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Monday, 12 July 2004

College`s filter? No prob...=P

Damn school's computers blocked every website possible...made it especially hard to find materials on the net(no..not porn..) and now it even block Friendster! >=(. I think maybe it's juz that a lot..wait, ALL the students use these coms to go on Friendster only. Now that Friendster is blocked, the library seems more quiet...and made it easier for us to get to use coms =) (before this the library coms are always full till bout 7.00pm). Anyway, after much surfing and reading i figured a way to bypass it anyway =P. Something about proxy thingy and i just click on every link that other ppl from halfway across the globe who got the same problem suggested(at some forum sites)and voila!...somehow i managed to find a site(there's a link to the left ;) ) at ...seems it works quite's the only site that let me access friendster. But the only thing is that you can't send messages...which is quite bad...real bad =(. Maybe i should find another way tho...sigh. Neway, i included a step by step guide for any of u out there who supports our freedom of information ;)

1.Juz type the website into the upper box and click surf!
2.Then click on "Click Here to Surf Anonymously" below the Terms and Conditions.
3.Click on the 'Skip' button on the upper right hand corner to skip the advertisement and go straight to your desired site.
4.Enjoy surfing!

Actually i don't mind the college's authority blocking those offensive sites but when they block Frendster(!), i know that's the last straw they are going to draw from their 'sites to block' list =P.(Friendster is my only access to the real world...if it's blocked i'll go insane...really). Well well...when there's a will, there's a way aint it? haha..

PS - No reference shall be made to me regarding this surf at your own risk ;)

PS PS - Please for God's sake do not surf porn using the library's coms ;) (though i wonder who the hell would want to do that haha but this world is full of strange ppl anyway *looks at my fellow apartmentmates and shrugs* =P)

Edit(14.7.2004) - I took off the link to edi coz now the school's library unblock Friendster =)

Edit(19.7.2004) - The higher ppl banned the Friendster website again...but thanx to Ashok we found a way to get around the bans already =). Since everyone knows how to do it, i won't post it only works with this library's coms anyway i think

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