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Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Short update on some stuff...

Nothing much to note today...juz a short update on things around here..

Was supposed to play DotA with Chow and Zi Yang but we are too drained from yesterday's match against PM3 so no DotA. Paul tried to get us to play after lunch but our resolve is strong this time. So no DotA today ^^

Saw Ms Ho during dinner and she came to talk to us mainly bout our class trip. You see, we didn't want her to go along on the trip (for obvious reasons =P) but if we didn't ask her, and she got to know bout it (which she will, eventually), she'll merajuk again and we'll screw our A2. So we planned the trip from Friday to Sunday (we'll have to skip college on Friday ;) ) and hope she'll have reason she 'cannot' go along. But then she didn't give up...she even tried to get leave on that day but too bad, she didn't get it. So no Ms Ho on our trip =). Phew...

Another update on the class trip : Ian Zing's coming along with us. Well, I don't really mind if she comes or's her choice if she wants to be left out of it...

-2.39am, 26 December 2004-

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