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Friday, 15 April 2005

The only futsal during the holidays...

Many thanks to Yih Seong for willing to spend his time organizing this futsal game. Although we didn't really have enough players for a real game of futsal but..we did have fun anyway, didn't we =).

Woke up 'early' today, at 12.30pm. Normally i'll still be sleeping for another hour or two =P. I 'tried' to be ready early, but still ended up late anyway hehe. My parents drove me to Jem's place, coz i didn't know how to get to the futsal court so i thought i'll hitch a ride on Jem's car. Then found out Jem's already at the court, unsurprisingly..coz we reached Jem's place well past 3pm, the time the game's supposed to start. Hehe...but we did manage to find our way there, thanks to Jem's directions ^^. Thanks Jem...

Supposed to have more than 10 players actually, but some didn't come...said they were tired, etc etc sigh. In the end we had 7 players only...excluding a little boy who came to join us for the last 45 minutes. We didn't even know that boy...coz he juz appeared in the middle of the court out of nowhere haha. Might as well let him play with us anyway...not that there's enough of us to start with. Think he's bout 5 or 6 years old and the name's Zhi Ming (i don't know how to spell it)...and he's not afraid of us at all ^^". Didn't see his father or anyone nearby...wonder which parents let their child play with strangers. But we don't eat children, do we? =P

Ended the game barely able to walk.'s not the lack of exercise. It's because i had been brutalized by someone on the court haha. No prize on guessing who ;). Should have steered clear of him the whole game...then i won't have to crawl around for the next few days haha. My injuries? Hmm...had abrasions on my left knee, got kicked from the back of my right knee and my right foot's dislocated.'s a wonder i'm still able to walk ;)
PS - Exaggerated of course =P...but i did have difficulty walking for a few days..
PS PS - Oh yea...because of my injuries that day, my dad decided to buy me a pair of futsal shoes the next day! A blessing in disguise hehe..Chose a pair of Nike shoes over Adidas coz Nike shoes look better haha..

-3.45am, 23 April 2005-

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