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Monday, 29 November 2004

Zi Yang blanja us cc!

Zi Yang blanja us cc!
Talk bout being desperate haha...this morning when Zi Yang asked us to go play DotA, we told me we'll only go if he blanja. And who knows, he agreed to it! Haha...that's 4 bucks for each of 8 of us (excluding Pat and Hoi...they weren't included in the deal =P). Felt bad bout it...but then if he wants to spend his money on us, we couldn't stop him rite? haha =P. Actually he told us he won bout RM300 on football bet so he's feeling generous today ^^. Somehow, i don't feel so bad anymore haha...

Our numbers has increased...
From this day onwards, there'll be 6 of us eating meals together...twice the usual number of people. Coz Yong Chen, Pat and Leong will be joining us for lunch and dinner EVERY day! We don't get the privilege eating with them everyday you know haha =P. (SAM's term has finished, you see...). Juz one more and it's back to how many we started off with...(it's a far-fetched thought tho ;) )

-3.01am, 2 January 2005-

Sunday, 28 November 2004

Happy 18th Birthday Yong Chen!
Back to classes...
Wo men bei fang fei ji...

Here's a birthday dedication to Yong Chen, my best friend and worst enemy =). Known him since primary school and I think he changed somewhat since then. A lot more Ah Beng now haha =P. I can't say much bout him (coz he'll be reading this haha) but all I can tell you is, he's a really great guy ;) (no, he's not beside me watching me type every word...). He's somewhat quiet but he can be a great cock-talking partner if you want. Maybe that's what you'll be if you get stuck with Yih Seong for 2 whole years haha =P. We owe him a lot too coz he's been willing to let his place be our meeting ground before our cc action each and every time. And also as our stay-over parties ground last time...(now it's Ashok's mansion ;) ). Happy birthday Yong Chen! Nothing but the best I'm wishing for ya ;)

Btw happy birthday to my other friend, Thanesh too. Got to know him in Form 3, when he sat besides Yong Chen in front of me (coincidence, eh? Two guys sharing the same birthday sitting next to each other...). Didn't get to see him much nowadays tho he's studying SAM in Taylor's as well. But still a very happy birthday to him =). Hope he get great results for his SAM.

Back to classes =(
College starts again for around a week plus before we sit for our Semester 3 exams. Which means every lecturer will be rushing thru the syllabus like there's no tomorrow. And all of us will be sleeping in class in the process. Ok, so it's juz me sleeping in class haha =P.

Dozed off during class...even Ms Ho's class ^^". Thankfully she didn't make a big fuss over it...guess she understands I'm damn tired after the trip. Besides, I already felt sleepy thinking bout our extra Chemistry class today =(. Btw Anne and the rest bought a cake for YC's birthday this morning. Too bad Ms Chan didn't allow us to celebrate in class (in the hope that we can waste a bit of Chem class's time). Seems she's not gonna fall for the same trick twice hehe. Anyway YC did get his deserved birthday bashing in class ^^...but i didn't touch you i swear haha. After college we went for the usual DotA...with me, YC and Ashok staying longer to play Warhammer which lasted till 7pm! If that's not crazy I don't know what is...=P

Wo men bei fang fei ji...(our plane got abandoned...)
For dinner we had our due birthday treat from Yong Chen =). Leong paid for a part of it with his parents' money which was meant for us (we always get the other's parents to treat us every time they came up ^^). Ate in the nearby Pizza Hut...been a really long time since we ate together haha. That in part is due to nobody's celebrating birthday since June...(You know what, every month from January to June is someone's birthday month in 121D! Really interesting eh...).

Before that, Chiang Wey and Adrian contacted us to tell us they're in Subang. Planned with them to go cc at night. So we called Paul along and went to Warnet after dinner at around 9.00pm to wait for them. 9.30pm they still not there yet. When we called them, they say they were still playing with their other friends in Warnet Xedition and they won't be joining us! And here we are waiting juz to play with them. Jem even reserved seats for them already...thank god we don't need to pay for them. So with seats already taken, what else can we do? ^^"

-2.48am, 2 January 2005-

Saturday, 27 November 2004

Lanjut trip Day 3 - Back in My Place

Paul and YS came into our room to wake us up for breakfast at around 8.30am (breakfast's supposed to end around 9am). Zi Yang continued to sleep in the room and didn't come along with us. After that there's supposed to be a 'Nature Walk' but we decided to give it a miss because it started to drizzle a bit (plus we thought it won't be very interesting anyway). Instead, some of us rented bicycles for an hour from around 10.30am. It's been a really long time since i last rode a bike...took me a while to get used to it ^^. Me, YC and Chow tried to find the airfield to collect some iron ores, but due to my misdirection, I almost led them out of the resort when it started to rain ^^". We ended up back where we started, albeit half drenched hehe. Only after getting Afree to lead us did we get to the airfield. It looks sort of like an empty stretch with lots of reddish-brown rocks (which I found out were iron ores) on it...and Afree said he thinks it's been unused for a while. I can really see that. Wandered around with Ian Zing, Afree and Yong Chen before picking up some ores to bring home as memento.

