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Saturday, 23 April 2005

Looking back on the holidays...

Just some ramblings i have on the holidays...ignore me =P

Sleepy sleepy holidays..
Amazing. I've never failed to wake up late for lunch everyday. Each and every single day of the holidays. Wonder what happened to me =P. Must be the late night surfing i always do after playing the PS2 till it burned every night. Wanted to sleep early after the first week...dunno what became of it. Sigh..

Boring boring holidays..
Besides the futsal and movie, i did nothing at all. Felt so dead at home. Only looked forward to online at night. No..not porn (*roll eyes* =P). Been playing an online game for months now (some of you know what it is..) and got to know some really interesting people. But i'm taking a break from that from now on...gonna concentrate on studying. Come to think of it, this holidays is pretty dull. But i don't like it any other way. Me head need some rest before having to go thru hell again. And hell is so near now. Sigh..

Bad bad times for Newcastle..
The past 2 weeks weren't good for Newcastle either. Got kicked out of UEFA Cup after losing 4-1 to Sporting Lisbon despite having an advantage of 1 goal after an amazing first leg. 3 days after that, it felt like deja vu. Lost 4-1 to Man U this time in the FA Cup. Premiership wasn't any better for them either...lost to Aston Villa, Tottenham and Norwich(!!) in a row. And to think they are starting to make up for a really disappointing first half of the season. chance for that happening. The whole team's in a mess now. Injuries, bans, fights, Souness. Sigh..

Sleepless sleepless times ahead..
Holidays are over. Which means i have only bout 5 weeks to study for the finals. Exclude the time i need to prepare for the IMU interview (provided i got it in the first place...), there's absolutely no rest for me from now on. And for that, there won't be any cc for me till the end of A2. Really mean it this time (try me =P). I have some serious studying to do. Can't screw up my A2 no more. Sigh..

-2.23am, 24 April 2005-
Off i go to Subang in 10 hours..

Thursday, 21 April 2005

Procrastination and me

Okay, i admit it. I’m a person who loves to procrastinate. So much to the point i'll risk my future just for another day without thinking of finishing up something. I’m talking bout the IMU forms we i was supposed to fill up and hand in before the holidays. My parents had been rushing me for weeks now...but well, i had to sit for trials so there wasn’t much time then. Then the holidays...let's just say i decided to finish up the forms and hand in the first day I got back to Subang (much to the dismay of my parents..).

And then yesterday, my dad juz shocked me out of sleep. It was like, 12pm...let me have some sleep, for god's sake. But apparently he had other things in mind...he sort of juz burst and gave the 'i-told-you-to-hand-in-the-forms-early' lecture to a still half asleep me. Turned out my dad found out Yih Seong already received a reply from IMU, and his interview's gonna be on this Saturday. Think he got upset i wasted so much of my holidays chucking the forms aside and not bothering bout them. I know it’s better to hand in early, but i’m juz not the kind to rush things. Or in my parents’ words, i LOVE to procrastinate =P. Enjoy life slowly, that's my principle of life. But my parents rather i spend my life with a job in hand..

Spent the next few hours filling up every little bit of info the forms demanded...with my mom sitting next to me watching over every word i wrote. Felt like i was a child being supervised by mom while doing homework ^^". Maybe i do need a little push sometimes to get things going... =/. Passed the forms to Yih Seong bout 6 hours ago, coz he'll be going to IMU tomorrow for his interview. Thanks for that. Won't need any luck, do you?'ll ace it surely, i'm confident of it ;).

-4.18am, 23 April 2005-

Monday, 18 April 2005

'The Pacifier'

Got as many people together as i could today to catch a movie. Staying at home the whole time in front of the TV with a PS2 controller in hand isn't really my idea of a blissful holiday but at least it kept me occupied ^^. The only people agreed to come were Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and Irwin. Heard Irwin has a holiday now too, so Jem got him to come along.

Everyone reached at 12pm, with me being a bit late (couldn’t help it haha..bus was too slow =P). Watched 'The Pacifier' at 12.55pm. A comedy that's not really funny...but i love the 'why do you have such big boobies' part haha. Aside from that, it's not a very good movie, everything-else-wise. Vin Diesel should juz stick to action movies, period.

After movie, had our lunch at our favourite restaurant (again..), the one with a picture of Pikachu somewhere in the restaurant. Jap food again...piss smelling food again haha. Ashok never been there before so we thought he should know where our favourite haunt is hehe. At least it got me full and satisfied =). Finished lunch, then milled around the shopping complex while the others went home, and got the new 'Splinter Cell' for PS2 so that i can find yet another way to waste my holidays away ^^. Sigh...less than a week to go...

