercise for a long back hurts and my left knee hurts (from clashing with Yih Seong...sorry for that hehe). Maybe i should put a stop to my 'babi lifestyle' - wake up in the afternoon, eat lunch, sleep, wake up at nite, eat dinner, then back to sleep again (a really blissful lifestyle if you ask me hehe...). But then again, everyone in 121D (and i do mean EVERYONE...don't even try to deny this hehe. You know you live a BL...) is leading this lifestyle so why should i change? =P. Maybe i should juz move in to Paul's apartment and live for much much longer...

Monday, 26 July 2004

Newsflash : Middle Earth 2nd Parliamentary Meeting and Ms Ho acting normal for the first time

Middle Earth Newsflash

An emergency parliament meeting is held at 12.00am sharp after a visit to Paul's apartment last Friday proved to us that our hygiene level of our living quarters is well below the standard for survival (thanks to our non-functioning household chores schedule). Among the new rules brought up and debated include:-

1. No playing Jenga with your rubbish
Not to keep stacking rubbish in the dustbin even though it was full already till it became mountain high (took us great effort to balance it =P)
Reason : The possibility of triggering avalanches every time we throw rubbish is juz too much to bear. It's not like we don't have enough things around to worry about and a rubbish avalanche is the last thing we need (not that it never happened before...)

2. The 'No Shoes Zone'
No wearing shoes around the house (we realise we are not living in the US).
An idea for allocating a site on the floor using masking tape to put our shoes (the shoerack is full with unused footwears) was shot down immediately for obvious reason.
Reason : Floor so sandy and dusty we swear our feet will be cleaner if we walked barefooted outside

3. Do thy household chores, for god's sake...
A new timetable had been drawn up to replace the old one which no one bothers about.
Reason : Members of the parliament who somehow found a way to forget they are supposed to sweep the floor (you know who...=P) and other chores

Parliament members present:
Prime Minister Wong Yih Seong
Minister of Food Jeremy Gerard Nunis
Minister of Entertainment Leong Jit Sen
Minister of Information Siaw Chye Hing
Minister of Work Ashok Kumar
Prime Minister's 'biatch' Patrick Ho (lol...=P)

Note : Minister of Foreign Affairs Yee Yong Chen was not present because he was busy doing his job ;)

Btw, during college Ms Ho acted 'normal' for the first time. Seems like the way she merajuk is juz to stay normal - ie not acting childish and shouting and screaming all the while. Bio class became kind of more productive when she stays sane though a bit boring coz she sounded so monotonous. Don't know what to say bout her...seems like she made more and more people from out class hate her with each passing day. Sigh...heard she's only angry at Yih Seong and Denise for the lunch incident *shrugs* not that we care anyway...especially after she made such a big fuss out of it...

That's all for today i think...nothing much happened

Saturday, 24 July 2004

My long list of supposedly girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/fiances/mistresses/etc etc

Ok, here's the ever-increasing long list of my supposedly 'girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/fiances/mistresses/etc etc' and how they successfully got into into that list (according to chronological order):-

1. Air stewardesses
I don't think this should be in this list but i guess i gonna put it in anyway. This 'air stewardesses are my mistresses' thingy started with Yong Chen i guess, i don't really remember who. It was long ago during lower secondary when we were still young and childish(some of us still are =P) that they came up with this. The main reason is that they couldn't find any girl to attach me to then so they decided to attached those unknown and unnamed girls (read:air stewardesses) to me coz i live in Senai(the only airport in Johor is here). Found it amusing so i didn't do anything bout it haha =P. but this stopped long ago for your information...let's juz say we've grown up ;)

2. Chong Chew Yen
Yup, this is the girl that Yih Seong allegedly 'claimed' to be able to point a finger at you and you'll fly across the room haha =P. (And she's rumored to be Leong's ex-girlfriend too =P) This started with Wy Keat when he asked me if i noticed the Convent girls in our BM tuition(during Form 4). Unfortunately, i don't know watever force possessed me, and i told him i only noticed the prefect among them (you can't blame me...she's a prefect what...obviously i'll notice her first rite). Turned out the girl is Chew Yen and since then my friends (those in the same tuition only...seems like the teasing is confined to them *phew*) had been mercilessly teasing me every now and then. But we attach one of the girls in our tuition to each one of us so i guess we are even then hehe...

