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Sunday, 25 March 2007

of enthusiastic 'kids' and nostalgic me

Phew. Just got back not long ago from IMU's Open Day. Volunteered to be a tour guide for both the morning and evening sessions. Haha but i sort of 'skipped' the first tour session and helped around in CSU instead. BUT that's because i was sharing a tour group with Mustaq and yyw - they did all the talking =P. Figure i wouldn't be of much use anyway so i went to measure BMIs instead haha. Evening session led a family of 4 with May Chien. Somehow i enjoyed showing them around.. maybe it's the sense of pride that i've survived more than 1.5 years in IMU? Haha. Small matter, eh? =P. The son, Kevin was really enthusiastic and asked quite a lot. Hope they enjoyed the tour with us =). It was fun for me. Hehe.

Hm. Already going into the third week of Sem 4. Another summative in less than 2 weeks. Endocrine feels really short. Perhaps that's a good thing.

The most important of all.. late night basketball is back!! Ahah.. tho we have to use a volleyball-court-sized basketball court and it's constantly raining everyday >.<. But what the heck, i missed those basketball we play in sem 1 =). Been playing so much the past week my whole body still ached now. Ouch. But i'm happy. The good old days.. feels so nostalgic.

Come to think of it, it was thru basketball that i get to know quite a lot of people. Chia Huan, Chee Mei, Ivy, Florence, Hafiz, Jimi, Karbela, Chin Sern, Soo Peng, Wei Loong, Keat How, Lydia, Kim Chuan, Joseph, Patrick.. just to name a few. Hehe. I was the basketball rep by 'accident', and believe me, that was the first time i had to contact so many strangers. Glad we've all come a long way from there =).

Sem 4 already. 19 months since we were still fresh-faced 'normal' humans =P. Seeing those little 'kids' coming to check out IMU made me think back so much. To the day we just came in, braved thru orientation, bonded together, tried out all sorts of things, joined all sorts of sports, orientate the juniors, went on 'electives'.. looking back, IMU changed so much. Wi-Fi la, plasma screens la, the new 'fourth' floor la, ATM la, computers that work la. And those 'kids' are still complaining bout this and that. Haha.. once the construction on the new block finished, we would only have a couple of months here. Bet i won't recognize IMU when i came back from clinical phase.

8 more months. Then we'll all be apart. Somehow i already dread that day we sit for the last day of our EoS5. Because that means our time in IMU, Bukit Jalil is over.

Then we'll each have to walk down a different path in life. Maybe we'll see and hear from each other again, maybe not.

Kevin asked me whether i knew everyone in my batch. Seriously, i got to know more people in IMU than i've known in my whole life before this (that's because it's the same people in school and in class that i end up with -.-) but there are still names of my batchmates i couldn't put a face to. Sitting in the same lecture theatre for so so long, it felt funny when you still don't know the name of the girl sitting juz a few rows in front of you.

Ah well. There's still time to start learning their names =P

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