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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

to have not a care in the world

I can smile when inside of me, everything's in turmoil and nothing seems right.

Ah.. how i wish it's back to the good ol' days where one has nothing to worry bout. Where did all the days gone?

Friday, 17 November 2006

a boy can only dream

I was looking around online at handphones recently. Because the one i have now is more than 3 years old (it's obsolete already!) and is merajuk-ing with me for some time now. Stupid phone suka-suka go into perma-silent mode and sometimes even reject my SIM card for no good reason. BUT i'm still not abandoning it because 1) i need a handphone, 2) i don't have money to buy one to replace it, and 3) so i'm waiting for some GOOD-HEARTED person to 'donate' a SE W850i to me. Oh where hath all the GOOD-HEARTED people go.. =P

Haha ok in case you still haven't get it, i soooo wanna get my hands on a Sony Ericsson W850i (*cough*my birthday coming*cough* - ok, it's FIVE months away but still.. never too early to drop hints, right? =P). Yes i think i'm getting greedy after getting a Canon Powershot A620 for my birthday last year. Sigh...

Advanced Walkman® 2.0 music player
2MP camera with 4x digital zoom
262.144 color TFT, 240x320 pixel screen
comes with a 1GB mem card

Too bad it doesn't have autofocus.. but seems like that doesn't make the photos quality drop too much (W850i/K750i test). And i have a digi cam for pictures anyway hehe. It's currently priced at RM 1700+ for original set and RM1400+ for AP set tho =S. Ouch. Pray the price drops by the time my birthday comes..

Saw it at a shop in KL Sentral today on the way to pick something up from the post office. Almost drooled all over the glass counter =(. So near yet so far..

A boy can only dream..

ps - i should be freaking studying for my exams instead of fantasising bout a handphone. sigh...

Monday, 13 November 2006

if only..

So many things i didn't do, so many things i never had the time to do.

At the blink of an eye, probably a quarter of my time here is gone.

Sometimes i wish i had another chance to live this life. To do all the things i wish i did.

Still, no use looking back and 'if only'-ing. Still gotta make the best out of this life.

ps - we all grew up, didn't we?

Sunday, 12 November 2006

a word of consolation

It sucks when you didn't get what you think you deserved.

It sucks even more when you realised maybe you deserved what you get.

A word of consolation isn't much, but it's more than i ever asked for. Thanks, you might not realise it but i did feel better when you said it =)

Of course, overdosing myself with chocolate for dinner helped too. But i digress.

Gotta study like hell for EoS now. Can't lag behind everyone anymore.