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Tuesday, 6 July 2004

Results of my Semester 1 Exams

This is juz a summary of my Semester 1 Exams. Read them if you wish...

Biology - 82
Chemistry - 74
Mathematics - 95
Physics - 81
Thinking Skills - 80

Well...Biology was hard but that was expected coz i was never good in Biology anyway. Seems like most of my answers were quite outside the marking scheme but i guess Ms. Ho juz pity me hehe.
Chemistry was quite hard too...but i didn't expect Paper 2 to pull me down much more than Paper 1. Mostly careless mistakes i made...should have been more careful next time...
And for Maths and Physics, i'm very happy with my results. And yea, i studied hard for it ok...=P
Lastly, Thinking Skills is just the hardest subject i eva took...have to learn how to think...sigh. But somehow i got 80 marks =). Didn't know how i did it coz our lecturer Mrs. Fam juz doesn't want us to give us a model answer and keeps on repeating the same points time after time...Anyway juz glad i got an A for TKS =)

Truthfully, i expected to get slightly better results but i guess i should be grateful to get results as good as these. My parents acted juz as they always acted...never praise me when i got good results or scold me when i got bad may be a good thing and a bad thing but i'll juz do my duty that is expected from me - get good results...sigh =P

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