3. Pn Zaiton
This rumour of teacher-student scandal comes from Yih Seong. Pn Zaiton was my BM teacher during half of Form 4 and the whole year of Form 5. As she thinks i'm a good boy (coz i never made trouble for her before) she never scold me or hit me. Even during the end of Form 5 when i started leaving homework untouched, she juz glared at me at most when she found out. But it's not my problem rite if someone finds it hard to scold or hit me =P. And so with this arises the theory that me and Pn Zaiton are together O_o. Jealousy impairs one's mind to think 'straight' apparently haha =P

4. Anna Thomas
Ok, this girl claimed the record for managing to get into this list in the shortest time. One day last year, Yong Chen asked me to play Yahoo Pool with him. When i entered the room he's in, he was playing with a stranger(for those who still didn't see this coming, it's Anna Thomas). So i juz sit by the side and cheer her on to beat Yong Chen. I didn't join the game coz in the meantime i was in Yahoo Chess. We chatted for a while and exchanged e-mail addresses(Yong Chen too, in fact) Then when i left Yahoo Pool, Anna apparently asked where did i go. And so here it starts again, Anna Thomas was in love with me. sigh...but i didn't keep in contact with her anymore after juz 2 e-mails. i'm not that good when it comes to replying e-mails, you know...especially with a stranger living across the globe (read:USA)

5. Anne Yap
I'd seen this coming actually...especially when Anne called me her 'best friend' in class coz i always laugh at her jokes(unlike the others who kutuk her jokes haha). She kept saying that i'm a sweet guy...and then all of a sudden i became her 'fiance'! O_o Our 'relationship' is still on till now...tho it has cooled down significantly since then. wonder how long it'll last haha. i'm juz playing along k...

6. Adelin Yong
Adelin's one of the 'near extinct' girls in our class which has a ratio of boys:girls of 3:1. Luckily for her, she got JPA and left Taylor's sometime early last semester. The day after she left i juz SMSed her to ask her to keep in contact and we exchanged a few SMSes since then. Then my friends found out that i was still in contact with her (actually Adelin told Denise who told the others but i don't blame you, Adelin ;) ). So they once again came up with a new scandal - i'm pursuing Adelin. can't i juz keep in contact with a friend for god's sake...sigh hehe

7. TWY
WY is our 'Miss Taylor's' according to Pat hehe. Well...she's those kind of girl makes it difficult for you to hate her. Maybe that explains the long queue of guys pursuing her hehe. Anyway, early this semester we got a new class so WY asked me to sit beside her(to help in her studies of course...tho i still don't think i'm doing a good job). Then Anne accused me of having affair with WY and that i was planning to 'ditch' her haha. This is all juz a joke of course...but since then my friends have included WY in this list so wat the heck...

8. Althena (a.k.a Li Hwa)
(Yup, even you can't escape the scandalous minds of my friends...)
I met Li Hwa online last year and now we're still in contact. So naturally, my friends thought i was going after her. hehe...i guess they are really hungry for gossips here...everything's been so monotonous especially after 17 May 2004...

Phew...after this is the guys' list (this is not real of course ;) )
*Minas Tirith is the lovely quarters of Pat and Yih Seong ;)

9. Afree Low
I don't know why...but since early this year(i think it started with my really short haircut), Afree keeps commenting that i'm cute all the time. I don't mind the compliments =P but he became quite obsessed with me...kept staring at me for hours (i'm exaggerating of course...). And he kept doing those little annoying stuff juz to see how i react (now i feel wat Jeng Khay feels like...). Fortunately tho, now he kept it down already...and he apparently bought me from Zi Yang for 10 sen O_o. But i never acknowledged it...not that i want to anyway =P

10. Lim Zi Yang
Hehe...Zi Yang juz got nothing better to do =P. Seeing the trend that everyone's trying to be my 'other half', he also joined in. A few months ago, out of the blue he decided to make me his 'darling'. Then he kept calling me 'darling' for a few weeks hehe. Juz to keep him amused, i replied the calling...much to his surprise and shock =P. We kept this 'relationship' for a few weeks only...till his 'real' girlfriend came to Subang and broke us apart >=(. haha...

So this is the summary of my complicated and fascinating love life till now. I should juz get a girlfriend and put an end to all this mess, you say? Well...i don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon ;). I believe in fate...if you're fated to be together with someone than nothing could break you two apart. I'm not really in a hurry to stop all this scandals kept me and my friends amused in this dead boring life in college.

You all may know this but i'm juz going to state it...juz to be on the safe side ;) :
All of the above relationships and scandals involving me and the person(s) stated hold no truth whatsoever. All of this are juz fictitious (a result of some very very bored friends) and should not be taken seriously at all ;)

Friday, 23 July 2004

Happy Birthday Li Hwa! (a.k.a Althena a.k.a wa-wa)

Li Hwa(a.k.a Althena) turned 18 today!


