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Thursday, 8 July 2004

Birthday Wishes to Tze Chow and Zi Yang!

Ok...two of my new friends' birthdays are juz one day apart so i figure i would juz post an entry for both of them =). Yea..i'm getting lazier but this saves space wat...

The first birthday boy was Chow Tze Chow from Damansara Utama(we all knew this thanx to Ms Ho who keeps reminding us ;) ) who turns 18 yesterday! Happy 'a bit belated' birthday to Chow! =) Actually, i didn't really get to know Chow at the beginning of this year...we(the Johorians) huddled together the whole time so we didn't even know anyone from our own class for the first two months =P. We even called him the **** ** *** ****(censored coz this may seems offensive to some - wait...everyone ;) ) but i never go along with that joke...really! Well, the first thing i noticed bout him is his trio of girlfriends haha. He seems to have very close relationships with them(no use denying haha =P) Anyway he's a friendly guy and a Ragnarok fan too...and i've never seen him angry before...always smiling even when scolding someone! O_o

The next birthday boy is my darlin- oops, of course not =P. I dunno when this trend started but everyone seems to want a piece of me...and my complicated 'love life' since the beginning of this year amused me greatly. One day i'm someone's fiance and the next i'm another's boyfriend O_o. So right now, i'm supposed to be a girl's ex-lover, another girl's husband, yet another girl's lover, a guy's darling, and i'm said to have an affair with yet another guy and another girl. And my 'wife' has a great many number of secret admirers...and they don't even realise it ;) haha. Wonder why is my life so complicating...=P (i'll leave you to figure out who are these guys and gals my friends pair me up with...but i doubt it'll be difficult for my apartmentmates who started all this)

Neway back to Zi Yang...well, this guy is the only one in our class with dyed hair(no Jem, yours is black edi =P). He's a friendly guy too...and loves CS damn much. All this started thanx to Pat who introduced him to this world of cc some time ago. And now, he's hooked on it and called us to go to cc with him every single day without fail. I must say he's a quick learner he's trying to master Warcraft 3. Oh yea, he's a great defender on the court too...always running aroung grabbing people's tackling the ball i mean haha...(bad, bad memories)

Ok...i gotta end this before it gets too long. All the best to both of my great friends here! Hope they have a great time in college in months to come ;)

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