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Sunday, 14 November 2004

Back in 121D =(

End of vacation...=
Returned to 121D finally. Did nothing much in Port Dickson...but that's the plan, init ;). My younger bro brought his newly bought PS2 up so we ended up playing PS2 the whole time there =P. Didn't even have time to go to the beach...(actually they did go to the beach but I was KOed then ^^"). Ironic, ain't it? Going to the beach but didn't really go to the beach =P. Actually, the trip was until Saturday only but I went to Klang with my family after that. Wanted to come back to study yesterday but my dad asked me to stay another day in Klang...oh well. Study will have to wait then...

They went cc without me...*sob sob*
From what I heard, ALL of them went cc during my absence sigh >=( haha (Jem came back yesterday and Leong this morning). Ashok even played every single day O.o. Heard they went against the Sarawakians, PM3, and some other teams I don't really recall. Kinda make me glad I went on vacation ^^...somehow I don't feel like playing DotA so much anymore. Maybe it's juz the exams blues getting to me...

-2.05am, 16 December 2004-
Heard Pat's Juggernaught was pawned like there's no tomorrow haha...maybe it'll be the end of him (Juggernaught of course ;) )

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