After returning the bicycles, bathed and packed, we had our last meal in Lanjut before leaving at around 1.30pm. Reached home 5 hours later, with all of us sleeping the whole journey ^^. Guess everyone's really tired...but then by the time we reached Subang, we nearly went for DotA. Sigh haha...

Yong Chen's birthday surprise ;)
Juz 3 days without DotA and our fingers are really itching to play. And so after dinner, we went for one game with Paul, Tiong and David. Somehow, things look like we can't live without DotA...and I don't like the sound of that ^^".

ACTUALLY, the DotA game was juz a sort of time-wasting till Yong Chen's birthday tomorrow! ;). At the struck of midnight, Paul brought up a blueberry cake from his apartment downstairs (I don't know who bought doesn't matter rite? =P). He didn't seem really surprised to me...but maybe that's because we had too many midnight birthday celebrations before this. Well, at least he does seem happy bout it ^^. Too bad he didn't get the birthday bashing he deserved for some reasons (for safety reasons...OUR safety ;) ). Finished the cake in less than 15 minutes, and we're off to sleep for tomorrow's class. Sigh...I'm gonna miss the class trip...

-3.19am, 31 December 2004-

Friday, 26 November 2004

Lanjut trip Day 2

Woke up at 7.30am for breakfast at 8. Only Anne from her room managed to make it to the dining place...the others couldn't get out of their beds ^^". But she 'tapaued' back some food for them so I guess they don't miss much of the breakfast. After breakfast, treasure hunt is next on our activities list. I got teamed up with Ian Zing, Adelin, Ashok and Chow. Have to literally run all over the resort to find those stuff we need to find...but it's kinda fun though we lost. Among the 'treasures' include a starfish, balloon, toilet paper, the manager’s signature, an iron ore (which is found in the airfield some miles away from where we start), a crab's claw (which we couldn't find...or you might say, couldn't catch), and a Rhu branch. After finding all the stuff, we're supposed to find answers to 10 questions regarding the resort...but we got those answers from Jem's group =P.

After the treasure hunt is done, we're given freedom to do watever we want. So we played beach volleyball! =) It was really fun...though we were picking up the ball more than hitting it ^^". The strong wind didn't help either. Add to it the fact none of us really knew how to play and you have a volleyball that spends more time on the ground ;). Paul and Wy Keen missed the treasure hunt and volleyball, Paul because of his toe and Wy Keen of his stomach. Wy Keen even skipped lunch because he had stomachache this morning...

Then it's water polo time at around 4.30pm =). If you could call what we were playing was water polo anyway. It's hard for me to play...coz I don't even know how to swim ^^". Thankfully the pool isn't very deep, or I'll have to miss it. This time, Paul joined us tho his toe isn't any better. And we get to witness Wy Keen's talent in water polo haha ^^. Really had much fun in water polo...though we didn't even keep track of the score (there's only like a 5 seconds intervals between goals ;) ). Oh yeah...Zi Yang got his 3-4 finally in the pool (we've been planning this for weeks haha =P). He nearly got killed by Shan's cannonball dive in the last part of the 3-4 haha...

Today's dinner is BBQ style =). Now, BBQ is what we always have during BNOs but this time, none of us have to do the cooking =P. And no more complaints bout 'Where did my [enter your favourite food here] go??'. After the dinner, the resort's staff gave a performance. It's funny alright, especially the dancing part (Shan's still doing the palms-shaking-in-front-of-face move after the trip haha). And I still couldn't believe we line danced lol...

The last activity of the day was the 'War Game' or so they called it. How can us getting sprayed with coloured water with no chance or retaliation be considered 'war'? We're so helpless haha ^^. Anyway, we're split into 2 teams this time, and each of us was given an egg. We were supposed to walk in the jungle again (different route this time), across several obstacles, with two watergun-totting staff walking besides us drenching us in green- or red-coloured water, all the while keeping our egg safe. Not a very tough job to do, especially since we juz walked around the obstacles instead of through it (they don't seem to care anyway so why not =P). Needless to say, all of our eggs were intact except for Yih Seong's, which he 'accidentally' crushed on one of the staff ^^. We thought of pelting them with our eggs some sort of defense =P. And Anne complained they were aiming at her ass all the time haha. So after the 'War Game', you can see each of us in two colours only – red and green ;). One of them even drew a cross on the back of my shirt ^^". Oh yeah before you all remind me, i was walking alongside Adelin during the game. But nothing happened k =P. She was so scared she didn't even know who I was at the start haha ^^". And while running the last stretch to the resort's entrance (our finishing line), she fell along the way. Sigh why do we have to run...not that it really matters if we won or not anyway (the winner is based the number of unbroken eggs and the duration spent to reach the end. But there's no winner in the end...coz it's juz to teach us teamwork, leadership, bla bla bla...^^). Paul, Wy Keen and Chow skipped the 'War Game'. Chow got infected with flu after the water polo...

