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Thursday, 28 September 2006

Remind me why the heck i joined cheerleading ..

10 guys, 10 girls.

2 dedicated captains.

12 days of practice.

Uncountable hours of lost 'life'. (what life??)

Even more hours of sleep debt.

Numerous frustrated, abandoned boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses.

2 weeks of slept-in/stoned-in lectures.

6 hours of practice everyday the past 3 days.

Several sprained ankles and pulled muscles.

20 pairs of sore legs and arms.

1 bad fall.

All this for..

1 night.

A 7+ minutes routine.

2 hours away.

1 hope.

1 dream.

1 cheer.

We've all been waiting to hear.


ps - i can't feel my legs and arms O.o . Remind me again why i joined cheerleading..

Friday, 22 September 2006

since when 24 hours a day is enough?

Seems that i'm losing the 'urge' to blog anymore. Blog has been dead for more than 2 months already. Haven't been in the mood to blog lately. Not sure why, might be my overpacked schedule. Sigh. Sad thing is most of my time isn't taken up by studies-related stuff. Damn. Maybe i should get my priorities right. Especially after i screwed the Respi paper =(.

Summary from last post:
One month holiday. Jim Brickman's concert in Genting. JB tour. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. New semester started. Orientation. Rag. Rag. Rag. Get ragged. WTF. Rag some more. IMU Cup. Third in carroms (took one whole bloody weekend day before Respi exams - quote Deva: "carroms should be banned next IMU Cup!). Respi exams. I hate Respi. Cheerleading. Cheerleading. Cheerleading. No sleep. Oh shit (if i hear Fergie's London Bridge one more time i gonna lose my mind and start dancing our cheerleading routine O.o).

One week into Haemato already. One week to the cheerleading finals. Routine still not done yet. Damn we need all the luck we can get =/. And all the time we have too.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

.. blog yang anda sedang baca tiada dalam perkhidmatan .. sila cuba lagi
.. the blog that you're reading is not in service .. please try again

All right. I've been busy (like, duh =P). With stuff. Like, lots of stuff. So to all my loyal readers (funny there's still visitors after 2 months of non-update haha), i'll be counting down the days to my freedom once again.. and a new long, long, loooong post summing up everything. Or not.

Just wait and see. =P

5 days and counting down..

some rambling : if only we could slow down and enjoy life for a moment..