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Monday, 24 April 2006

ok.. i'm too lazy to update =P

This is what you can do in Wushu.

Man.. if only i could do all that now =(. I can't even do the cartwheels properly lol..

ps - join Wushu! =P

pps - Summatives 1 sucks. =(

Thursday, 13 April 2006

9th April

Last Sunday was my birthday. I've hit the next decade of my life. The big 2-0.

I wonder.. what are birthdays for? We don't like, change overnight when our birthday passed. We don't turn one year older when our birthday passed. We just turned one day older.

Maybe birthdays are there to remind us we ARE getting older? Sigh.

This birthday, i looked back on my life like i've never done before. Funny how much i'd changed before i even realise it. How much i had grown up.

With each passing birthday, memories of my childhood seem more like another life altogether. Distant, yet comfortingly familiar. I'm not someone who lives in the past, but as i get older, the past becomes the only constant thing in my life. And yet even that is all but a blur of fleeting impressions of a once-upon-a-time..

And with each passing birthday, i wonder if this is what i wanted in my life. If i'm living the life i want, doing the things i like. I never used to care bout the future, not even my education. Going into Taylor's to do A-Levels is purely decided upon coz most of my friends were going there, and my bro did A-Levels there too. Getting into IMU studying medicine is solely based on the fact that i didn't have many choices to begin with. And i made the decision to study medicine in a single day.

I admit i was someone who only knows how to live in the present. I didn't care what happened in the past. I didn't know how to plan my future.

Maybe that's how i protected myself, being in denial that i need to have some control of my life. Ignorance is bliss, they say. I say ignorance is just a stupid excuse.

Maybe this will be the turning point in my life. The time i decided to take hold of myself and determine how my future gonna be.

Birthdays are there to tell you had lived another year.
Birthdays are there as an excuse for celebrating.
Birthdays are there to remind your friends of you.
Birthdays are there to remind you of yourself.

My 20th birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

I just got bigger =D

shamelessly copied from Yih Seong's blog
have to credit Pwassy for that cute birthday phrase haha =P

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Happy Birthday to ME! =D

This must be the best birthday of my life =D

Yesterday i went to the PC Fair in City Square with my family. Dad wanted to buy a pen drive. Took us a long time just to get into City Square.. the jam was so bad we moved only like 2km in an hour >.<. So.. since we wasted so much time trying to get to the PC Fair, my dad decided to buy more stuff to make it worthwhile =P. A total of three 1GB Kingston USB Drives for each of us brothers, one headphone with mic so that i could call my bro in Aus, one ink catridge for my printer in Bukit Jalil, and my birthday cake. He even wanted to buy a new printer and a webcam for me O.o (by which Mom was giving him disapproving looks haha). I guess it's just that my dad was an impulsive buyer.. just like me hehe. It runs in the genes, no?

Celebrated my birthday on the night of my birthday eve like any other birthday celebrated at home ^^. Put the cake on the table, bring out the plates and forks, sing the birthday song, then gobble up the cake. Well, not really gobble up the cake.. nowadays it seems like we can hardly finish the cakes. Only ate half of it, the other half was stuffed into the fridge. Btw it was a Mocha cake from Season's =D.

My Season's Mocha cake =D

My birthday started with lunch with my parents at our fav 'Kuay Teow Kia' stall, then a 35 minutes wait for the bus that came late -.- . I swear i could've pounced on the driver and pummel his head on sight.. but then it's my birthday, so i decided to let him go this time =P

Reached Bukit Jalil at round 5.30pm, went out for dinner then came back and camp in front of my com. After a while Wy Keat came up to my place.. with beers! =D Hehe.. we spent a while talking and drinking beer in my room before Chia Huan called me for a 'Helen Keller meeting' at Ben's place. I believed there was a meeting.. really! =P haha..

What i didn't expect is the number of people there. Last year there was only Paul, Yong Chen and Ashok with me (bad timing actually.. not anyone's fault). This year there was like.. 21 of them? O.o .. i guess where there's food, there's us eh? haha =P. Thanks to all of you who celebrated my birthday.. was really happy you all so willing to waste time for my birthday.. instead of studying for CPR the next day ^^

So.. i guess i have a lot more thanks to give out hehe. Thanks to all those who went Carre4 to buy stuff (i have my sources =P). Thanks to all those who put in the effort to plan for my birthday. Thanks to Ben, Chee Mei, and Jane June for borrowing their place =P. Thanks to each and everyone of you who were there.. Yih Seong, Jeremy, Prasad, Paul, Chia Huan, Chui Han, Winnie, Ivy, Yew Wen, Denise, Shin Yin, Keat How, Hui Lin, Fabian, Timothy, Jackie, Wei Loong, Wei Cheong, Ben, Chee Mei, and Jane June! Love y'all =P

ps - thanks to all those who wished me happy birthday too.. was surprised to hear from Afree after so long hehe. Chow Chow was the first to wish me tho haha.. so i guess i can forgive him for not coming to celebrate my birthday =P

My birthday presents =P
(a headphone, a pen drive and my Canon Powershot A620! Woots!!)

