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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

10276: a small gesture

"Do you have a minute?" My consultant appeared out of the blue from behind me, pulling my attention away from the computer detailing the patient's vital signs. "Can we go into the office?"

"Uh, sure, of course." I wasn't exactly sure what he wanted with me. Did I do something wrong? Have I forgotten something important? Maybe he just have another job for me to do on the ward.

I sat down on a swivel chair in the cramped office. He positioned himself onto the 'Consultant's chair', just as every ITU consultant does in the morning during the handover. A huge smile break out across his face. There's a reason he's my favourite consultant on the unit.

"We just wanted you to know, all your hard work has not gone unnoticed. You are an excellent worker, Chye. There may be other more senior trainees who are louder than you, but we do see what you've done. You're a very valuable member to the team. Keep up the good work. That's all." He said with an unfading smile.

I was pretty much surprised and wasn't sure what to say except to thank him. I've been working here for almost a year now, and have been grateful to be given the chance to learn and gain experience under some of these great consultants. I was only just quietly doing my job in return for the privilege.

This was unexpected to say the least, but such small gestures meant a huge lot. Since working here, I could feel my confidence actually grow by the day.

It's all I could say in return, but I meant it from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.