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Saturday, 23 April 2005

Looking back on the holidays...

Just some ramblings i have on the holidays...ignore me =P

Sleepy sleepy holidays..
Amazing. I've never failed to wake up late for lunch everyday. Each and every single day of the holidays. Wonder what happened to me =P. Must be the late night surfing i always do after playing the PS2 till it burned every night. Wanted to sleep early after the first week...dunno what became of it. Sigh..

Boring boring holidays..
Besides the futsal and movie, i did nothing at all. Felt so dead at home. Only looked forward to online at night. No..not porn (*roll eyes* =P). Been playing an online game for months now (some of you know what it is..) and got to know some really interesting people. But i'm taking a break from that from now on...gonna concentrate on studying. Come to think of it, this holidays is pretty dull. But i don't like it any other way. Me head need some rest before having to go thru hell again. And hell is so near now. Sigh..

Bad bad times for Newcastle..
The past 2 weeks weren't good for Newcastle either. Got kicked out of UEFA Cup after losing 4-1 to Sporting Lisbon despite having an advantage of 1 goal after an amazing first leg. 3 days after that, it felt like deja vu. Lost 4-1 to Man U this time in the FA Cup. Premiership wasn't any better for them either...lost to Aston Villa, Tottenham and Norwich(!!) in a row. And to think they are starting to make up for a really disappointing first half of the season. chance for that happening. The whole team's in a mess now. Injuries, bans, fights, Souness. Sigh..

Sleepless sleepless times ahead..
Holidays are over. Which means i have only bout 5 weeks to study for the finals. Exclude the time i need to prepare for the IMU interview (provided i got it in the first place...), there's absolutely no rest for me from now on. And for that, there won't be any cc for me till the end of A2. Really mean it this time (try me =P). I have some serious studying to do. Can't screw up my A2 no more. Sigh..

-2.23am, 24 April 2005-
Off i go to Subang in 10 hours..

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