After getting ourselves all wet in two colours, we decided to go for a swim in the pool to wash it off (the staff even suggested it to us). But then it starts to rain and we have to return to our rooms after a few minutes in the pool =(. Juz when i was relaxing myself in there...Then after bathing, we watch a bit of TV and ate most of the snacks we bought with the rest joining us in our room. Slept around 1.40am after we ran out of food ;).

-4.18am, 30 December 2004-

Thursday, 25 November 2004

Lanjut trip Day 1

Today's the day we all have been waiting for. We'll be off to Lanjut on holiday! =)

Besides those who didn't come along on the trip, Jem, Paul and Chow went to college. The rest of us juz slept till the last minute possible before congregating in 121D (we never agreed to let our place be the meeting ground...^^"). Not that you can blame us anyway...we need all the sleep we can get prior to the trip ;). After everyone's in My Place ready to go, and after waiting for Yong Chen who rushed back all the way from JB juz for this trip, we boarded the bus we rented...which charges a hell lot of money juz to send us there and back. But then it'll only be half full coz it's a 40-something-seater bus and there’s only around 20 of us. Oh well, at least we get 2 seats for ourselves each...

Bout 11am the bus came, and we had to lug our baggage as far as 2km juz to reach the bus ^^". At least the bus was rather comfortable though from the outside it looks juz like any other Bas Sekolah, with the same words emblazoned across its sides. After reserving our own seats, we got excited. And we talked DotA. And for half the journey it's about DotA. Sigh...I thought we're on this trip to get away from all that haha ^^". Some of them even wished for a cc over there in Lanjut bout desperation =P

6 hours and half a thousand kilometres later, we reached Lanjut. Actually we’re supposed to reach there a bit earlier but then the drivers lost their way. Wonder if they are worth what we paid them for. I guess we should be grateful we even reach our destination ^^. Somewhere along the journey, we stopped by some small town for lunch (i forgot the name of the town). Ate chicken rice...but it really sucks =P. Bought snacks and drinks there case we got hungry or something over there in Lanjut. Afree said things there will be expensive...(but I don't even see any food there besides those on our plates during mealtime...)

Anyway, Lanjut is located somewhere near Endau-Rompin, near the border between Pahang and Johor, far away from civilisation. Afree suggested it as our holiday destination coz he went there before a few years back and according to him it'll be fun (we don't doubt it anyway...anywhere's more fun than Subang). We stayed in the Lanjut Golden Beach Resort during our time there...which is not bad coz the bed was juz so damn comfy ^^. I was to share room with Jem, YC and Zi Yang. YS, Paul, Ashok and Shan will be our neighbours while Afree, Chow, Wilson and Wy Keen will be on our other side. Denise, Ian Zing and Adelin together (apparently Ian Zing said she'll go only if she's allowed to bring another girl along, and who will that be besides our ex-classmate Adelin...) and Pat, Hoi, Anne and Wen Ying on the other block (they changed room for some reason I don't remember...and they even stole the pillows from their old room lol...).

First thing on the activities list after checking in is telematch. Now, most of us (including me too ;) ) doesn't seem to have much interest in playing any telematch...well for me it felt really childish ^^. But still, it's included in the package we paid for so we have to play it anyway. It turned out rather ok I guess, but the beach football we played next is on the top of my "Most fun event in Lanjut" list =). For the beach football, we split into two teams, me, Zi Yang, Chow, Paul, Ashok and Shan against Jem, YS, Hoi, YC, Wy Keen and Pat. Afree and Wilson played for a short while before leaving us to kick each other ourselves (they weren't really into football ;) ). Something important to mention here, this game is Pat's debut game! ^^ We've been getting him to play all year long but he keeps giving all kind of excuses (like his foot's injured from the warts-removal operation...but that's like months ago). He played really well for his first game...except that he stepped on people's feet too much hehe. Apparently Paul's toe got injured by Pat during the game...and it's so bad he couldn't walk the next few days. Of all the time to get injured...^^"

7.30pm is dinner buffet time =). But if first impression counts for anything, this resort is damn slack in the food department. Coz that dinner they served us was hardly edible at all. If not because we're hungry after all that vigorous exercise in the evening, we would've gladly skipped it. No wonder they did it buffet style...nobody's going for second helpings anyway ^^. Next up at 9pm is the horror walk. We were split into 3 teams and were instructed to walk through the jungle in total darkness, except for those little candles as our checkpoints and only guide through the jungle. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but it really takes a lot to scare me really =P. Those cloth and mannequins and fake snake and loud music and staff who were paid a few bucks to sit there and wait for people to scare (as found out by Pat's group lol...) were a good effort but obviously it ain't enough to scare most of us (except the girls of course...apparently Denise was screaming all the way haha. And Anne was really afraid to go for the walk...she even warned us that she'll have a heart attack ^^").

