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Friday, 8 April 2005

Turned 19...but i still felt like a child =P

Last paper of A2 Trials, Physics 5 Practical
Nothing much to say bout this. Not easy, not hard ;). The difference from AS is that now we have to connect an electronic circuit ourselves, instead of counting oscillations. I say this is easier than AS...mostly because it takes less time to finish ;).

Right after our quarantine, Yih Seong and Pat went off with their parents. Think they couldn't wait to get out of this place hehe. Wilson stopped by Taylor's for the last time as he's flying to Melbourne on Monday. Wanted to play one last DotA game with us actually, but most of us weren't free. Chow had plans with a 'friend' *ahem*, while the rest of us had a futsal game coming up at 3pm. Well, sorry for that ya, but i think you weren't disappointed you came to college that day right haha =P

The futsal game we had was against some JPA fellars, matched up with us by Paul. The last time our team played against them, we were thrashed (i wasn't there tho..thankfully haha). This time, we won every single game except the last one. Seems like with Shan around, things are easier hehe (ok his long shots were a biitt unfair haha). I didn't play much that i can't even last longer than the usual 7 minutes' duration of a game ^^". Couldn't blame me right...the only exercise we get around here is clicking a mouse =P. Sigh.. was only me, Yong Chen and Ashok. So lonely hehe. Ashok wanted to go somewhere far, but somehow we ended up in Cafe de Kowloon near My Place which just opened a few days ago. Food was just ok, but too little (nothing's enough for us in Subang =P) and not worth the price. Wouldn't want to go there no more...even have to tapau a burger on the way back =/.

Me buhday celebrations =)
Took a nap after dinner and woke up around 12am. Watched a bit of tv with Ashok till 1am, then Paul came barging in O.o (some things never change..sigh haha). Jem brought a cake back...which Yong Chen bought earlier right after our dinner. Didn't even realise you bought a cake..thanx =). It was a cake with a shitload of fruits on it. Haha...i never really liked fruits =P but the cake was really nice, thank you all. No customary 3-4 this time around (the barbarians aren't around haha =P), only a punch from Paul...said it was from Chow >=(. I'll get you for that...both of you =P. Anyway, thanks again to Yong Chen, Ashok, Jem and Paul...thank you all for celebrating me birthday with me =). And thanks to everyone who wishes me birthday, be it too early or too late it doesn't really matter ;).

After literally dug the whole cake and stuffed it into our mouths, we decided to go cc (surprise, surprise haha). No DotA this time (everyone's had enough of it edi), so we tried to finish 'castle' once more for the sake of Jem, Paul and Tiong. Wanted to blanja them actually, but the game dragged on for more than 3 hours O.o. That bloody Arthas juz won't die sigh. Don't know if i brought enough for in the end i only paid for Jem. Sorry for that...i promise i'll blanja next time k? But we enjoyed the game...really funny to see how we try to work together =P

PS - Btw Tiong...sorry if we put too much pressure on you during the game ;)

-3.50am, 15 April 2005-

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