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Saturday, 8 October 2011

9313: nasi lemak

I cried today.

In my own room, in front of my computer, I cried.

It's something I have not felt in a long, long time. Too long.

As tears filled my eyes, I wondered how long have I been in denial.

I am homesick.


Namewee, I salute you. Just when Malaysia needed someone like you, you appeared and rose up to the occasion. When the media taints your name and society condemned you, you refuse to give up and instead proved yourself to everyone.

Nasi Lemak 2.0 is the best movie I have ever watched, if only for one simple reason. It grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me hard, and reminded me that I have forgotten what Malaysia actually meant to me.


我的好朋友 外面風雨強
My dear friend, even though there's strong winds blowing outside
赤道上 有座五彩繽紛的天堂
There's always a colourful Heaven on the Equator
別四處遊蕩 回到老地方
Stop wandering around, come back to the old place (home)
一個家 一個夢想 一起大聲唱
One home, one dream, let's sing loudly together

The moon overseas may be so round
The girls overseas may be so pretty
The sky overseas may be so blue
所以 外國人都搬來大馬
So the people overseas are all moving to Malaysia.

When you leave your home, you should recognise the way home
要吃最好吃的飯 叫做 “每天團圓飯”
The tastiest meal is a "reunion dinner" everyday.


Negara ini tak seteruk yang kita fikir
Cuma ada pihak yang cakap bukan-bukan dalam akhbar.

It has gone past 3 years now I have been in this foreign land. I came with a bunch of friends and saw them, one by one, leave this country. In a way, I envy them, for having the courage to go home knowing the challenges that await while I sit here being comfortable and taking the easy route. And in that blissful comfort, I have only now realised I had forgotten where my home is.

I have forgotten the way home.

So, thanks for showing me the way.


When I eat my nasi lemak tomorrow, it'll mean so much more to me that just a dish I missed having.

Rest In Peace
Chee Hood Siong
(1945 - 2011)
Malaysian comedian, actor