Sometime during late night, we decided to go to the beach for some drinking session (Hoi stole a bottle of bacardi from his home ^^). Most of us drank the bacardi-coke concoctions made mostly by Wen Ying except for those few hardcore non-drinkers =P (you know, Jem and Chow hehe). Shan drank a lot of it...and ended up half-drunk and talking nonsense. But then, he's always talking nonsense so it's hard to tell haha =P. I had my fair share of it, and Shan and Ashok even forced a really concentrated bacardi (according to them tastes the same as the more diluted one I had earlier) on me. None of us were drunk thankfully, but it's mainly bcoz we ran out of bacardi ^^". Well, how can one bottle be enough? Only Anne got a bit tipsy but she still can walk back so I figure she's fine. As for me, I juz got a mild headache while I was trying to sleep...(and you know how rumours spread, by the next morning Anne thought I got hangover ^^"). Paul came to join us for a while before heading back when it starts to drizzle a bit, and Wy Keen preferred his PS2 in the room than joining us for a drink ^^.

Ended the night with some PS2 action in Afree's room. Truth be said, I've never seen Chow so...animated before haha. He was taunting and shouting all the while he's holding the controller lol. Guess I haven't seen every side of everyone yet ;). But he only played during the break in between our activities...he fell asleep right away after the drinking session ^^. It's around 1am when we finally hit the beds...and I'll be sharing the big bed with Zi Yang while Jem and YC took the smaller beds at the side. I really don’t mind actually...the big bed is so damn comfy ;). Too bad we'll change beds tomorrow...

And so ends the first day of our holidays, which seems so long yet so short. And there's so much more to do here!

-3.18am, 30 December 2004-

Wednesday, 24 November 2004

College starts again =(
YS - Paul brief conflict

College starts today after our one-day-after-exams-break. Sigh... ^^. But at least we don't have to sit through Mrs Fam's classes anymore. So me had breakfast at McD in the morning with the guys during our Thinking Skills period.

YS made Paul angry today ^^"
Something interesting today ('s not really something to shout about but hey, that's all the entertainment we get here besides cc =P). At the end of our Chemistry period, YS started writing stuff on the side whiteboard using Paul's marker. Ok, so he's bored but you'll be too if you're us ;). Nothing much he wrote, only until the "Shut up Paul" part haha. I tried to cover it with my bag when Paul turns around (he's sitting in front of us) but I thought what the heck and let him read it. Oh, what a big response we get ^^". Coz apparently Paul got really angry with Yih Seong for that (well, he's to blame coz he didn't even rub it off before we left the class ^^").

After that, Paul kept reeeaaally quiet. Now, THAT's strange =P. So I asked YS to apologize to him but he didn't want to coz he said it's weird apologizing to Paul. Lol...forgive me but I nearly laugh out coz I too felt it's juz not 'right' apologizing to Paul haha. Btw, it's juz a small matter anyway so we juz put it aside...

But all's well ends well. That night, YS apologized finally and Paul forgave him. Aww...we were hoping to see what will happen during the Lanjut trip lol =P. Both of them are supposed to be roommates so we're kind of expecting to see some 'action' haha. Ok, we're sorry to even think of that instead of trying to patch both of you up. But believe us, that thought (the patching up la) really did cross our minds...even if it's for less than a second only =P

DotA and more DotA
After college...wait, you know what the next phrase will be. Yeah, we went for DotA haha. Me, Chow, YS and Pat beat Jem, Hoi, Leong and Shan =). But I know, it's unbalanced...YS got Morphling and Pat got Sand King. What else do we need to win? =P. Oh yea...we need Chow ^^. Btw Paul didn't play with us...guess he's still angry with YS. Anyway we got an even number of players...

But we did something really bad juz to play. Actually Zi Yang had been wanting to play with us but somehow, we (note that i used 'we' ;) ) decided to leave him out of it (Jem said because YS and Paul didn't like to play with him... ^^" - I don’t really think so but, watever lah). We even waited an hour juz so that he'll leave our apartment before we go to cc (he had a date with his gf). What friends we are, eh? ^^"

At night, we went for another 2 rounds of DotA. Me, YS, Pat and Ashok against Jem, Hoi, Leong and Paul. We lost. Twice. End of story ;)

-2.49am, 26 December 2004-

Short update on some stuff...

Nothing much to note today...juz a short update on things around here..

Was supposed to play DotA with Chow and Zi Yang but we are too drained from yesterday's match against PM3 so no DotA. Paul tried to get us to play after lunch but our resolve is strong this time. So no DotA today ^^

Saw Ms Ho during dinner and she came to talk to us mainly bout our class trip. You see, we didn't want her to go along on the trip (for obvious reasons =P) but if we didn't ask her, and she got to know bout it (which she will, eventually), she'll merajuk again and we'll screw our A2. So we planned the trip from Friday to Sunday (we'll have to skip college on Friday ;) ) and hope she'll have reason she 'cannot' go along. But then she didn't give up...she even tried to get leave on that day but too bad, she didn't get it. So no Ms Ho on our trip =). Phew...

