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Thursday, 21 April 2005

Procrastination and me

Okay, i admit it. I’m a person who loves to procrastinate. So much to the point i'll risk my future just for another day without thinking of finishing up something. I’m talking bout the IMU forms we i was supposed to fill up and hand in before the holidays. My parents had been rushing me for weeks now...but well, i had to sit for trials so there wasn’t much time then. Then the holidays...let's just say i decided to finish up the forms and hand in the first day I got back to Subang (much to the dismay of my parents..).

And then yesterday, my dad juz shocked me out of sleep. It was like, 12pm...let me have some sleep, for god's sake. But apparently he had other things in mind...he sort of juz burst and gave the 'i-told-you-to-hand-in-the-forms-early' lecture to a still half asleep me. Turned out my dad found out Yih Seong already received a reply from IMU, and his interview's gonna be on this Saturday. Think he got upset i wasted so much of my holidays chucking the forms aside and not bothering bout them. I know it’s better to hand in early, but i’m juz not the kind to rush things. Or in my parents’ words, i LOVE to procrastinate =P. Enjoy life slowly, that's my principle of life. But my parents rather i spend my life with a job in hand..

Spent the next few hours filling up every little bit of info the forms demanded...with my mom sitting next to me watching over every word i wrote. Felt like i was a child being supervised by mom while doing homework ^^". Maybe i do need a little push sometimes to get things going... =/. Passed the forms to Yih Seong bout 6 hours ago, coz he'll be going to IMU tomorrow for his interview. Thanks for that. Won't need any luck, do you?'ll ace it surely, i'm confident of it ;).

-4.18am, 23 April 2005-

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