And here comes the inevitable...
Last night, while i was asleep early for the first time this holidays, Yong Chen just had to prevent that from happening haha. Told me the results are out, and well, within the next few minutes i was looking at mine. 1A, 2Bs and 1C. Not bad...but not exactly good too. Heard the others didn't do well as well...but we learn from that, ya. Surprising thing is i got B for math...didn't see that coming, to be honest. Ah well, maybe i was being overconfident bout it. It always happen with me sigh. Overconfidence. Confident that i can finish going thru Chem in a couple of days. Confident i don’t need more than a day for Math. I do mistakes too...but we learn from mistakes. Buck up and give it our best in the real exams, guys. Can’t afford any more mistakes, can we? ;)

-3.56am, 23 April 2005-

Friday, 15 April 2005

The only futsal during the holidays...

Many thanks to Yih Seong for willing to spend his time organizing this futsal game. Although we didn't really have enough players for a real game of futsal but..we did have fun anyway, didn't we =).

Woke up 'early' today, at 12.30pm. Normally i'll still be sleeping for another hour or two =P. I 'tried' to be ready early, but still ended up late anyway hehe. My parents drove me to Jem's place, coz i didn't know how to get to the futsal court so i thought i'll hitch a ride on Jem's car. Then found out Jem's already at the court, unsurprisingly..coz we reached Jem's place well past 3pm, the time the game's supposed to start. Hehe...but we did manage to find our way there, thanks to Jem's directions ^^. Thanks Jem...

Supposed to have more than 10 players actually, but some didn't come...said they were tired, etc etc sigh. In the end we had 7 players only...excluding a little boy who came to join us for the last 45 minutes. We didn't even know that boy...coz he juz appeared in the middle of the court out of nowhere haha. Might as well let him play with us anyway...not that there's enough of us to start with. Think he's bout 5 or 6 years old and the name's Zhi Ming (i don't know how to spell it)...and he's not afraid of us at all ^^". Didn't see his father or anyone nearby...wonder which parents let their child play with strangers. But we don't eat children, do we? =P

Ended the game barely able to walk.'s not the lack of exercise. It's because i had been brutalized by someone on the court haha. No prize on guessing who ;). Should have steered clear of him the whole game...then i won't have to crawl around for the next few days haha. My injuries? Hmm...had abrasions on my left knee, got kicked from the back of my right knee and my right foot's dislocated.'s a wonder i'm still able to walk ;)
PS - Exaggerated of course =P...but i did have difficulty walking for a few days..
PS PS - Oh yea...because of my injuries that day, my dad decided to buy me a pair of futsal shoes the next day! A blessing in disguise hehe..Chose a pair of Nike shoes over Adidas coz Nike shoes look better haha..

-3.45am, 23 April 2005-

Saturday, 9 April 2005


Followed my parents to Klang yesterday, and celebrated my birthday with my relatives there this time. Had the Moist Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe...yum =). Love chocolate cakes dad asked me to choose it myself actually. Don't really know what to choose, and since that cake was the only chocolate cake available i just took it. Thing is, you can't eat too much of it...feel really jelak after the first piece. And i had to take two pieces! Couldn't take in anymore chocolate cake after that hehe..

Went back home this morning. Couldn't say i really want to go home. Lost the homesickness i guess. I rather stay in Subang with all my friends for another 2 weeks. Maybe i longed for independence? Hmm...maybe i just miss my friends =)

While travelling in the car on the way back, i can't help but realise something. This is the second last time i'll be going back from Subang. The next time will be the last, and i'll have to leave my life in Subang behind forever, becoming just a memory of my past. Sadly, it's just that...a memory. No more going back to relive my college life. Sigh. That makes me don't want to leave Subang even more. Yeah...that's why i don't want to go home. I didn't want to leave this life behind. Never had so much fun before. The past 15 months have been nothing but interesting, if not exciting moments. Going out for late nights cc, having dinners outside together, catching each and every single movie, going for supper at mamaks, playing futsal (for me it's more like try to play futsal hehe)...sigh. All the laughter we shared, the conflicts we endured, the bitchings we had =P. How i wish this life will never end...

And btw, we'll be missing Wilson after this holidays. He should be somewhere in Melbourne by now. Well, have fun over there, ya =). We'll miss you hehe..