Another update on the class trip : Ian Zing's coming along with us. Well, I don't really mind if she comes or's her choice if she wants to be left out of it...

-2.39am, 26 December 2004-

Monday, 22 November 2004

End of AS!! =)

Did Bio 2 yesterday. Went rather ok...but u'll never know. Btw Ian Zing said her mom doesn't let her to go along on the Lanjut trip. Said something bout worried for her safety coz there's so many boys and so few girls O.o. Hello? Are you saying we are sex maniacs or something? Not every guy is like Jem you know haha =P. Sigh...nvm then I guess. We can still go without her...

Then it's Bio 1 today in the morning. Ahh...the feel of freedom ^^. Have been suffering for a month now...we should be given a break. But Taylor’s doesn't think so =(. Instead, we are to start college again on Thursday and sit for the Semester 2 Exams in two weeks time. Sigh...back to the books I guess...not =P. Who are they to stop us from enjoying our freedom haha...

After the paper, the guys planned to go DotA. I didn't go along. Surprised? Haha you should be. Even I'm surprised ^^. But I've spent really damn lot on cc this I'm cutting down now. Up to now, the total I've spent is around RM400+. Damn shit...I shouldn't be wasting my parents' money this way sigh. And so I didn't go DotA this round. Might as well let the others play for once...(our class had too many players to fit into one game anyway ^^"). Btw Yong Chen didn't go too...said he's afraid he didn't have time to pack up (he's leaving for home to make passport). Hah, that's wat he said. Coz after our lunch, he went to play one-on-one DotA with Jem. Haha seems like he couldn't run away from it...

PS – Haha I couldn't believe it. That night I went to play DotA! So much for not wanting to waste parents' money haha ^^". But I got an excuse =P. Coz PM3 challenges us to DotA. Actually, they had been wanting to play against us for a long time already and they thrashed our Team A a few weeks ago (i wasn't there that time...they played without me =( ). So here comes Team B to redeem ourselves haha (see that...I told you we had too many players ;) ). How can I refuse when duty calls...haha. But me, Jem, YS, Paul and Hoi still lost in the end =(. Well, at least we tried...

-2.28am, 26 December 2004-

Sunday, 21 November 2004

Wedding Lunch! Yum yum...

We were supposed to have breakfast with my uncle in the morning...but too bad, me and my bros couldn't wake up. Those late night (or was it early morning) of PS2 playing sure knocked us unconscious for very long. By the time we woke up, it's to get ready for my cousin's wedding reception at noon. It's held at Sheraton Subang, close to where I lived. Quite a coincidence...and it'll make it easier to get back to My Place too ^^. The food is ok...not to say superb but it's still good compared to what we normally eat in Subang. Heck, anything's good compared to that ;). But I love the red wine...couldn't stop myself from drinking it. Got another thing to admit...think it's my first time drinking red wine ^^". Juz managed to refill my glass a couple of times...those waiters are so inefficient haha =P

By 3.30pm I found myself back in My Place...straight after the wedding feast. Part of me's happy to be back again...part of me dreaded what I've to do once I got home. You see, those 3 days away aren't really productive in terms of Bio I got a lot to catch up now. Sigh...wish me luck ^^"

-2.19am, 23 December 2004-
Congrats to my newlywed cousin, Angeline Woo and my cousin-in-law, Ah Dee! =)

Friday, 19 November 2004

Pre-wedding day
Our fridge's dead...

Traditional know, groom fetch bride Me family came up today! And I get to play PS2 again! Haha =P. Shouldn't i be worried bout Bio? Hmm...well, that'll have to wait ;)

Nothing much happen today...well, for me at least. In the afternoon we went to the bride's house to watch the groom trying to 'steal' the bride from her house. I gotta say, this is the first wedding in my family i've ever witnessed ^^. So you know, we gotta check it out even though I rather stay at home and play PS2 =P. Anyway, it's the usual stuff we see on TV. First the groom arrives. Then all the girls 'guarding' the bride asked him to do all sort of stuff besides the usual demand for a big ang pow. After a very very long time, it juz takes a really big guy (the groom's 'best man'...sort of) to pave the way through the girls straight to the bridal room. The lesson of the day? Get someone really big to go with you to 'fetch' your bride. It makes things a lot faster...and easier too ;)

The rest of the day is pretty much boring. After the tea serving to everyone older than the couple that's within grabbing range, the groom ran away with the bride back to his home in Karak (for some more tea serving i guess). Didn't follow the convoy coz it takes too long to travel there so my whole family juz stay at our Klang home instead. Wanted to study for Bio actually but with the PS2 around, it's kinda hard...

Our fridge's dead...
That night, Jem SMSed me to tell me the fridge is unusable anymore. To cut things short, Pat tried to break the ice that's forming non-stop around the freezer area (til the whole thing's covered with ice). Thing is, he used a balisong (a kind of foldable knife) to do the job. And he poked the side wall of the fridge, causing a gas leak. So in the end, the standard of living in 121D juz dropped a notch. And Pat claimed he did all this 'for the greater good'. I wonder how living without a fridge is considered 'good'...

