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Sunday, 7 November 2004

AS Update - Chemistry Paper 2
Irwin's Brief Visit to 121D

Irwin's Brief Visit to 121D
Woke up at 8am to find Irwin in our apartment. That's not a surprise actually...he told us he’ll be visiting us about a week ago. Said he wanna check on us ^^". Must be wanna see how sad our apartment really is hehe. (Actually he's coming to KL for some business and decided to drop by before visiting his Limkokwing friends). Luckily we have an empty bed...

Chemistry Paper 2 in the afternoon...not too bad I guess. Had been studying really hard for Chem. Juz glad it's over and done with ^^. After that, the 7 of us, Shan and Paul accompany Irwin to his maiden DotA match (what else can you do here?? =P).

That night Irwin wanna go check out Doom 3 so we go with him to Warnet again. Played some DotA while we were there...but Irwin doesn't seem to like it (he keeps getting pawned although his side was winning ^^". Jem said he spent more time waiting to revive than actually playing...can’t blame him though - he has never really play Warcraft before). Oh well, DotA's not for everyone I guess...but he’s the first guy I know who doesn’t like DotA ;).

-1.40am, 13 December 2004-

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