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Wednesday, 24 November 2004

College starts again =(
YS - Paul brief conflict

College starts today after our one-day-after-exams-break. Sigh... ^^. But at least we don't have to sit through Mrs Fam's classes anymore. So me had breakfast at McD in the morning with the guys during our Thinking Skills period.

YS made Paul angry today ^^"
Something interesting today ('s not really something to shout about but hey, that's all the entertainment we get here besides cc =P). At the end of our Chemistry period, YS started writing stuff on the side whiteboard using Paul's marker. Ok, so he's bored but you'll be too if you're us ;). Nothing much he wrote, only until the "Shut up Paul" part haha. I tried to cover it with my bag when Paul turns around (he's sitting in front of us) but I thought what the heck and let him read it. Oh, what a big response we get ^^". Coz apparently Paul got really angry with Yih Seong for that (well, he's to blame coz he didn't even rub it off before we left the class ^^").

After that, Paul kept reeeaaally quiet. Now, THAT's strange =P. So I asked YS to apologize to him but he didn't want to coz he said it's weird apologizing to Paul. Lol...forgive me but I nearly laugh out coz I too felt it's juz not 'right' apologizing to Paul haha. Btw, it's juz a small matter anyway so we juz put it aside...

But all's well ends well. That night, YS apologized finally and Paul forgave him. Aww...we were hoping to see what will happen during the Lanjut trip lol =P. Both of them are supposed to be roommates so we're kind of expecting to see some 'action' haha. Ok, we're sorry to even think of that instead of trying to patch both of you up. But believe us, that thought (the patching up la) really did cross our minds...even if it's for less than a second only =P

DotA and more DotA
After college...wait, you know what the next phrase will be. Yeah, we went for DotA haha. Me, Chow, YS and Pat beat Jem, Hoi, Leong and Shan =). But I know, it's unbalanced...YS got Morphling and Pat got Sand King. What else do we need to win? =P. Oh yea...we need Chow ^^. Btw Paul didn't play with us...guess he's still angry with YS. Anyway we got an even number of players...

But we did something really bad juz to play. Actually Zi Yang had been wanting to play with us but somehow, we (note that i used 'we' ;) ) decided to leave him out of it (Jem said because YS and Paul didn't like to play with him... ^^" - I don’t really think so but, watever lah). We even waited an hour juz so that he'll leave our apartment before we go to cc (he had a date with his gf). What friends we are, eh? ^^"

At night, we went for another 2 rounds of DotA. Me, YS, Pat and Ashok against Jem, Hoi, Leong and Paul. We lost. Twice. End of story ;)

-2.49am, 26 December 2004-

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