-4.20am, 15 April 2005-

Friday, 8 April 2005

Turned 19...but i still felt like a child =P

Last paper of A2 Trials, Physics 5 Practical
Nothing much to say bout this. Not easy, not hard ;). The difference from AS is that now we have to connect an electronic circuit ourselves, instead of counting oscillations. I say this is easier than AS...mostly because it takes less time to finish ;).

Right after our quarantine, Yih Seong and Pat went off with their parents. Think they couldn't wait to get out of this place hehe. Wilson stopped by Taylor's for the last time as he's flying to Melbourne on Monday. Wanted to play one last DotA game with us actually, but most of us weren't free. Chow had plans with a 'friend' *ahem*, while the rest of us had a futsal game coming up at 3pm. Well, sorry for that ya, but i think you weren't disappointed you came to college that day right haha =P

The futsal game we had was against some JPA fellars, matched up with us by Paul. The last time our team played against them, we were thrashed (i wasn't there tho..thankfully haha). This time, we won every single game except the last one. Seems like with Shan around, things are easier hehe (ok his long shots were a biitt unfair haha). I didn't play much that i can't even last longer than the usual 7 minutes' duration of a game ^^". Couldn't blame me right...the only exercise we get around here is clicking a mouse =P. Sigh.. was only me, Yong Chen and Ashok. So lonely hehe. Ashok wanted to go somewhere far, but somehow we ended up in Cafe de Kowloon near My Place which just opened a few days ago. Food was just ok, but too little (nothing's enough for us in Subang =P) and not worth the price. Wouldn't want to go there no more...even have to tapau a burger on the way back =/.

Me buhday celebrations =)
Took a nap after dinner and woke up around 12am. Watched a bit of tv with Ashok till 1am, then Paul came barging in O.o (some things never change..sigh haha). Jem brought a cake back...which Yong Chen bought earlier right after our dinner. Didn't even realise you bought a cake..thanx =). It was a cake with a shitload of fruits on it. Haha...i never really liked fruits =P but the cake was really nice, thank you all. No customary 3-4 this time around (the barbarians aren't around haha =P), only a punch from Paul...said it was from Chow >=(. I'll get you for that...both of you =P. Anyway, thanks again to Yong Chen, Ashok, Jem and Paul...thank you all for celebrating me birthday with me =). And thanks to everyone who wishes me birthday, be it too early or too late it doesn't really matter ;).

After literally dug the whole cake and stuffed it into our mouths, we decided to go cc (surprise, surprise haha). No DotA this time (everyone's had enough of it edi), so we tried to finish 'castle' once more for the sake of Jem, Paul and Tiong. Wanted to blanja them actually, but the game dragged on for more than 3 hours O.o. That bloody Arthas juz won't die sigh. Don't know if i brought enough for in the end i only paid for Jem. Sorry for that...i promise i'll blanja next time k? But we enjoyed the game...really funny to see how we try to work together =P

PS - Btw Tiong...sorry if we put too much pressure on you during the game ;)

-3.50am, 15 April 2005-

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Post-Chem status

continued from last post...
After Chem papers, well, i felt really drained. Not from all the writing (not that i wrote much anyway) but from the fact that i did 7 papers in 3 days. Mentally drained, you know? I'm sure all those taking the exams with me understand how i felt at that time hehe..

Then some of the guys asked for DotA. Frankly, DotA right after Chem papers didn't sound like a good idea to me. Maybe i'm feeling PEG - post-exams guilt haha. The kind of guilt that tells you you didn't do your best in the exams. Heck, that day i didn't even TRIED to do my best. Lost the drive to study halfway thru the exams. Maybe i'm just feeling tired. Maybe. Hmm...i'm finding excuses to answer for my bad results in Chem again. Yeah, i knew it'll be bad. Sigh.

But letting down friends...that i couldn't do haha. So went for 3 DotA games right after lunch. Paul wanted to go watch 'Be Cool'..but as you can see, the guys have other plans ;). I wouldn't mind either or movie doesn't matter anyway. Still in shock how much i left blank in the Chem papers hehe. Anyway, so we played without Paul but we have Wykeen this time around. He's been planning this cc session since like a fortnight ago haha. Couldn't disappoint him, can we? More so after we went to play like 10 games without him even tho we refused to play when he asked us during college haha..

As for the rest of the day...well, sadly there's no 'rest of the day' after DotA haha. It took up the whole time in between our lunch and dinner. Yeah i know..sad isn't it =P. Couldn't blame us tho...we have to do something to take our minds off the trials. Just as the girls have 'shopping' boys have 'DotA' haha. And after so long, i finally had more than 6 hours of sleep for once =). Been waiting for this moment for so damn long...

