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Tuesday, 9 November 2004

2 birthday boys in my list =)

Nothing much for today...juz more DotA talk and no DotA action ^^. So I went to the library to escape from all that so I can try to study in peace. Didn’t achieve much however...

Apart from that, today is the birthday of 2 of my friends! One Johorian and another from Klang ^^. Here’s some info bout them...

First off, it’s Eric, my old friend. Knew him since primary school and I’m pretty sure he didn’t change much. Still the same old loud fellar we know =P. Some say you can hear him from a block away...some even claim you’ll be deaf if you sit next to him in a cc haha (I can vouch for that =P). He used to be the one who call us out for cc back in those days when cc is like once in 4 months (how I miss those days...not =P). Think he's the one who introduced us to the wonderful and exciting world of cc ^^. Don’t know if I should thank him or hate him for that =P. Eric’s a real gamer I guess (or so say some of his friends ;) ) ...he plays virtually every PS2 and computer game. Besides that, he's really loud. Oops...I said that didn't I haha =P. Happy birthday all the way to Singapore!

The other birthday boy is Afree Low, who used to be one of my 'lovers' haha. Well, at the beginning of this year I thought Afree was a malay name ^^. Couldn’t blame me right...this is the first time I heard anyone called Afree. Neway, Afree is this guy sitting behind me most of the time during class. Very sociable and friendly guy...if I remember correctly he's the first guy who spoke to me in class (besides the other Johorians of course). Sometimes weird stuff comes out from his mouth too =P...there was a time he keeps telling me I’m cute (*shudder* haha) but thank god he stopped that a few months back. Then once he told us Anne's hands looks 'delicious' (he told her too but she's cool bout it hehe). Erm...wonder what that means haha ^^". Btw for your info, this guy organised our class trip this time. Can never thank him enough for all those trouble he went through...he looks really stressed out because of it. Who wouldn't...with all those questions we keep asking him bout the trip ^^". AND he had to plan it during AS exams...Neway here's happy birthday wishes to him and a million thanks for organising the class trip =) (it couldn’t have come at a better time...;) )

-2.03am, 14 December 2004-
Hey sorry these birthday wishes came so late...

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