Got to know this friendly girl online more than half a year ago when we didn't even know each other at all (i got a previous blog entry on her - 1st May 2004 - ...yup this is that friend of mine). Actually it's she who started messaging me in ICQ and from there and then we became friends(maybe it's better to call us online friends...since we've never met each other before till now ;) ). When she first messaged me, i was quite surprised at first...i didn't know i was so popular with girls haha =P. But it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity =( (i knew the previous statement isn't true all along...but i'm juz hoping hehe =P). But even though after she realised she got the wrong person, she's always ready to chat with me everytime i see her online...which kind of impressed me to see someone who values friendship so much. Really grateful for that mistake she made (hehe..ok, i'll stop talking bout it after this ;) )...gave me a great friend i wouldn't have known otherwise =)

Oh yea, juz for your info, this is one of the girls my friends tease me about at the moment (you see, i got a long list of 'supposedly girlfriends'...i forgot when this started but since then nearly every girl i know has been on that list ^^" ). but knowing my friends ;), i don't find this surprising haha. maybe i should list out all the girls(and guys!) who successfully made it into the list and how they did time lar ;) Before i forget, here's wishing Li Hwa all the best in her studies! Study hard and play harder! =)

Ms Ho merajuk
Visit to Paul's apartment!

Ms Ho merajuk with us's the summary of events(it's been a week so the details may not be poor mind had been subjected to severe mental damages since that day):-

On Wednesday, Ms Ho told Yih Seong she wanted to have dinner with us on Friday(today), then Yih Seong suggested why don't we have lunch instead. So she said see first and she'll confirm with him later.
Then yesterday, Ms Ho asked Denise if our class could have lunch with her on Friday. Denise couldn't confirm with her coz it was late already and she can't ask the others first. So Denise said tomorrow only see lor.
And today, after Bio(our last class), she wanted to go eat lunch with us. But then, almost the whole class had eaten lunch as we have a 1-hour break before our last class. After knowing we had lunch without her, she fumed and rushed out of the class, leaving us in confusion.
Technically, we didn't confirm with her that we were going to eat lunch with her in the first place so we didn't do anything wrong. Moreover she only told Yih Seong and Denise about her plans to have lunch with us. But we made a last minute plan to save the situation anyway. Yih Seong, Denise, Ian Zing, Chow, Wilson, Afree, Wen Hoi, Anne and me went to search for Ms Ho around the college. By the time we found her, she juz said "I asked my mentees out for lunch already. I don't need you all anymore" when Yih Seong approached her. Then she juz sped off to the staffroom without saying anything else, leaving us in bewilderment again.

Anyway later that night, Khang Wern and Denise camed over to our home to watch Malaysian Idol with us. After the show Pat began to gather budaks for Bob Cup(we plan to make this a weekly thing). Pat, Yong Chen, Khang Wern, Li Shan and me went down to play. Actually our plan was to call Li Shan to ask Ms Ho to join us but apparently she's tired. Sigh...seems like she's still not over it. Anyway after we played for like 3 hours, Paul came home from his paintball match and joined us (Yong Chen and Khang Wern went back to their home half an hour before that).After a while, Pat asked us to go Melur coz he's hungry(he even smelled 'pau' halfway playing haha guess he's really hungry)

As Li Shan wanted to check out our apartment, we went back first. Before that, Paul invited us into his apartment...and wow. wow. wow. So much better than our 'Bangla settlement'(as Yih Seong and Pat affectionately call our home). First thing i noticed? His home is CLEAN. i almost forgot how clean feels like after staying in 121D for 7 months now...although we are largely the cause of it. Our home is only 'relatively clean' for 2 hours a week at most (right after the Kemas Jernih cleaning aunties came). Btw Paul said they only encounter one Nazgul a week...One a WEEK?! We had more than 10 times that many in a DAY that we are practically living with them! Seems like they have moved in with us...but most of them didn't last long however ;) Besides that, they got a big fridge...not like our knee-high, 'sad excuse for a fridge' fridge. And they got water heater and air-con too! Oh yea they got couch too! We have to sit on cold, hard plastic chair and they got couch to nap on! (currently i'm planning to steal that soon...have to get closer to them first =) ) All that for RM380 (80 bucks more than us). But i'm not really disappointed bout our apartment coz with these friends of mine sort of balance the cons...sometimes, that is =P. And so after marvelling at Paul's home and prying ourselves off their couches, we went to Melur to have a drink and some rotis.

