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Tuesday, 2 November 2004

AS Update - Math Paper 6

AS Update – Mathematics Paper 6
Math Paper 6 today. Last night’s frenzy Statistics studying should do the MUST do the job ^^". Actually I’m not very worried bout's one of the only papers I’m really confident of ;). Still, I made a few careless mistakes but to hell with that =P. I got much more important things to worry about...

That night, we discussed bout DotA again (yea yea we have no life but hey, DotA IS our life! =P). We planned to play DotA after our Physics practical tomorrow (coz after that the next paper will be one week away) but then the Sarawakians wanna pawn us again. Then NEWSFLASH : Pat's gonna play his debut DotA match tomorrow! Hehe...seems like he's no longer in financial crisis (either that or he can't stand us talking bout DotA in front of him everyday while he sits there looking blur =P). As this will be Pat's first game, we decided to let him enjoy it (before pawning his ass =P) so the match with the Sarawakians was cancelled (actually it’s just postponed...^^")

-3.09am, 12 December 2004-
Pudge : Hmm...more fresh meat? Hmm...

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