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Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Post-Chem status

continued from last post...
After Chem papers, well, i felt really drained. Not from all the writing (not that i wrote much anyway) but from the fact that i did 7 papers in 3 days. Mentally drained, you know? I'm sure all those taking the exams with me understand how i felt at that time hehe..

Then some of the guys asked for DotA. Frankly, DotA right after Chem papers didn't sound like a good idea to me. Maybe i'm feeling PEG - post-exams guilt haha. The kind of guilt that tells you you didn't do your best in the exams. Heck, that day i didn't even TRIED to do my best. Lost the drive to study halfway thru the exams. Maybe i'm just feeling tired. Maybe. Hmm...i'm finding excuses to answer for my bad results in Chem again. Yeah, i knew it'll be bad. Sigh.

But letting down friends...that i couldn't do haha. So went for 3 DotA games right after lunch. Paul wanted to go watch 'Be Cool'..but as you can see, the guys have other plans ;). I wouldn't mind either or movie doesn't matter anyway. Still in shock how much i left blank in the Chem papers hehe. Anyway, so we played without Paul but we have Wykeen this time around. He's been planning this cc session since like a fortnight ago haha. Couldn't disappoint him, can we? More so after we went to play like 10 games without him even tho we refused to play when he asked us during college haha..

As for the rest of the day...well, sadly there's no 'rest of the day' after DotA haha. It took up the whole time in between our lunch and dinner. Yeah i know..sad isn't it =P. Couldn't blame us tho...we have to do something to take our minds off the trials. Just as the girls have 'shopping' boys have 'DotA' haha. And after so long, i finally had more than 6 hours of sleep for once =). Been waiting for this moment for so damn long...

PS - The other 121Dians excluding me and Ashok (who had test the next morning) went for another round of DotA after dinner haha...did the exams drive them mad or something =P - 6 hours of DotA in a day! O.o

Just my thoughts on some old issue.. (pls note that i'm not targeting anyone, juz voicing my thoughts so don't take offense in anything i said)
Now, i gonna bring up a really old issue...but we always just brush it aside whenever it's brought up. It's bout Zi Yang. Those not from PM1 probably would have forgotten bout it, but i'm not gonna repeat the story (check the archives if you want). Till now, some people still treat Zi Yang like an outcast. I mean, whatever happen to forgive and forget? Yeah, he may be in the wrong and NOT apologise for that...but that's not good reasons to hate him so much right? He's like that and we have to be understanding a bit. He may get angry because of small matters, and maybe it's hard for him to say sorry.

Since that incident, he had distanced himself from some of us. I pity him sometimes...even some of the teachers realised something was wrong with him. Looks so sullen all the time and doesn't talk at all. Even to the extent of ignoring some of us. So because he isolated himself, we isolate him. But that's so long ago. Till now, not many of us tried to be friends with him again. Maybe he deserves it you say...but who deserves to have no friend?

Sigh...i realised it's not much use arguing bout these stuff anyway. Everyone has his own opinions on this. As for me, i tried to befriend him again, and well, all i can say is i don't think he hates us so much anymore. He even talked to me without me trying to talk to him haha. Maybe now he'll feel better coming to class everyday. I hope.

-2.43am, 15 April 2005-


Paul said...

that makes both of us then....
me and him have always been okay larh i guess, partly because i was in a leo meeting on that fateful day? who knows...
anyways, we also shoulder part of the blame. all that anger towards our behaviour when it came to dota must have erupted like a volcano then...... i admit my mistake..

noxious_fumes said...

Hmm ... But what do you think his problem is? Not being invited to our DOTA sessions or because i took his file? Was i a convenient target for his anger?

Interesting fact - A few weeks ago i overheard him saying he was "at war with ..." I didn't catch who.

Is that not a strange term to use?

senaiboy said...

yeah...i agree u were a convenient target for him at that time. How else u expect him to express his anger? Bash Ashok up? Swear at me? What did the rest of us do to make him target us?
So...guess u r the 'lucky' one haha. But come on, it's so long ago edi...and we only have less than 2 months together as a class ;)

Chow Chow said...

seem like I've missed something... for a week ^^ btw, I just knew you wrote something about zi yang from YS' blog ^^" Too long to read, you know.
Actually, he has talked with me recently, hmm... I meant the last dota game we all had, remember? Yup. He was part of my team (thought was pawned badly :-P) I think he is okay with that, just like waiting somebody talk to him first... sigh. It's not a big deal, maybe just the faces problem, I guess.
About the punch from Paul, hate to say this, I didn't ask him to do that, but I'm glad he did it with my name on it ^^ Think of punching you with my fist. ;-)

Paul said...

oops i thought you did chow.. maybe i read the message wrong...ahaha but i'm glad i read your mind and punched siaw ahahaa