Monday, 3 April 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I'm typing this post out of the need to keep my blog alive instead of the need to blog.

Do you think so?

Then you don't know me at all =P.

Sometimes i wonder.. why do i even bother to blog? If i can't reveal my true feelings, if i need to take into consideration every single person that might stumble upon this blog, if i can't even bitch about someone without suffering from the consequences of free speech, why do i even bother eh? There are things i want to write down here so much, but i will inevitably offend somebody, even if that's not my intention. So most of my posts here are typed while being 'on the safe side'. I even have to read thru the whole post a few times before clicking on the 'Publish Post' button. Makes a blog so unlike the online diary that i first thought it was. Makes the internet a so much less private space than it already is. Sigh.

Anyway, so many things happened since the last post, good things, bad things, ugly things. I'll start with the good then hehe. Last Tuesday and Wednesday was the Recruitment Drive, and this time i only signed up for 4 new clubs (this is an achievement already! =P). I know some people do wonder what's my intention joining so many clubs, whether i'm able to be an active member in all those clubs i joined. Well, i try. I don't join a club because my friends joined it. I don't join a club because i can get a post in it. I join clubs because i sincerely felt compelled to join, out of interests. Just interests.

That said .. my number of clubs and societies is still 10 though. Helen Keller's, Dance Club, Choir, Movie and Music, Basketball, Volleyball, Photography Club, Buddhist Society, Chinese Cultural Society and Wushu. Tennis is too expensive a sport for me to start learning >.< . Chess Club.. i didn't really want to join it in the first place =P. Heard the Adventure Club is gonna be revived by the Sem 1s.. i'll have to see if i have the time to join any activity tho.. =/

I find myself much more busy this sem than the last, and i think i should stop adding more to my activity list .. if i want to pass my exams. Latin dance classes, sign language classes, Wushu training, dragon dance training, Helen Keller's WAVE week, going to join the Charity Run, weekly badminton games ^^ .. sigh. I seriously need to study.

Hmm.. on Friday nite i had the longest mamak outing with my friends =P. Came back from Wushu at 11pm, then Chui Han asked me for supper with the rest at 11.30pm. So we went mamak until.. 2am? O.o Hehe .. lots of rumors and gossips. Thank god i'm not implicated in it lol. Only went home at 3am, because a few of us decided to stand outside Vista B to donate blood to the mosquitoes -.-" (oh btw.. i got rejected during blood donation last week because i was sick 2 weeks ago.. =( )

The last piece of good news.. my cousin Mei Fong got married yesterday! Hehe.. i had to go alone tho.. Dad decided that coming up here all the way and back gonna cost up to 200 bucks so my family didn't come. Sigh. Oh well.. at least i still get to enjoy the 9-course dinner =P. Wanted to drink the white and red wine.. but i have CSU this morning.. was afraid i couldn't wake up in time. Doesn't matter actually.. i still didn't wake up in time without drinking >.<

The bad things? Hmm.. i haven't study a single lecture note from last week. Lol. Got myself so busy with PBL, Elective Report, Wushu, badminton, Recruitment drive, sleeping, everything other than studying that i totally wasted one whole week. Gotta step up the pace from today onwards.. and btw not as many people as i expected join Wushu tho. Even less for dragon dance >.< . I so wanted to see IMU having its own dragon dance troupe..

The ugly things.. hmm i can't talk bout it here. As i said earlier, the internet is not a private place at all. I can't say what i want without risking myself to unnecessary risks =P. So.. i'll just keep this part in my private diary. Nobody gets offended, everyone's happy. Then why do i even bother keeping a blog? Sigh.

To amuse others with my desperate attempt to be a medical student with a life i guess. Lol >.<

ps - dad bought the Canon A620 last week.. with a 1GB memory card =). In Eric's words (word to be exact), WOOTS! Lol =P