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Monday, 26 July 2004

Newsflash : Middle Earth 2nd Parliamentary Meeting and Ms Ho acting normal for the first time

Middle Earth Newsflash

An emergency parliament meeting is held at 12.00am sharp after a visit to Paul's apartment last Friday proved to us that our hygiene level of our living quarters is well below the standard for survival (thanks to our non-functioning household chores schedule). Among the new rules brought up and debated include:-

1. No playing Jenga with your rubbish
Not to keep stacking rubbish in the dustbin even though it was full already till it became mountain high (took us great effort to balance it =P)
Reason : The possibility of triggering avalanches every time we throw rubbish is juz too much to bear. It's not like we don't have enough things around to worry about and a rubbish avalanche is the last thing we need (not that it never happened before...)

2. The 'No Shoes Zone'
No wearing shoes around the house (we realise we are not living in the US).
An idea for allocating a site on the floor using masking tape to put our shoes (the shoerack is full with unused footwears) was shot down immediately for obvious reason.
Reason : Floor so sandy and dusty we swear our feet will be cleaner if we walked barefooted outside

3. Do thy household chores, for god's sake...
A new timetable had been drawn up to replace the old one which no one bothers about.
Reason : Members of the parliament who somehow found a way to forget they are supposed to sweep the floor (you know who...=P) and other chores

Parliament members present:
Prime Minister Wong Yih Seong
Minister of Food Jeremy Gerard Nunis
Minister of Entertainment Leong Jit Sen
Minister of Information Siaw Chye Hing
Minister of Work Ashok Kumar
Prime Minister's 'biatch' Patrick Ho (lol...=P)

Note : Minister of Foreign Affairs Yee Yong Chen was not present because he was busy doing his job ;)

Btw, during college Ms Ho acted 'normal' for the first time. Seems like the way she merajuk is juz to stay normal - ie not acting childish and shouting and screaming all the while. Bio class became kind of more productive when she stays sane though a bit boring coz she sounded so monotonous. Don't know what to say bout her...seems like she made more and more people from out class hate her with each passing day. Sigh...heard she's only angry at Yih Seong and Denise for the lunch incident *shrugs* not that we care anyway...especially after she made such a big fuss out of it...

That's all for today i think...nothing much happened

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