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Saturday, 31 March 2007

if you're reading this, read on =)

An article i found on one of the Friendster bulletins:


We grew up watching Transformers, Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker, Smurf, Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask, Roadrunner, Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam, Ultraman.

Had to brush our teeths during recess at primary school? had to hold plastic cups, line up with your classmates side by side and start brushing our teeths at some open area... or maybe near some drain?? do you still remember that we had 'dentist' rooms where we had to have our teeths check? and after that asking each other the result. not to forget our 'program minum susu' in primary school.. Everybody is supposed to buy like cartons of milk that costed 30 cents.. and you would see everyone drinking it everyday...

When we get our vaccination, BCG and everybody is so afraid. the teachers who would want to punish us must use yellow rulers to hit us onour palms?? and the boys use it to show "power" when teacher is not around. that a bowl of mee soup or some soup only costed 50 cents at the school canteen... went to some sundry shop near the school or to the 'roti' man waiting outside our schools so that we can buy junk food like chickedees, mamee, ding dang with some toys in it, 'Ti Kam', ice-cream and we would play games like monopoly, uno, old maid, and all other card games like that...

another fun time would be during Pendidikan Jasmani. the boys would play football while the girls would play netball... and it would be like we were playing in the world cup... but of course. the best would be main guli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice-cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three', Cops and Robbers, main kejar- kejar duduk.. and for the not so active, those kind of 'book games' where we would use buku latihan to draw and ask our friends to play...

do you remember the ice-cream tubes which are actually ice and colouring that are sold for 10 to 20 cents.. the colourful ones.. where you usually bite off the top to glup it down...

waiting for school bus and some waiting for parents.the long wait and the rush in the morning.

what about days when we felt like doing naughty things such as folding papers so small to make 'lastik' and shoot each other... how about throwing chalks??

back then, micheal jackson was just turning white.. and still had albums coming out.. compared to CD's, we were listening to tapes that sold for RM9.90...

in computer class, we were still using black and white computer monitors.. played 'Atari'... maybe SEGA or NINTENDO...

well, are we all getting older or what?

1) if you understand what you have read and you are smiling...

2) we have friends from school that are already married...

3) we shake our heads everytime we see high school students fussing about their handphones in school..

4) we don't hang on phone with our friends for hours a day talking about nothing...

5) when we meet back with our friends from time to time, we feel excited and happy talking about old times, the funny 'adventures' or stories that we experienced as a kid..

6) last but not least, that when you read this, you would think of all the happy & sad memories that you have experienced when you were still a kid and would think of forwarding this to your old friends that you have known since forever... i'm sure they would have a huge smile on their face after reading this.....


Made you wish you never grew up? =)

ps - got Endocrine summatives coming up in a week. Sigh..

Sunday, 25 March 2007

of enthusiastic 'kids' and nostalgic me

Phew. Just got back not long ago from IMU's Open Day. Volunteered to be a tour guide for both the morning and evening sessions. Haha but i sort of 'skipped' the first tour session and helped around in CSU instead. BUT that's because i was sharing a tour group with Mustaq and yyw - they did all the talking =P. Figure i wouldn't be of much use anyway so i went to measure BMIs instead haha. Evening session led a family of 4 with May Chien. Somehow i enjoyed showing them around.. maybe it's the sense of pride that i've survived more than 1.5 years in IMU? Haha. Small matter, eh? =P. The son, Kevin was really enthusiastic and asked quite a lot. Hope they enjoyed the tour with us =). It was fun for me. Hehe.

Hm. Already going into the third week of Sem 4. Another summative in less than 2 weeks. Endocrine feels really short. Perhaps that's a good thing.

The most important of all.. late night basketball is back!! Ahah.. tho we have to use a volleyball-court-sized basketball court and it's constantly raining everyday >.<. But what the heck, i missed those basketball we play in sem 1 =). Been playing so much the past week my whole body still ached now. Ouch. But i'm happy. The good old days.. feels so nostalgic.

Come to think of it, it was thru basketball that i get to know quite a lot of people. Chia Huan, Chee Mei, Ivy, Florence, Hafiz, Jimi, Karbela, Chin Sern, Soo Peng, Wei Loong, Keat How, Lydia, Kim Chuan, Joseph, Patrick.. just to name a few. Hehe. I was the basketball rep by 'accident', and believe me, that was the first time i had to contact so many strangers. Glad we've all come a long way from there =).

