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Sunday, 23 September 2007

short update

Dead blog.

Seriously, it's not that i didn't have free time to blog. I could afford to sleep 12 hours a day. It's not that i didn't want to blog. I have millions of things to write down. It's just that i don't feel like blogging anymore.

Haha but it's not just me.. from the long list of blog links on the left, 9 out of 10 hasn't been updated for more than a month. Maybe people do have better things to do than blog nowadays. Heh.

Anyway, update on the past months, just to keep my blog up-to-date for myself to look back maybe 10 years down the road. Wonder where i'll be by then hehe. Hey, me 10 years later. If you're living comfortably with a decent wage, you better remember what hell me right now is going thru and be grateful. Or envious. Haha. My thoughts are so incoherent now. Back to topic.

Selectives. 4 weeks of 'History of Medicine'. Besides getting to work with another cliche in my batch, nothing else bout it is even worth mentioning. Damn free days, damn boring classes, damn screwed up exam, a damn big waste of 4 weeks of my life. 'nuff said.

Pulau Perhentian 'family' trip. Was short but it was really great fun. Especially snorkelling and kayaking till we are roasted. Wait, that's all we did. Haha. Anyway thanks Chia Huan for going to all the trouble to organise =).

Musculoskeletal System, second last system. In-Course Assessment was last Friday. A little screwed up i guess. Thought i could remember the anatomy. Ended up doubting myself so much i changed my 'right' answers to the wrong ones. Sigh. Ah well.

IMU Cup 2007. Ending in 2 days. Tuesday will be the closing ceremony and last event, cheerleading. The only event i joined. I know i'll regret not joining anything else, but then again, i'm not good in any sports haha. More on cheerleading next time.


Almost the end of September now. Soon we gotta hand in our choice of PMS. Soon we gotta sit for our finals. Soon we'll be out of IMU. Soon life will take a big change.

Being very sentimental, maybe that's why i never liked changes. I try to keep memory of everything, never wanting to forget something, or someone. I've always wished life would be the same, day after day. Yet change has this habit of slowly creeping up on you, and when you did realise, it is already here to stay.


Sunday, 9 September 2007

don't go away, we'll return right after these messages ..

Blog on hiatus till the big big whirlwind of activities are over. Probably in a few more weeks' time. Or longer.

To be updated:-
Pulau Perhentian 'family' trip
Sem 5 MSK
Hating Nasioncom
Charity Run and Carnival
PMS Matching