PS - The other 121Dians excluding me and Ashok (who had test the next morning) went for another round of DotA after dinner haha...did the exams drive them mad or something =P - 6 hours of DotA in a day! O.o

Just my thoughts on some old issue.. (pls note that i'm not targeting anyone, juz voicing my thoughts so don't take offense in anything i said)
Now, i gonna bring up a really old issue...but we always just brush it aside whenever it's brought up. It's bout Zi Yang. Those not from PM1 probably would have forgotten bout it, but i'm not gonna repeat the story (check the archives if you want). Till now, some people still treat Zi Yang like an outcast. I mean, whatever happen to forgive and forget? Yeah, he may be in the wrong and NOT apologise for that...but that's not good reasons to hate him so much right? He's like that and we have to be understanding a bit. He may get angry because of small matters, and maybe it's hard for him to say sorry.

Since that incident, he had distanced himself from some of us. I pity him sometimes...even some of the teachers realised something was wrong with him. Looks so sullen all the time and doesn't talk at all. Even to the extent of ignoring some of us. So because he isolated himself, we isolate him. But that's so long ago. Till now, not many of us tried to be friends with him again. Maybe he deserves it you say...but who deserves to have no friend?

Sigh...i realised it's not much use arguing bout these stuff anyway. Everyone has his own opinions on this. As for me, i tried to befriend him again, and well, all i can say is i don't think he hates us so much anymore. He even talked to me without me trying to talk to him haha. Maybe now he'll feel better coming to class everyday. I hope.

-2.43am, 15 April 2005-

Thru hell and back.. (summary of trial papers)

Thu, 31 March 2005 - Math 3
Ok...i gotta admit. This is the first time i felt i didn't do as good as all the previous math papers i sat for. Basically i spent less than 4 hours on Pure Math but then again i couldn't finish Phy, Bio AND Chem so Math'll have to take a back seat =/. I thought that i'll juz have to depend on what we had revised in class the last week. The paper, well it was hard to say the least. Couldn't figure out some of the questions, and left half the vector question totally blank. Sigh...but i don't have time to worry bout that paper...there's Physics, Chem and Bio in 3 days next week...

Had a DotA game after the paper...but because Chow's really desperate for it. He can afford to play of course, having done all the subjects more than once over O.o. Wonder where he find all that free time hehe. And i'll bet with you Chow would do the best in Math, tho he didn't even study for it. Yeah, his math is THAT good ;).

Mon, 4 April 2005 - Phy 4 and 6
Paper 4 was on the core, and i think it was ok. Paper 6 was a little easier tho...all the studying the weekend before sure didn't went down the drain. Only time was the problem. If we had another hour or so, i bet all of us can figure out the questions ;). But at least i can expect something good out from Physics this time around...

Tue, 5 April 2005 - Bio 4 and 6, Math 6
Two subjects down by now. Both of Bio papers was ok too, i just managed to finish the whole syllabus the night before. Math 6 was a joke. Seriously. It was so bloody easy compared to Math 4, so easy that it made us think there's a trick somewhere in the question. Turned out there was none, and most of us wasted time going over and over a 3-lined solution to a 6 marks question =/. Hate it when i get that kind of question...seems so simple but who knows...

By today i was feeling really dead...and i mean dead. Clocked under 8 hours of sleep the past 2 days, and less than 14 hours in 3 days. After the 3 papers today, i could hardly think straight, and couldn't even keep my eyes half open. Was like a zombie while walking to dinner...any more tired and somebody have to drag my body for me. Paul even commented i looked dead haha. You don't know how dead i am ;). I would really be if this exams last for another joking. Sigh...some more there's Chem, the mother of all hardcore exam papers tomorrow...and all i could do was hope that the teh ais will help me survive the night...

Wed, 6 April 2005 - Chem 4 and 6
I came. I wrote crap. I screwed Chem. Haha...i think that sums it up for the day ;). Focused the whole of last night on Options, and turned out nothing i study would have help me score more than half in Options. Thought i could make do with the revision i made weeks ago on core, turned out i was wrong. So in the end, i flunked both papers. Yup, i lost all hope on Chem now. I would be happy enough to pass it even.'s over anyway. I'm not someone who brood over what has happened. Better learn and do better for the real exams...wait, i think it shud be better enjoy myself before i go thru hell all over again =P

-3.45am, 12 April 2005-