Nothing much happened today besides these...=P

PS - Paul started his blog again today(his previous blog didn't really make it years ago)...added his link to my site already. Hope he can keep it updated more frequently than ours hehe

Tuesday, 20 July 2004

Supposedly Yong Chen`s debut futsal match

Futsal match again! Today's supposed to be Yong Chen's debut match but unfortunately me and Yong Chen didn't get to play coz the opponent(PM3 this time) were juz too strong. They got like 10 experienced players while on our side, we got 7 quite experienced players, 1 with two games experience and 1 debutant. So don't feel disappointed ya, Yong juz joined us for the wrong match. You should get used to be a bench-warmer like me though coz u know, we had never touch a football in years before this hehe. Nevermind that, you can prove your mettle during the practice match next Tuesday(supposedly), don't worry ;)

Anyway the match ended 11-12 or 11-14 (we find it very hard to keep track of the goals) in favour of our side. Yeah, we won again...thanx to the long range shots of Shan, the dribble and precise shooting of Wen Hoi, the formidable defense of Paul, the lightning-fast pace of Zi Yang, the sure-to-make-everybody-he-touches-fall aggressiveness of Ashok, and the only-thing-stopping-the-ball-from-going-into-the-goal-and-i'm-not-talking-bout-his-hands Jem. Sorry lah Yih Seong but you are juz out of form today...must be the mamak food you ate for lunch. Don't listen to our manager Paul some more lah haha =P.

Have to make a note here that Ms Ho came to watch the futsal match! (PM3 is her mentee class and we are her students, you see...). Well, let's juz say wat this futsal match lack in noise compared to a real football match, she makes up for it. Yea, she's that loud the WHOLE match...until our players got annoyed by her (and it's not only because she's not cheering us) ;)

Saturday, 17 July 2004

SJMC visit on a Saturday morning...*yawn*

Dunno wat get into me recently...i got all of us signed u for a hospital visit(!). Only slept for like 5 hours before getting up again to get ready...been sleep deprived lately =( (for those who don't know me, i have to sleep for 12 hours a day to be really awake ;) ). It's not dat any of us haven't visit a hospital before right...but the visit isn't THAT boring lah(except for Anne lah who didn't get to see the babies. Heard she got a black mark in her record for wandering into the babies section without permission =P. Juz found out Anne REALLY REALLY loves babies O_o. She joined this just for seeing different from the 'real' person haha =P)

Anyway, this morning we(me, Jem, Yih Seong, Denise, Ian Zing, Anne, Wilson, Afree and Zi Yang) joined the Pre-Medical Society's visit to Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Wilson came to pick us up together with Zi Yang from My's not that far to walk but since somebody offered to drive us, why not =P.

Well...the visit's mainly about ushering us to this department and that while trying to tell us something by whispering(we are in a hospital you know). Couldn't even hear wat Janet(our 'tour guide') says most of the time until we gave up trying to surround her in a 1 metre radius. So we went to the Blood Bank, the Heart something something something something Department, the Cancer Department and lastly, Food & Beverage department =). Different doctors shown us the blood washing machine(i forgot the name but let's juz call it that, ya), the Lab(where they use flat screen coms!), the MRI, the linear accelerator or watever it is called, the CT scan thingy and the BIG machine to attack cancer cells(it's linked to a computer in another room where you can set the area to bombard radiation at. Apparently it's password-locked but he juz typed it in front of now you better not offend us and get cancer at the same time...=P)

The last department is the Food & Beverage(thanx to Afree who came up with this request)! We were shown the menu for the patients (they even got different food everyday wei...much better than us at My Place
=( ). Made us even more hungry coz it's noon edi. We all didn't had breakfast some more...except Afree and Anne lah but what's surprising hehe =P.

Then we all went to Shakey's......! for lunch (haha sorry lah Ashok...i'm not laughing at you haha =P. For any of you who didn't get this, well, stay that way =P. This is juz one of the millions of funny stuff that happened inside the 4 walls of 121D ;). It'll take months to list them all...). Quite enjoyable meal...coz i noticed our class had got a LOT closer since the beginning of this year...hope it'll stay like this for a long time...especially after our A-Levels. But you know, friends come and friends go...i seriously doubt i'll even still be in contact with any of them in, like, 10 years,..hmm..maybe even five years time. But nevertheless, at least we got to know each other...even if it's for one and a half years only. Really glad to have them as my friends...they juz made life in college even more interesting =)

P/S - Ashok and Pat went back to JB by bus yesterday. Said they're going home 'for fun' O_o. But seriously one can get quite, wait, VERY homesick here...i juz miss those comfy bed back at home where i lie subconsciously for 12 hours each day...ah, one of the little pleasures of life, don't you agree ;)

