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Monday, 29 November 2004

Zi Yang blanja us cc!

Zi Yang blanja us cc!
Talk bout being desperate haha...this morning when Zi Yang asked us to go play DotA, we told me we'll only go if he blanja. And who knows, he agreed to it! Haha...that's 4 bucks for each of 8 of us (excluding Pat and Hoi...they weren't included in the deal =P). Felt bad bout it...but then if he wants to spend his money on us, we couldn't stop him rite? haha =P. Actually he told us he won bout RM300 on football bet so he's feeling generous today ^^. Somehow, i don't feel so bad anymore haha...

Our numbers has increased...
From this day onwards, there'll be 6 of us eating meals together...twice the usual number of people. Coz Yong Chen, Pat and Leong will be joining us for lunch and dinner EVERY day! We don't get the privilege eating with them everyday you know haha =P. (SAM's term has finished, you see...). Juz one more and it's back to how many we started off with...(it's a far-fetched thought tho ;) )

-3.01am, 2 January 2005-

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