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Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Thru hell and back.. (summary of trial papers)

Thu, 31 March 2005 - Math 3
Ok...i gotta admit. This is the first time i felt i didn't do as good as all the previous math papers i sat for. Basically i spent less than 4 hours on Pure Math but then again i couldn't finish Phy, Bio AND Chem so Math'll have to take a back seat =/. I thought that i'll juz have to depend on what we had revised in class the last week. The paper, well it was hard to say the least. Couldn't figure out some of the questions, and left half the vector question totally blank. Sigh...but i don't have time to worry bout that paper...there's Physics, Chem and Bio in 3 days next week...

Had a DotA game after the paper...but because Chow's really desperate for it. He can afford to play of course, having done all the subjects more than once over O.o. Wonder where he find all that free time hehe. And i'll bet with you Chow would do the best in Math, tho he didn't even study for it. Yeah, his math is THAT good ;).

Mon, 4 April 2005 - Phy 4 and 6
Paper 4 was on the core, and i think it was ok. Paper 6 was a little easier tho...all the studying the weekend before sure didn't went down the drain. Only time was the problem. If we had another hour or so, i bet all of us can figure out the questions ;). But at least i can expect something good out from Physics this time around...

Tue, 5 April 2005 - Bio 4 and 6, Math 6
Two subjects down by now. Both of Bio papers was ok too, i just managed to finish the whole syllabus the night before. Math 6 was a joke. Seriously. It was so bloody easy compared to Math 4, so easy that it made us think there's a trick somewhere in the question. Turned out there was none, and most of us wasted time going over and over a 3-lined solution to a 6 marks question =/. Hate it when i get that kind of question...seems so simple but who knows...

By today i was feeling really dead...and i mean dead. Clocked under 8 hours of sleep the past 2 days, and less than 14 hours in 3 days. After the 3 papers today, i could hardly think straight, and couldn't even keep my eyes half open. Was like a zombie while walking to dinner...any more tired and somebody have to drag my body for me. Paul even commented i looked dead haha. You don't know how dead i am ;). I would really be if this exams last for another joking. Sigh...some more there's Chem, the mother of all hardcore exam papers tomorrow...and all i could do was hope that the teh ais will help me survive the night...

Wed, 6 April 2005 - Chem 4 and 6
I came. I wrote crap. I screwed Chem. Haha...i think that sums it up for the day ;). Focused the whole of last night on Options, and turned out nothing i study would have help me score more than half in Options. Thought i could make do with the revision i made weeks ago on core, turned out i was wrong. So in the end, i flunked both papers. Yup, i lost all hope on Chem now. I would be happy enough to pass it even.'s over anyway. I'm not someone who brood over what has happened. Better learn and do better for the real exams...wait, i think it shud be better enjoy myself before i go thru hell all over again =P

-3.45am, 12 April 2005-

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