PS - One of my muffins was drowned coz the leftover ice melted and dripped all over much for the greater good...

-1.45am, 23 December 2004-

Thursday, 18 November 2004

Skipped Bio extra class
My cousin's pre-wedding dinner buffet

There was supposed to be a Bio extra class this morning but tell me, who wants to spend 2 hours together with Ms Ho? =P. Anyway, I haven't even revise Bio yet so what difference does it make if I went for the 'extra class'. Sigh...maybe I should have started studying earlier? Bah what a thought =P. So in the end, with more or less the same reason, none of us (and I mean none of us from the whole PM1) went for it. Btw Tze Chow called me in the morning (and disturb me in badly needed sleep >=( haha) to ask whether we are going. Apparently he saw no one there in college hehe. He should have known better ;)

Shan came in the morning and kidnapped Ashok to Warnet ^^". Hehe...AS's over for Ashok anyway. Lucky fellar. He dropped Bio after Semester 1 so that means he'll be free till our Semester 2 Exams. Come to think of it, that isn’t very far away...Oh yea, Leong will be enjoying his freedom from today onwards too since he don't take Bio. Sigh...and we have to suffer another week...

On a different note, my cousin's getting married this weekend! Which means free meals for the next 3 days at least! =P. Before dinnertime, my second aunt came to pick me up to my cousin's house in Klang for a pre-wedding-day dinner buffet (is there such tradition? but since there's free food so it doesn't matter anyway =P). I know I'm being ungrateful to say this, but Rafi's food taste much nicer than that haha =P. The whole dinner buffet thingy finished at 12.30am...and I fell asleep soon after coz all that eating made me feel so tired ^^"

PS – Oh yea, I was supposed to start and finish studying Bio during this weekend...looks like there’ll b a drastic change of plans...^^"

Funny...for a moment i thought i was looking back in time at myself...
Extra Note – During the dinner buffet, I noticed someone rather interesting. It’s a child, around 5 years old I think. The thing is, he reminded me so much of myself, in every way. As most of you know, I wasn’t born the way people see as ‘normal’. My right eyelid is partially paralysed, causing me to unable to open it more than half. That little boy I see is suffering from the same thing, except that it’s his left eye. Strange, isn’t it…to see someone so like yourself. He’s very apprehensive when it comes to strangers too, juz like me last time. My uncle tried to cuddle him but he juz ran away and gave a I-don’t-want-you-near-me look. Sigh…somehow, while looking at him, I felt like I was looking at myself, albeit minus a decade or so. So cute, so innocent…and so not deserved to go through what he’ll go through in life later, juz becoz he’s different. Maybe I was juz thinking back on what I’ve gone through…but I’ve survived that period with the companionship of my friends. Deep down inside, I juz wish he’s able to enjoy the same fortune I had, if not better. I know I had said this a lot of times before but I’m still gonna say it again. Thanx everyone for being there for me, juz when I needed you all the most. Thanx.

>-3.47am, 27 December 2004-

-1.32am, 23 December 2004-

Wednesday, 17 November 2004

AS Update – Physics Paper 1
'The Incredibles'

Movie after Physics 1...
Funny, isn't it? Here we are in the middle of our finals and we are even more relaxed than ever ^^".Right after our Physics 1 at 9am, me, Jem, Ashok, Shan and Leong went to watch 'The Incredibles' at Pyramid. But it's a nice movie I must admit. Damn funny too...especially the Elastigirl stretching part lol. Sigh...i guess exams is not a good enough reason to miss that movie =P

...and DotA at nite
That very night, we went DotA again. This time, we called Zi Yang along (he's been dying to go hehe). But the next paper won't be until next week so it's 'excusable' haha =P. What the hell am I talking about? ^^"

-1.29am, 23 December 2004-

Tuesday, 16 November 2004

AS Update – Chemistry Paper 1, Physics Paper 2

DotA after Chem 1
Chemistry 1 at 9am yesterday. Woke up at 7am juz to study for it. Yea...I'm that worried bout chemistry. Especially since it'll be the one that'll bring me down (well, chemistry has been my worst subject I guess). But I think I did rather ok this time. After all the suffering I went through because of it, I better get good results for it...

After the paper, me had lunch with classmates. And now I think wat a bad idea it is to have lunch with them haha =P. Before we even finish our lunch, Paul asked whether we want to go for DotA afterwards (his other friends are going, so...). What a question to ask...the answer is already out there before anyone can say anything ;). So before long, we find ourselves inside Warnet again. Sigh...the exams ain’t over yet guys...

-1.23am, 23 December 2004-

Sunday, 14 November 2004

Back in 121D =(

End of vacation...=
Returned to 121D finally. Did nothing much in Port Dickson...but that's the plan, init ;). My younger bro brought his newly bought PS2 up so we ended up playing PS2 the whole time there =P. Didn't even have time to go to the beach...(actually they did go to the beach but I was KOed then ^^"). Ironic, ain't it? Going to the beach but didn't really go to the beach =P. Actually, the trip was until Saturday only but I went to Klang with my family after that. Wanted to come back to study yesterday but my dad asked me to stay another day in Klang...oh well. Study will have to wait then...

