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Saturday, 9 April 2005


Followed my parents to Klang yesterday, and celebrated my birthday with my relatives there this time. Had the Moist Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe...yum =). Love chocolate cakes dad asked me to choose it myself actually. Don't really know what to choose, and since that cake was the only chocolate cake available i just took it. Thing is, you can't eat too much of it...feel really jelak after the first piece. And i had to take two pieces! Couldn't take in anymore chocolate cake after that hehe..

Went back home this morning. Couldn't say i really want to go home. Lost the homesickness i guess. I rather stay in Subang with all my friends for another 2 weeks. Maybe i longed for independence? Hmm...maybe i just miss my friends =)

While travelling in the car on the way back, i can't help but realise something. This is the second last time i'll be going back from Subang. The next time will be the last, and i'll have to leave my life in Subang behind forever, becoming just a memory of my past. Sadly, it's just that...a memory. No more going back to relive my college life. Sigh. That makes me don't want to leave Subang even more. Yeah...that's why i don't want to go home. I didn't want to leave this life behind. Never had so much fun before. The past 15 months have been nothing but interesting, if not exciting moments. Going out for late nights cc, having dinners outside together, catching each and every single movie, going for supper at mamaks, playing futsal (for me it's more like try to play futsal hehe)...sigh. All the laughter we shared, the conflicts we endured, the bitchings we had =P. How i wish this life will never end...

And btw, we'll be missing Wilson after this holidays. He should be somewhere in Melbourne by now. Well, have fun over there, ya =). We'll miss you hehe..

-4.20am, 15 April 2005-

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