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Tuesday, 13 July 2004

My 2nd futsal match (against PM2)

Today's futsal match is originally with PM2 and PM6 but half of PM6's team back out this morning so PM6 'abandoned our plane'. So we ended up playing with 13 players(8 from our class and 5 from PM2). Actually we are supposed to play PM6 last Tuesday(6th July) but they can't make it so we got no match during last week =(. Anyway as we are desperate for a futsal match ;) we juz play on with 13 players.

As we got extra players, Jem volunteered to be transferred to their team(and he played damn well...even scored 4 goals(?) against our own team >=( ). Yih Seong also scored 8 goals (some nice long shots ;) ) and Paul earned another goal to his name(congrats! haha..). We didn't quite keep track of the scores coz it wasn't their full team anyway(Ronaldo(?!) wasn't there).

As for me, the usual the ball but couldn't get the ball upfield. I can't seem to bring the ball and look for my teammates at the same time...most of the time i lose the ball while doing so =(. Towards the end of the game both my legs cramped(ouch!) as i didn't do stretching before i played...and i have to thank Yih Seong for helping me relieve the cramps =). Thanx a million, man! And thanx to the others too for showing so much concern...too much in fact ;). It's just a cramp...Oh yea before i forgot, thanx to Ashok too for kicking the ball too me while i was lying down in pain >=( haha...

Btw i met one of my ex-classmates(Kenneth Looi Kheng Loong...still remember him?) from St. Joseph there. He's in PM2 but he didn't play much. He still looks the same though i must say he looks more matured now with his long hair haha...Actually i had met him on Orientation Day outside MPH so i knew he was in Taylor's long ago...and he was in the same LAN group as us. Quite surprised though coz he still remembers me...i should look quite different from me in Standard 6...

Another good thing is that we dun have to squeeze into Wen Hoi's car this time. Kong Fui(from PM2...seen him before a few times with Wen Hoi and Anne) offered to drive us back though it's not on the way and there'll be a huge jam. So me and Jem tumpang his car back...he's a nice guy and friendly too...

Note to myself - i've noticed that i found almost everyone that i've met is friendly...maybe it's just that every time i meet a stranger i always assume the worst to come out from him/her. But ever since i came to Subang, glad to say i've never met a soul even, wait...1% as bad as i thought he/she were. Everyone i met(and i mean EVERYONE) is so friendly till that now i felt like i've known them since so long ago...especially Paul and Anne and Wen Ying and Zi Yang and Afree and Wilson and Chow and the rest of my class! =)

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