They went cc without me...*sob sob*
From what I heard, ALL of them went cc during my absence sigh >=( haha (Jem came back yesterday and Leong this morning). Ashok even played every single day O.o. Heard they went against the Sarawakians, PM3, and some other teams I don't really recall. Kinda make me glad I went on vacation ^^...somehow I don't feel like playing DotA so much anymore. Maybe it's juz the exams blues getting to me...

-2.05am, 16 December 2004-
Heard Pat's Juggernaught was pawned like there's no tomorrow haha...maybe it'll be the end of him (Juggernaught of course ;) )

Thursday, 11 November 2004

AS Update - Physics Paper 1
Off on family vacation in PD

Physics 1 in the morning. Planned to wake up early to at least do some of the stacks of dusty past year papers that's still left untouched on my study table since Mr Selva gave them months ago. Too bad I can’t get out of bed...sigh. But fortunately the paper went rather least I finished just in time ^^. Keeping fingers crossed...

After the paper I rushed home to pack my stuff to escape from this hell hole =P. Months with these guys can drive anyone mad...really ;). If there's a study on how stress affects someone, 121D will be the best place. When not studying frantically for the next day's paper (emphasis on 'next day' ;) ...we juz love last minute revisions, don't we?), we'll juz sit around the table blankly. If you wait long enough, you may actually catch glimpses of Yih Seong’s spontaneous bursts of unexplainable acts or Leong's hidden destructive nature. Sometimes I don’t feel safe living with them haha =P...especially during this time of the year. They all look really stressed out...

Actually my second aunt's coming to fetch me to Port Dickson for a family vacation this weekend. Since a few years ago, this has become our family's annual activity me thinks. We'll drive to one of the beach-side bungalows provided by my aunt's company and juz relax. Just what I need at the moment...relaxation ;). And no food problems for three days!

Btw Jem and Leong went back too. That's 3 DotA players less hehe. Wonder if they'll go cc without us...(this is a rhetorical question of course =P)

-1.52am, 16 December 2004-
Off to Port Dickson to de-stress! =)

Tuesday, 9 November 2004

2 birthday boys in my list =)

Nothing much for today...juz more DotA talk and no DotA action ^^. So I went to the library to escape from all that so I can try to study in peace. Didn’t achieve much however...

Apart from that, today is the birthday of 2 of my friends! One Johorian and another from Klang ^^. Here’s some info bout them...

First off, it’s Eric, my old friend. Knew him since primary school and I’m pretty sure he didn’t change much. Still the same old loud fellar we know =P. Some say you can hear him from a block away...some even claim you’ll be deaf if you sit next to him in a cc haha (I can vouch for that =P). He used to be the one who call us out for cc back in those days when cc is like once in 4 months (how I miss those days...not =P). Think he's the one who introduced us to the wonderful and exciting world of cc ^^. Don’t know if I should thank him or hate him for that =P. Eric’s a real gamer I guess (or so say some of his friends ;) ) ...he plays virtually every PS2 and computer game. Besides that, he's really loud. Oops...I said that didn't I haha =P. Happy birthday all the way to Singapore!

The other birthday boy is Afree Low, who used to be one of my 'lovers' haha. Well, at the beginning of this year I thought Afree was a malay name ^^. Couldn’t blame me right...this is the first time I heard anyone called Afree. Neway, Afree is this guy sitting behind me most of the time during class. Very sociable and friendly guy...if I remember correctly he's the first guy who spoke to me in class (besides the other Johorians of course). Sometimes weird stuff comes out from his mouth too =P...there was a time he keeps telling me I’m cute (*shudder* haha) but thank god he stopped that a few months back. Then once he told us Anne's hands looks 'delicious' (he told her too but she's cool bout it hehe). Erm...wonder what that means haha ^^". Btw for your info, this guy organised our class trip this time. Can never thank him enough for all those trouble he went through...he looks really stressed out because of it. Who wouldn't...with all those questions we keep asking him bout the trip ^^". AND he had to plan it during AS exams...Neway here's happy birthday wishes to him and a million thanks for organising the class trip =) (it couldn’t have come at a better time...;) )

-2.03am, 14 December 2004-
Hey sorry these birthday wishes came so late...