Wednesday, 14 July 2004

`Bak kut teh` with Ms Ho and Huah Shin`s yummy leftover birthday cake =)

Today must be a very relaxing day for Ashok coz both Chans(Mr for Physics and Ms for Chemistry) didn't come into our class. This leaves Ashok with only one hour of college from 8am to 9am before freedom...damn relax fellar haha. (He dropped Bio this semester coz he couldn't manage so many subjects...and he couldn't stand Ms Ho ;) ). Anyway as there's a 3-hour break till Bio lab, me, Wy Keen(first time stepping into cc wor!), Tze Chow, and Afree played Warcraft 3 while Jem, Zi Yang, Wilson, Ashok and Shan played Counter-strike at Silver Surfer. Didn't want to go actually but Afree, Wilson and Tze Chow keep pulling me so i have no choice lor =P. Should reduce my cybercafe visits...been wasting so much money on that =(

Today is also the day Ms Ho asked us out for dinner(!). Invited the whole My Place gang to eat 'bak kut teh' across the street. So reluctant me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen and Yih Seong went along with her plan. Pat didn't go coz he 'was not feeling well'...seems like he hates Ms Ho a lot despite sharing the same ancestors high high up the family tree =P. But then again who doesn't hate's juz too hard not to...u'll agree with this if you juz stand next to her for 10 minutes ;). Neway she brought along Li Shan, Denise and Alan and some of her PM3 mentees too. Ended up we sitting at one side of the table and she at the other side(which is not a bad thing at all =P) and not paying us any attention the whole dinner (we were very far away...she couldn't reach us, said she. Not that we're complaining anyway haha). Btw Ashok spilled chinese tea on Yong Chen's pants...and Yong Chen even went cc after dat without changing O_o. Must be very uncomfortable ya...

Huah Shin's birthday today! =) She may be the most friendly girl i've met to date...she even said hi everytime she saw me(me dun even know she existed b4 this year haha =P). Have to mention here though, she's taken up by my partner in bed - Leong ;). A pretty compatible and loving couple i must say...

After dinner, the guys went to cc again but i went home straight away. Going to cc too much have numbed my senses already...especially my hearing and sight...and it juz lost its appeal to me ever since we went to cc everyday early this year. But i still go sometimes...coz it's damn boring staying at home...especially during weekends with no plans and lots of homework =(.

Anyway after a while, Huah Shin and Leong came back wif Khang Wern(Yong Chen's dear dear...*shivers* haha). Brought back a piece of her birthday cake to our apartment(wat's left of it anyway). Sorry ar guys...she forced the cake on me =P...there's only 1 piece left and i wanted to share with you all! Believe me! haha =P. Yum yum! (This is one of the benefits of staying home =) )

Btw today is Nafis's birthday too...(remember the 9th chinese of our 5 Dinamik? hehe...). Didn't contact him at all since end of our Form 5...he didn't have hp or e-mail address so i couldn't wish him birthday. Heard he got called up for NS...hehe wonder how he looks like now...

Tuesday, 13 July 2004

My 2nd futsal match (against PM2)

Today's futsal match is originally with PM2 and PM6 but half of PM6's team back out this morning so PM6 'abandoned our plane'. So we ended up playing with 13 players(8 from our class and 5 from PM2). Actually we are supposed to play PM6 last Tuesday(6th July) but they can't make it so we got no match during last week =(. Anyway as we are desperate for a futsal match ;) we juz play on with 13 players.

As we got extra players, Jem volunteered to be transferred to their team(and he played damn well...even scored 4 goals(?) against our own team >=( ). Yih Seong also scored 8 goals (some nice long shots ;) ) and Paul earned another goal to his name(congrats! haha..). We didn't quite keep track of the scores coz it wasn't their full team anyway(Ronaldo(?!) wasn't there).

As for me, the usual the ball but couldn't get the ball upfield. I can't seem to bring the ball and look for my teammates at the same time...most of the time i lose the ball while doing so =(. Towards the end of the game both my legs cramped(ouch!) as i didn't do stretching before i played...and i have to thank Yih Seong for helping me relieve the cramps =). Thanx a million, man! And thanx to the others too for showing so much concern...too much in fact ;). It's just a cramp...Oh yea before i forgot, thanx to Ashok too for kicking the ball too me while i was lying down in pain >=( haha...

Btw i met one of my ex-classmates(Kenneth Looi Kheng Loong...still remember him?) from St. Joseph there. He's in PM2 but he didn't play much. He still looks the same though i must say he looks more matured now with his long hair haha...Actually i had met him on Orientation Day outside MPH so i knew he was in Taylor's long ago...and he was in the same LAN group as us. Quite surprised though coz he still remembers me...i should look quite different from me in Standard 6...

