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Saturday, 22 December 2007

and i feel like Rapunzel

Ever wondered what it feels like to be Rapunzel?
To be locked-up in a room, only out to clear your bowel?

Strangely enough, i could have been living in her lair
Albeit without the golden stair made from her hair

But one day, when i have amassed enough lecture notes
I'm gonna tie them together and throw out my window a rope

And off to freedom, only to realise with a thunk
It's EOS in 9 days, and stop reading this junk

senaiboy (1986-present)


Yes i'm lame (hey, this is written in 5 minutes!). I blame it on the exam stress! Haha. Hope this brightened up your moody studying times, and at the same time 'motivate' you to study some more. Muahaha i'm eeebel i know :P

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

note to self: do not read older posts on this blog!

There should be a warning for myself not to read back on my archived posts.. i'm getting too nostalgic. Anyway the following will be thoughts of a nostalgic me. Most of the people who still read my blog won't understand haha.


I miss Big Night Out. And overdosing on Pringles and Shandy and PS2.

I miss going out for movies. Followed by planting our asses in the cybercafe for longer than the movie we watched.

I miss playing basketball. Especially the ones when all of us still don't know how to play.

I miss our cybercafe sessions in college. Like the one we stayed until the dawn breaks, literally.

I miss 121D. What happens when you put 7+1 guys in a 3-room apartment? Not a single peaceful day passed by haha.


I miss the days when i don't have to dread waking up each day to continue studying and thinking and worrying bout exams :(

ps - i realise .. my blogging style has changed from last time. When it used to be more of a diary of what happened, now it's more on my thoughts. Haha but if it stayed the same style as last time, it'll read like:

wake up. study. sleep. study. sleep. surf facebook. read blogs. download torrents. play games. chat on msn. surf and read blogs and surf and read blogs. oh-the-sun-is-rising-i-better-hit-the-beds. sleep. repeat.


Sunday, 9 December 2007

do you remember me?

Have you ever lost contact with someone, and suddenly after years and years, you found him again?


Feels weird. Everyone looked so different. Heh but i still could remember them.. most of them at least. Doubt they'll recognise me anyway. I think i changed the most.

Yes i should be studying for EOS which is 3 weeks away. But damn i've been browsing this site for hours. Found a few of my secondary classmate. Heck i even found one of my primary classmates. That's like someone i knew since, what, 15 years ago?

I'm amazed. At the same time, it struck me hard. It had been that long.

It has already been 2.5 years in IMU. We're soon going to part ways. I really don't want the same thing to happen. The same feeling that i just had. The same thought.

That i hardly know any of them anymore.

That when i messaged them on Friendster, i wonder if they would think, 'do i know this guy?'.

I know, i know. We make friends, we lose friends. Friends become strangers. Memories fade. Names slip your mind. You get dementia from Alzheimer's. It's inevitable. We do lead very separate lives after all. The only thing we had in common was our paths crossed in the past. And highly unlikely they'll ever cross again.

Still.. i guess it will be nice to know that your ex-classmates still remember who you are. Even if it's just your name. And they spelled it wrongly. Haha.

Which was why i messaged them anyway, knowing half of them only know my surname, the other half probably not even remember who i am.


.. and it's nice to see that life has treated all of them pretty well :)