Monday, 8 November 2004

Irwin left...
...Jem went cc...
...and Paul made an enemy

Irwin has left the building, I repeat, Irwin has left the building...
Irwin left 121D in the morning before I wake up. Didn't even manage to bid goodbye to him…maybe I woke up too late =P. But Ashok and Jem are worse off...they were still unconscious when I woke up at 1.30pm sigh haha. Ended up postponing our lunch even later than usual. Think we shouldn't have go cc till so late at night again...(but it won't be the last time I'm sure ^^")

Free CC for Jem (sounds like a dream huh? someone else paying for you to enjoy hehe ;) )
Anyway, during lunch Hoi asked Jem out for cc and said he'll pay for him (coz Jem told him he already spent a lot in cc yesterday). Apparently his older bro's back from Australia and wanted to go play DotA but they lack 1 player so it's Jem to their rescue ^^". Didn't go along coz I'm in financial crisis too...all DotA’s fault sigh =P

Paul made an enemy?!
That night, Yih Seong came home with 'shocking' news (he went to the classroom to study every night...with someone else of course ;) ). According to him, someone poured some white stuff (think it's liquid paper) on the mirror in the top floor's toilet. Nothing much, except the letters scrawled onto it are very interesting. On it, the words "Paul Kong sux" can be seen. Well well, looks like our friend had offended someone lately ^^". Or maybe it's juz someone with a bad sense of humour...

-1.42am, 13 December 2004-
Don't worry Paul, we'll help you find the culprit ;). In Pat's words, 'we'll hunt him down like a sick animal...'

Sunday, 7 November 2004

AS Update - Chemistry Paper 2
Irwin's Brief Visit to 121D

Irwin's Brief Visit to 121D
Woke up at 8am to find Irwin in our apartment. That's not a surprise actually...he told us he’ll be visiting us about a week ago. Said he wanna check on us ^^". Must be wanna see how sad our apartment really is hehe. (Actually he's coming to KL for some business and decided to drop by before visiting his Limkokwing friends). Luckily we have an empty bed...

Chemistry Paper 2 in the afternoon...not too bad I guess. Had been studying really hard for Chem. Juz glad it's over and done with ^^. After that, the 7 of us, Shan and Paul accompany Irwin to his maiden DotA match (what else can you do here?? =P).

That night Irwin wanna go check out Doom 3 so we go with him to Warnet again. Played some DotA while we were there...but Irwin doesn't seem to like it (he keeps getting pawned although his side was winning ^^". Jem said he spent more time waiting to revive than actually playing...can’t blame him though - he has never really play Warcraft before). Oh well, DotA's not for everyone I guess...but he’s the first guy I know who doesn’t like DotA ;).

-1.40am, 13 December 2004-

Thursday, 4 November 2004

AS Update - Physics Paper 3
Pat's debut DotA match ^^

Early today...
1.30am today I woke up hearing really loud commotion outside. Realise it's juz Pat talking bout DotA with Ashok and Jem so I went back to sleep. Looks like he can't wait for his first DotA match haha. (Heard they went to Melur but it's closed O.o. Pat ended up eating a burger, a bowl of maggi and koko krunch. Someone's been scrimping for cc I see haha =P). Then I woke up again at 3am, very hungry. 4am went out to scavenge for food and found some bread. Then I dropped the butter knife and it clanged the floor so hard I'm sure someone will notice. Apparently Pat heard it and thought some intruder's in our apartment but he didn't check it out. Said he's getting ready to whack the 'intruder' edi...thank god he didn’t come out ^^".

AS Update : Physics Paper 3 - Practical
Physics practical. A case of too much to do, too little time. No surprises... oscillations, oscillations and more oscillations. Think it's in the syllabus that we must learn how to count ^^". Anyway, barely manage to finish the questions coz i spend too much time finding the period for the oscillations...and i didn't even have any idea how to do the last question. Keep getting a negative value for how long must the support be O.o. Think I'll juz have to cover for it with the other 2 papers. Sigh...

After the paper, we went for DotA session with our other classmates as planned. Paul had a futsal match so he couldn't make it (we heard it from his conversation with Alvin while playing badminton the other day. No, we aren't eavesdropping...when Paul's talking to someone 3 floors upstairs, we couldn't help but hear it right? =P). Me, Ashok, Leong, Yong Chen and Zi Yang lost to Hoi, Shan, Chow, Jem and Pat. At least Pat won his first match...No more mercy for him after this =P

-3.24am, 12 December 2004-

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

AS Update - Math Paper 6

AS Update – Mathematics Paper 6
Math Paper 6 today. Last night’s frenzy Statistics studying should do the MUST do the job ^^". Actually I’m not very worried bout's one of the only papers I’m really confident of ;). Still, I made a few careless mistakes but to hell with that =P. I got much more important things to worry about...

That night, we discussed bout DotA again (yea yea we have no life but hey, DotA IS our life! =P). We planned to play DotA after our Physics practical tomorrow (coz after that the next paper will be one week away) but then the Sarawakians wanna pawn us again. Then NEWSFLASH : Pat's gonna play his debut DotA match tomorrow! Hehe...seems like he's no longer in financial crisis (either that or he can't stand us talking bout DotA in front of him everyday while he sits there looking blur =P). As this will be Pat's first game, we decided to let him enjoy it (before pawning his ass =P) so the match with the Sarawakians was cancelled (actually it’s just postponed...^^")

-3.09am, 12 December 2004-
Pudge : Hmm...more fresh meat? Hmm...