Another good thing is that we dun have to squeeze into Wen Hoi's car this time. Kong Fui(from PM2...seen him before a few times with Wen Hoi and Anne) offered to drive us back though it's not on the way and there'll be a huge jam. So me and Jem tumpang his car back...he's a nice guy and friendly too...

Note to myself - i've noticed that i found almost everyone that i've met is friendly...maybe it's just that every time i meet a stranger i always assume the worst to come out from him/her. But ever since i came to Subang, glad to say i've never met a soul even, wait...1% as bad as i thought he/she were. Everyone i met(and i mean EVERYONE) is so friendly till that now i felt like i've known them since so long ago...especially Paul and Anne and Wen Ying and Zi Yang and Afree and Wilson and Chow and the rest of my class! =)

Monday, 12 July 2004

College`s filter? No prob...=P

Damn school's computers blocked every website possible...made it especially hard to find materials on the net(no..not porn..) and now it even block Friendster! >=(. I think maybe it's juz that a lot..wait, ALL the students use these coms to go on Friendster only. Now that Friendster is blocked, the library seems more quiet...and made it easier for us to get to use coms =) (before this the library coms are always full till bout 7.00pm). Anyway, after much surfing and reading i figured a way to bypass it anyway =P. Something about proxy thingy and i just click on every link that other ppl from halfway across the globe who got the same problem suggested(at some forum sites)and voila!...somehow i managed to find a site(there's a link to the left ;) ) at ...seems it works quite's the only site that let me access friendster. But the only thing is that you can't send messages...which is quite bad...real bad =(. Maybe i should find another way tho...sigh. Neway, i included a step by step guide for any of u out there who supports our freedom of information ;)

1.Juz type the website into the upper box and click surf!
2.Then click on "Click Here to Surf Anonymously" below the Terms and Conditions.
3.Click on the 'Skip' button on the upper right hand corner to skip the advertisement and go straight to your desired site.
4.Enjoy surfing!

Actually i don't mind the college's authority blocking those offensive sites but when they block Frendster(!), i know that's the last straw they are going to draw from their 'sites to block' list =P.(Friendster is my only access to the real world...if it's blocked i'll go insane...really). Well well...when there's a will, there's a way aint it? haha..

PS - No reference shall be made to me regarding this surf at your own risk ;)

PS PS - Please for God's sake do not surf porn using the library's coms ;) (though i wonder who the hell would want to do that haha but this world is full of strange ppl anyway *looks at my fellow apartmentmates and shrugs* =P)

Edit(14.7.2004) - I took off the link to edi coz now the school's library unblock Friendster =)

Edit(19.7.2004) - The higher ppl banned the Friendster website again...but thanx to Ashok we found a way to get around the bans already =). Since everyone knows how to do it, i won't post it only works with this library's coms anyway i think

Friday, 9 July 2004

Ms Ho the whole day...

Today is the most eventful day since i came to Taylor's...and most of it have something to do with Ms Ho(our Bio lecturer). First, Ms Ho said someone hurt her feelings yesterday(you know who you are...shouldn't be so rude to lecturers you know...even with lecturers like Ms HO ;) ). After school we are 'forced' to have lunch with her =P. Actually she complained that we never asked her out for lunch before and her mentees always do that(ironically we saw her mentees having lunch themselves during our lunch date haha). Apparently Friday is PM1 day for Ms Ho coz we are her last class...and she wanted to spend time with us. So Chow had to invite her to our spontaneous lunch date together with Yih Seong, Denise, Anne, Paul, Wilson, Afree, Afree's sister, and his friend.

And off we go to Sri Melur for our lunch. didn't turn out bad ;). We juz chatted bout college, bout Afree's sister, bout 'are you Teo Chew or Cantonese or whatever' and bout 'what is ghee made of? coconut milk rite...'. Halfway during our lunch, Jeremy, Leong, Pat, and Zi Yang stopped by for a while on their way to cc(guess who asked them out again...).

After lunch, everyone juz sped off leaving me, Anne and Chow to keep Ms Ho company...and Chow asked me to join the cc gang to play Warcraft. (Actually i didn't feel like going to cc coz i'm tired but this is Chow's first time so i juz agreed lor). Ms Ho overheard us and thus we got Ms Ho tagging along to see wat all the fuss about going cc is all about. We wanted to ask Anne along too(Chow was supposed to send her back home) but she said she wanted to study O_o and so she went to the library. Me and Chow played Warcraft together and joined by Jem not long after that. Ms Ho sat beside Jem to learn to play CS...and keep commenting 'you die again ar..' everytime Jem died hehe. Pity Jem =P. The others juz kept playing CS until we left...