Sem 4 already. 19 months since we were still fresh-faced 'normal' humans =P. Seeing those little 'kids' coming to check out IMU made me think back so much. To the day we just came in, braved thru orientation, bonded together, tried out all sorts of things, joined all sorts of sports, orientate the juniors, went on 'electives'.. looking back, IMU changed so much. Wi-Fi la, plasma screens la, the new 'fourth' floor la, ATM la, computers that work la. And those 'kids' are still complaining bout this and that. Haha.. once the construction on the new block finished, we would only have a couple of months here. Bet i won't recognize IMU when i came back from clinical phase.

8 more months. Then we'll all be apart. Somehow i already dread that day we sit for the last day of our EoS5. Because that means our time in IMU, Bukit Jalil is over.

Then we'll each have to walk down a different path in life. Maybe we'll see and hear from each other again, maybe not.

Kevin asked me whether i knew everyone in my batch. Seriously, i got to know more people in IMU than i've known in my whole life before this (that's because it's the same people in school and in class that i end up with -.-) but there are still names of my batchmates i couldn't put a face to. Sitting in the same lecture theatre for so so long, it felt funny when you still don't know the name of the girl sitting juz a few rows in front of you.

Ah well. There's still time to start learning their names =P

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Sunday, 4 March 2007

it's not being weird, it's being unique =P

Heh took me quite long to reply Yew Wen's tag =P. Was busy with my hospital attachment at SJMC, you know, but i'll blog about that some other day. When i find the time. That i didn't spend sleeping. Maybe.


Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

1. I'll start with the most obvious i guess. There's something different with my thumbs and big toes. Haha but then ALL of you already know anyway. I'm still finding whether there's someone else out there like me.

2. I guess i have the widest interests a human can possibly have. If i had the time and money, i would learn to do EVERYTHING. Seriously. Not studies, i mean like, breakdance, latin dance, ballroom dance, piano, guitar, drums, er hu, gu qin, xiao, ice-skating, archery, shooting, mountain-climbing, hiking, wakeboarding, diving, pottery, taekwando, wushu, tai-chi, karate, judo, aikido, ninjutsu, sign language, HTML, C++, Java, game designing, basketball, squash, tennis, badminton, swimming, football, rugby (haha!), photography, drawing, cooking, baking, flower-arranging, knitting, we are fashion design.. err. I think i went too far. Haha. Anyway if you ever need someone to accompany you to learn something, juz ask me ;).

3. I have a fear of driving. Really. Maybe it's because i haven't driven around much.. or because my sense of direction is the worst ever.. or i'm very dangerous on the road. Everytime i sit in the driver seat i'll hesitate for a second. Doesn't help that Malaysian roads are getting more and more congested each day. Sigh.

4. I do have an obsessive syndrome. I'm drawn to watching something complete by itself. Eg, you know when you defragment your hard disk, you can watch it's progress visually? I don't know why but i tend to like to watch it every now and then. And er.. when you download torrents? I always find myself checking on it every few minutes. Which is why i'm stuck to the computer like most of the day.

5. I'm very short-sighted. Not only myopic in my eyes, but in my mind's eyes as well. I can't plan anything further than tomorrow's dinner. Haha. When i finished college, i didn't even think i would end up in medicine. And now, with a year left in Bukit Jalil, i don't even have the slightest idea which uni i want to do twinning at. Perhaps i'm just a blur and clueless guy. Heh.

6. I can never get fat. Lol but i'd like to think of this as God's gift rather than a weird trait of mine =P. I realise a LOT of people would kill for this 'mutant ability' haha. I eat all sorts of fatty food, if i'm bored i would eat something, if i'm studying i would eat something, even if i'm not hungry i would still eat something. Cookies are the best invention man made! If there are cookies at home, they'll all be gone before my mom can say "Hey, you're not supposed to eat tha-" =P. I'm trying to put on some weight though. People had always said i'm too skinny. But i'm too lazy to exercise and pump weights. Sigh.


Phew. That's 6 for you. I hereby tag:
1. My two brothers, Chye Teck and Chye Keat.
2. My two CH 'sisters', Chia Huan and Chui Han.
3. My old friends, master of disaster and Killa Kat.
4. Hehe last but not least, durian flower girl. (bend the rules a bit la =P)