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Thursday, 18 November 2004

Skipped Bio extra class
My cousin's pre-wedding dinner buffet

There was supposed to be a Bio extra class this morning but tell me, who wants to spend 2 hours together with Ms Ho? =P. Anyway, I haven't even revise Bio yet so what difference does it make if I went for the 'extra class'. Sigh...maybe I should have started studying earlier? Bah what a thought =P. So in the end, with more or less the same reason, none of us (and I mean none of us from the whole PM1) went for it. Btw Tze Chow called me in the morning (and disturb me in badly needed sleep >=( haha) to ask whether we are going. Apparently he saw no one there in college hehe. He should have known better ;)

Shan came in the morning and kidnapped Ashok to Warnet ^^". Hehe...AS's over for Ashok anyway. Lucky fellar. He dropped Bio after Semester 1 so that means he'll be free till our Semester 2 Exams. Come to think of it, that isn’t very far away...Oh yea, Leong will be enjoying his freedom from today onwards too since he don't take Bio. Sigh...and we have to suffer another week...

On a different note, my cousin's getting married this weekend! Which means free meals for the next 3 days at least! =P. Before dinnertime, my second aunt came to pick me up to my cousin's house in Klang for a pre-wedding-day dinner buffet (is there such tradition? but since there's free food so it doesn't matter anyway =P). I know I'm being ungrateful to say this, but Rafi's food taste much nicer than that haha =P. The whole dinner buffet thingy finished at 12.30am...and I fell asleep soon after coz all that eating made me feel so tired ^^"

PS – Oh yea, I was supposed to start and finish studying Bio during this weekend...looks like there’ll b a drastic change of plans...^^"

Funny...for a moment i thought i was looking back in time at myself...
Extra Note – During the dinner buffet, I noticed someone rather interesting. It’s a child, around 5 years old I think. The thing is, he reminded me so much of myself, in every way. As most of you know, I wasn’t born the way people see as ‘normal’. My right eyelid is partially paralysed, causing me to unable to open it more than half. That little boy I see is suffering from the same thing, except that it’s his left eye. Strange, isn’t it…to see someone so like yourself. He’s very apprehensive when it comes to strangers too, juz like me last time. My uncle tried to cuddle him but he juz ran away and gave a I-don’t-want-you-near-me look. Sigh…somehow, while looking at him, I felt like I was looking at myself, albeit minus a decade or so. So cute, so innocent…and so not deserved to go through what he’ll go through in life later, juz becoz he’s different. Maybe I was juz thinking back on what I’ve gone through…but I’ve survived that period with the companionship of my friends. Deep down inside, I juz wish he’s able to enjoy the same fortune I had, if not better. I know I had said this a lot of times before but I’m still gonna say it again. Thanx everyone for being there for me, juz when I needed you all the most. Thanx.

>-3.47am, 27 December 2004-

-1.32am, 23 December 2004-

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