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Thursday, 4 November 2004

AS Update - Physics Paper 3
Pat's debut DotA match ^^

Early today...
1.30am today I woke up hearing really loud commotion outside. Realise it's juz Pat talking bout DotA with Ashok and Jem so I went back to sleep. Looks like he can't wait for his first DotA match haha. (Heard they went to Melur but it's closed O.o. Pat ended up eating a burger, a bowl of maggi and koko krunch. Someone's been scrimping for cc I see haha =P). Then I woke up again at 3am, very hungry. 4am went out to scavenge for food and found some bread. Then I dropped the butter knife and it clanged the floor so hard I'm sure someone will notice. Apparently Pat heard it and thought some intruder's in our apartment but he didn't check it out. Said he's getting ready to whack the 'intruder' edi...thank god he didn’t come out ^^".

AS Update : Physics Paper 3 - Practical
Physics practical. A case of too much to do, too little time. No surprises... oscillations, oscillations and more oscillations. Think it's in the syllabus that we must learn how to count ^^". Anyway, barely manage to finish the questions coz i spend too much time finding the period for the oscillations...and i didn't even have any idea how to do the last question. Keep getting a negative value for how long must the support be O.o. Think I'll juz have to cover for it with the other 2 papers. Sigh...

After the paper, we went for DotA session with our other classmates as planned. Paul had a futsal match so he couldn't make it (we heard it from his conversation with Alvin while playing badminton the other day. No, we aren't eavesdropping...when Paul's talking to someone 3 floors upstairs, we couldn't help but hear it right? =P). Me, Ashok, Leong, Yong Chen and Zi Yang lost to Hoi, Shan, Chow, Jem and Pat. At least Pat won his first match...No more mercy for him after this =P

-3.24am, 12 December 2004-

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