At nite, me, Jem and Pat decided to go play Bob Cup(the most prestigious badminton cup among the us...All this started during Thomas Cup and Yih Seong(who else...haha =P) was inspired to organize the Bob Cup in the hope that we may one day may be as good as Lin Dan). Paul juz ate and went back to digest for a while first. So as we lack one player, Pat thought of asking Ms Ho to join us(and boy, is that an obvious mistake or wat haha =P). Not long afterwards Yih Seong and Denise who juz came back from dinner and Ms Ho's mentees, Alan and Li Shan who got bored and decided to take a walk joined us. And believe it or not, Ms Ho's voice can be heard during the whole game...but that wasn't much of a surprise to us hehe. After much coaching by us, Ms Ho now can at least hit the shuttlecock edi ;). But no matter wat we and her mentees do, we juz can't reduce the noise level she generate each time the shuttlecock came flying in her direction =P

Lastly, today is the day Ashok and Yih Seong had an intimate moment in the morning lol =P. (i won't divulge further in fear of getting nightmares at nite haha)

Thursday, 8 July 2004

Birthday Wishes to Tze Chow and Zi Yang!

Ok...two of my new friends' birthdays are juz one day apart so i figure i would juz post an entry for both of them =). Yea..i'm getting lazier but this saves space wat...

The first birthday boy was Chow Tze Chow from Damansara Utama(we all knew this thanx to Ms Ho who keeps reminding us ;) ) who turns 18 yesterday! Happy 'a bit belated' birthday to Chow! =) Actually, i didn't really get to know Chow at the beginning of this year...we(the Johorians) huddled together the whole time so we didn't even know anyone from our own class for the first two months =P. We even called him the **** ** *** ****(censored coz this may seems offensive to some - wait...everyone ;) ) but i never go along with that joke...really! Well, the first thing i noticed bout him is his trio of girlfriends haha. He seems to have very close relationships with them(no use denying haha =P) Anyway he's a friendly guy and a Ragnarok fan too...and i've never seen him angry before...always smiling even when scolding someone! O_o

The next birthday boy is my darlin- oops, of course not =P. I dunno when this trend started but everyone seems to want a piece of me...and my complicated 'love life' since the beginning of this year amused me greatly. One day i'm someone's fiance and the next i'm another's boyfriend O_o. So right now, i'm supposed to be a girl's ex-lover, another girl's husband, yet another girl's lover, a guy's darling, and i'm said to have an affair with yet another guy and another girl. And my 'wife' has a great many number of secret admirers...and they don't even realise it ;) haha. Wonder why is my life so complicating...=P (i'll leave you to figure out who are these guys and gals my friends pair me up with...but i doubt it'll be difficult for my apartmentmates who started all this)

Neway back to Zi Yang...well, this guy is the only one in our class with dyed hair(no Jem, yours is black edi =P). He's a friendly guy too...and loves CS damn much. All this started thanx to Pat who introduced him to this world of cc some time ago. And now, he's hooked on it and called us to go to cc with him every single day without fail. I must say he's a quick learner he's trying to master Warcraft 3. Oh yea, he's a great defender on the court too...always running aroung grabbing people's tackling the ball i mean haha...(bad, bad memories)

Ok...i gotta end this before it gets too long. All the best to both of my great friends here! Hope they have a great time in college in months to come ;)

Tuesday, 6 July 2004

Results of my Semester 1 Exams

This is juz a summary of my Semester 1 Exams. Read them if you wish...

Biology - 82
Chemistry - 74
Mathematics - 95
Physics - 81
Thinking Skills - 80

Well...Biology was hard but that was expected coz i was never good in Biology anyway. Seems like most of my answers were quite outside the marking scheme but i guess Ms. Ho juz pity me hehe.
Chemistry was quite hard too...but i didn't expect Paper 2 to pull me down much more than Paper 1. Mostly careless mistakes i made...should have been more careful next time...
And for Maths and Physics, i'm very happy with my results. And yea, i studied hard for it ok...=P
Lastly, Thinking Skills is just the hardest subject i eva took...have to learn how to think...sigh. But somehow i got 80 marks =). Didn't know how i did it coz our lecturer Mrs. Fam juz doesn't want us to give us a model answer and keeps on repeating the same points time after time...Anyway juz glad i got an A for TKS =)

Truthfully, i expected to get slightly better results but i guess i should be grateful to get results as good as these. My parents acted juz as they always acted...never praise me when i got good results or scold me when i got bad may be a good thing and a bad thing but i'll juz do my duty that is expected from me - get good results...sigh =P

