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Thursday, 25 November 2004

Lanjut trip Day 1

Today's the day we all have been waiting for. We'll be off to Lanjut on holiday! =)

Besides those who didn't come along on the trip, Jem, Paul and Chow went to college. The rest of us juz slept till the last minute possible before congregating in 121D (we never agreed to let our place be the meeting ground...^^"). Not that you can blame us anyway...we need all the sleep we can get prior to the trip ;). After everyone's in My Place ready to go, and after waiting for Yong Chen who rushed back all the way from JB juz for this trip, we boarded the bus we rented...which charges a hell lot of money juz to send us there and back. But then it'll only be half full coz it's a 40-something-seater bus and there’s only around 20 of us. Oh well, at least we get 2 seats for ourselves each...

Bout 11am the bus came, and we had to lug our baggage as far as 2km juz to reach the bus ^^". At least the bus was rather comfortable though from the outside it looks juz like any other Bas Sekolah, with the same words emblazoned across its sides. After reserving our own seats, we got excited. And we talked DotA. And for half the journey it's about DotA. Sigh...I thought we're on this trip to get away from all that haha ^^". Some of them even wished for a cc over there in Lanjut bout desperation =P

6 hours and half a thousand kilometres later, we reached Lanjut. Actually we’re supposed to reach there a bit earlier but then the drivers lost their way. Wonder if they are worth what we paid them for. I guess we should be grateful we even reach our destination ^^. Somewhere along the journey, we stopped by some small town for lunch (i forgot the name of the town). Ate chicken rice...but it really sucks =P. Bought snacks and drinks there case we got hungry or something over there in Lanjut. Afree said things there will be expensive...(but I don't even see any food there besides those on our plates during mealtime...)

Anyway, Lanjut is located somewhere near Endau-Rompin, near the border between Pahang and Johor, far away from civilisation. Afree suggested it as our holiday destination coz he went there before a few years back and according to him it'll be fun (we don't doubt it anyway...anywhere's more fun than Subang). We stayed in the Lanjut Golden Beach Resort during our time there...which is not bad coz the bed was juz so damn comfy ^^. I was to share room with Jem, YC and Zi Yang. YS, Paul, Ashok and Shan will be our neighbours while Afree, Chow, Wilson and Wy Keen will be on our other side. Denise, Ian Zing and Adelin together (apparently Ian Zing said she'll go only if she's allowed to bring another girl along, and who will that be besides our ex-classmate Adelin...) and Pat, Hoi, Anne and Wen Ying on the other block (they changed room for some reason I don't remember...and they even stole the pillows from their old room lol...).

First thing on the activities list after checking in is telematch. Now, most of us (including me too ;) ) doesn't seem to have much interest in playing any telematch...well for me it felt really childish ^^. But still, it's included in the package we paid for so we have to play it anyway. It turned out rather ok I guess, but the beach football we played next is on the top of my "Most fun event in Lanjut" list =). For the beach football, we split into two teams, me, Zi Yang, Chow, Paul, Ashok and Shan against Jem, YS, Hoi, YC, Wy Keen and Pat. Afree and Wilson played for a short while before leaving us to kick each other ourselves (they weren't really into football ;) ). Something important to mention here, this game is Pat's debut game! ^^ We've been getting him to play all year long but he keeps giving all kind of excuses (like his foot's injured from the warts-removal operation...but that's like months ago). He played really well for his first game...except that he stepped on people's feet too much hehe. Apparently Paul's toe got injured by Pat during the game...and it's so bad he couldn't walk the next few days. Of all the time to get injured...^^"

7.30pm is dinner buffet time =). But if first impression counts for anything, this resort is damn slack in the food department. Coz that dinner they served us was hardly edible at all. If not because we're hungry after all that vigorous exercise in the evening, we would've gladly skipped it. No wonder they did it buffet style...nobody's going for second helpings anyway ^^. Next up at 9pm is the horror walk. We were split into 3 teams and were instructed to walk through the jungle in total darkness, except for those little candles as our checkpoints and only guide through the jungle. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but it really takes a lot to scare me really =P. Those cloth and mannequins and fake snake and loud music and staff who were paid a few bucks to sit there and wait for people to scare (as found out by Pat's group lol...) were a good effort but obviously it ain't enough to scare most of us (except the girls of course...apparently Denise was screaming all the way haha. And Anne was really afraid to go for the walk...she even warned us that she'll have a heart attack ^^").

Sometime during late night, we decided to go to the beach for some drinking session (Hoi stole a bottle of bacardi from his home ^^). Most of us drank the bacardi-coke concoctions made mostly by Wen Ying except for those few hardcore non-drinkers =P (you know, Jem and Chow hehe). Shan drank a lot of it...and ended up half-drunk and talking nonsense. But then, he's always talking nonsense so it's hard to tell haha =P. I had my fair share of it, and Shan and Ashok even forced a really concentrated bacardi (according to them tastes the same as the more diluted one I had earlier) on me. None of us were drunk thankfully, but it's mainly bcoz we ran out of bacardi ^^". Well, how can one bottle be enough? Only Anne got a bit tipsy but she still can walk back so I figure she's fine. As for me, I juz got a mild headache while I was trying to sleep...(and you know how rumours spread, by the next morning Anne thought I got hangover ^^"). Paul came to join us for a while before heading back when it starts to drizzle a bit, and Wy Keen preferred his PS2 in the room than joining us for a drink ^^.

Ended the night with some PS2 action in Afree's room. Truth be said, I've never seen Chow so...animated before haha. He was taunting and shouting all the while he's holding the controller lol. Guess I haven't seen every side of everyone yet ;). But he only played during the break in between our activities...he fell asleep right away after the drinking session ^^. It's around 1am when we finally hit the beds...and I'll be sharing the big bed with Zi Yang while Jem and YC took the smaller beds at the side. I really don’t mind actually...the big bed is so damn comfy ;). Too bad we'll change beds tomorrow...

And so ends the first day of our holidays, which seems so long yet so short. And there's so much more to do here!

-3.18am, 30 December 2004-

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