Friday, 2 July 2004

`Spiderman 2`

We've been planning this since days ago even before the new semester starts...but the plan nearly fell through when we couldn't get the tickets. We gathered 6 budaks last night, namely me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen, Shanmugam and Chuin Hau (Yih Seong got other 'plans' and Leong said he didn't want to go. As for Pat, he's not home most of the time so we didn't manage to ask him). Last night Jem tried to book the tickets at Sunway Pyramid through the internet which unsurprisingly failed(we only got to know that this morning itself). Then this morning he called GSC Sunway Pyramid to book the tickets the whole morning but juz couldn't get through. Fortunately, thoughtful Ashok(*cough*cough*) "tried to book the tickets through internet for fun" while Jem was trying to do the same thing last night. And here's the long due thanks to Ashok(who expects some gratitude from us but i guess we're more shocked at his 'thoughtfulness' =P)

But then this morning Pat, Wen Hoi and Zi Yang told us they wanted to join us to watch the movie. Luckily Summit isn't a popular choice among cinema-goers...or anyone for that matter. There's nothing much to see there...let alone something to buy. Anyway we got the 6 tickets we booked AND 3 tickets for the latecomers AND 1 ticket for Leong who called us at the last minute to join us(wonder why a sudden change of mind...).

The movie was quite good in general...only that there's not much fighting scenes between Spiderman and Dr. Ock. Other than that, everything's juz ok...But i really have to say that it didn't quite meet my expectations of it. Much of the movie is touchy touchy scenes...too much in fact =(. I'll rate it B+ at most...

After movie, me, Ashok, Pat and Wen Hoi went to have dinner at Kwai Sun. Everyone else got date(Jem got some church outing me thinks) so only left 4 of us. Ashok and me ordered duck mee...and Ashok told us he never ate duck before. Come to think of it, Ashok tasted quite a lot of new food(mostly chinese food of course) while he's up here. Guess independence may brought lots of changes...especially in your diet ;) (deciding what and where to eat has become the question that cracks our heads everyday...until now that everyone has developed a phobia of being asked that question hehe)

Note - For your(*cough*hel*cough*ghast*cough cough) info, i rate movies not because i want others to read bout it...not that it's a very comprehensive review anyway =P. It's juz for me to keep track of how many 'nice' movies i've seen ;)...coz this diary will serve as sort of a history of my life in college. So to anyone out there who disagree with my critics...well go find a more reliable reiview then ;). I've never claimed that i'm a good reviewer anyway =P

Thursday, 1 July 2004

My first futsal match =)

Finally i get to play futsal today! =) Actually i had wanted to play when my apartmentmates and classmates(Zi Yang, Shanmugam, Wen Hoi, Paul, Jem, Yih Seong and Ashok) started playing early this year but i only brought a pair of basketball shoes with me which obviously can't be used to play futsal *roll eyes at Yih Seong* haha =P. And forgetful me keeps forgetting to bring some suitable shoes up during the few blissful times i get to go home but you can't blame me rite...i got much important things to sleep, sleep and sleep! Dunring the last holiday i remembered at last but though i couldn't find any better shoes than my bro's old worn out shoes but i can make do with them...i think

Anyway today i went with the futsal gang to Sportsplanet for my first futsal match. Today's match is us PM1 against PE3 which happens to be Leong's class...with a few foreign players(from other class lah). At first i just sat at the sideline coz it was a close match(have to note that i'm not a very good player so i leave it to them to get in the lead first). That is, until Wen Hoi, Shan, Zi Yang, Yih Seong and Jem who are our first team started scoring like mad and got a lead of 6 goals :O. Then only I started playing...after which sad to say our lead reduced to only 2 goals towards the end of the match. But then again this is my first match so you can't blame me if i didn't play well right? =P

After the match i felt damn tired...especially after 7 of us(me, Jem, Yih Seong, Leong, Ashok, Wen Hoi and Paul) squeezed into Wen Hoi's car. I ended up having to sit on Paul's lap(sorry Paul for that ;) ) and we all didn't even get an inch of leg space. We can hardly walk after that...

Though i only played for about 25 minutes of the whole game which lasted from 3.00pm to 5.00pm, i still had much fun playing futsal =). i think i'm falling in love with futsal haha =P. Can't wait for our next futsal match...which is against PM6 next tuesday. Heard they are not good at all...Yih Seong even said i can dribble pass them if i want haha. But that's juz us...always underestimating the opponents =P. It doesn't help that our PM1 futsal team hasn't lose a single match since the first game =D